Paint Removal Tools
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published January 13, 2021

Whether you’ve been dying to remodel your old house or you’re simply itching to give your room a face-lift, you’ll likely consider removing old paint. You can choose from a variety of paint removal tools to get the job done. These tools may require you to do some manual work while others can remove paint without you having to sweat.

Types of saws
| Updated September 18, 2022 | Published January 12, 2021

Saws are tools that utilize a blade to cut through materials in various ways. There are many types of saws that can all be broken down into two categories; hand saws and power saws. Hand saws are manual saws that require physical exertion to operate, while power saws might be powered by battery, gas, or mains electricity, typically meaning the user experiences less fatigue when using them.

types of chisels
| Updated September 19, 2022 | Published January 11, 2021

A chisel looks deceiving. On the surface, it appears to be a simple tool that has a few purposes. But this simple tool can do a lot of things. It can be handy in carving and cutting materials ranging from stone, metal, and wood. It is a fixture in construction sites and woodworking shops. Chisels are commonly used by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Foam Cutting Tools
| Updated September 19, 2022 | Published January 11, 2021

Foam is a popular crafting material, which is used in a wide variety of applications to create various items such as floral arrangements, costumes, and window displays. To get the most out of your foam and achieve the highest quality finish, a foam cutting tool will be your new best friend.

Types of Screwdrivers
| Updated August 10, 2022 | Published January 7, 2021

Screwdrivers are a very basic tool that most people have used and typically own several of. You are probably aware of a few different types of screwdriver heads but might be surprised to know there is actually a long list of various screwdriver types that correspond to certain types of screws.

Types of Ladders
| Updated May 11, 2021 | Published January 7, 2021

A ladder is an essential tool in every home or workplace because it allows you to complete certain tasks with ease, especially when heights are involved. Unfortunately, picking the first ladder that you see at the store is not the best way to buy this tool. Keep in mind that ladders come in various types, sizes, and functions. Additionally, choosing the best product for you can be confusing, especially if you don’t know its type and purpose.

Types of Air Compressor
| Updated May 11, 2021 | Published January 6, 2021

An air compressor is one workhorse you would want to have at your disposal. There are plenty of things you can do with it. Aside from inflating tires, you can clean, paint, and drill with an air compressor. It’s no surprise that this versatile and useful device is integral in various industries.

Types of Lathe Tools
| Updated September 19, 2022 | Published December 30, 2020

If you’ve been wanting to take your lathing skills to the next level, then you’d have to familiarize yourself with lathe tools. There are plenty of lathe tools that you can choose from. Suffice it to say, there’s a lathe tool that you can use regardless of the DIY project that you have in mind. 

Types of Drywall Anchors
| Updated September 8, 2022 | Published December 27, 2020

Decorating your walls with picture frames and artworks is one way to enhance the appearance of your home. In fact, a lot of wall decor can add life to a room. Keep in mind that using nails to mount or hang objects on the wall is not the best option, especially if you’re hanging a heavy item. The good news is that there are tools designed for this purpose. You can use drywall anchors to ensure that the portrait or shelf that you hang on the wall will not fall off after some time.

Types of Hammers
| Updated July 8, 2022 | Published December 27, 2020

When we think of tools in general, one of the first names that pop up in our heads is a hammer. It is one of the oldest tools with a variety of roles, even beyond their work at simple constructions. Since the hammers have varying roles in varying places, there are many kinds available in the market.

Types of Tools
| Updated July 30, 2022 | Published December 27, 2020

Tools have been utilized by man for millions of years, and they are still an important item in today’s modern world to help us work and make progress. There are a huge number of tools available, including hand tools, power tools, multi-purpose tools, and tools designed for one specific purpose. This guide rounds up some of the most popular types of tools, what they are used for, and how to use them.

Types of Scissors
| Updated February 2, 2021 | Published December 12, 2020

Scissors might seem like a fairly basic cutting tool, but there are many different varieties that can assist in a whole host of tasks around the home, garden, and for use in hobbies or different professions. Find out about the different types of scissors here.