Do You Need a Headboard?

Gone are the days when every bed had to have a headboard. Now people sometimes opt for beds without headboards either to fully embrace a minimalist look or to save money. This is to say that while headboards were deemed a necessity in the past, it seems that they’re no longer that important.

Beds without headboards give you more space to be creative with your décor. However, this doesn’t mean that headboards have gone out of fashion. People still love them, from leather to metal, natural fibers, upholstered, and wood, all kinds of headboards are still available in the market, and the people who love them, still purchase them daily.

History of Bed Headboards

In the past, headboards served as a barrier to demarcate the bed from the wall. Additionally, it served the practical purpose of keeping people warm in the night while they slept.

In those days, there were no sophisticated heating systems like are obtainable today, so the rooms and walls were cold at night. However, those situations are hardly obtainable today, so headboards hardly ever serve this purpose again.

Aesthetically, headboards were used to improve the design and structure of a bedroom. People used them to give their bedrooms a personal touch while showcasing their style. While headboards still serve this function, there are also various other décor items available today that can be used to showcase style in the bedroom.

The Function of Modern Headboards

While contemporary headboards might not shield people from cold while they sleep, they can still be used to create a barrier at the head of the bed that stops your pillows from constantly sliding off the head of the bed while you sleep. They can also be used as space fillers on big open walls.

Today’s headboards still serve as a prominent decorative piece in bedrooms. You can use a headboard to make your room appear a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to spruce up your bedroom décor, adding a headboard is the perfect way to do it. There are several options of headboards for you to pick from, so all you have to do is ensure you pick one that suits your bedroom décor. Options range from wood, fabric, or metal. You can get one as a statement piece. For instance, a modern gray tall headboard with nice bedding can immediately rejuvenate your entire bedroom.

They improve the overall aesthetic appearance of a bedroom. The stylish ones, e.g., upholstered headboards, make a room seem a lot more cozy and comfortable. They make it easier for bed owners to not only fall asleep but get quality sleep.

More still, when your bed hits the wall, headboards ensure that the wall remains undamaged. Finally, if you ever need extra storage, getting a headboard with some extra drawers might be a great idea.

Headboards may not have a functional purpose for everyone, but for some people, they improve sleep quality, and that’s a function that’s had to find with many bedroom pieces. For everyone, though, headboards have a great aesthetic quality that can’t be denied.

Beds without Headboards

Beds without Headboards

Since it’s been determined that headboards serve a more aesthetic than functional purpose, a lot of people who do not need the aesthetics prefer to opt for beds without headboards as there are several other ways to decorate a room without a headboard.

These people use several other alternatives for a headboard, such as placing a piece of art at the head of their bed or painting the wall at the head of their bed the color of a headboard. Some even leave the area entirely without a headboard or an alternative, and it still looks great.

It’s worth noting that if your bedroom wall is an external one, then you made still need a headboard to shield you from the cold as people did in the past.

If you are not using a headboard with an external wall, then you need to confirm that your walls are properly insulated. On the other hand, if the wall by the head of your bed is an internal one, then you would be fine using a bed without a headboard.

Also, if you decide to put artwork at the head of your bed instead of a headboard, ensure that you place the piece of art a bit far from your head and pillows so that you do not injure yourself while sleeping or damage the piece of art.

Do I Need A Headboard?

Do I Need A Headboard?

Now that you know all about using a bed with a headboard and one without a headboard, you can now decide whether you need a headboard or not. You can easily decide by answering a few questions first:

Do your pillows keep falling off your bed when you sleep? Also, do you need a backrest for when you sit on your bed to work or watch TV?

Finally, the aesthetic quality of beautiful headboards just cannot be denied. A bed with a nice headboard can serve as a lovely centerpiece for a bedroom.

If you decide you indeed want one, there are a myriad of options of styles and materials to pick from. It doesn’t matter your style; there is a headboard out there to complement your preferences. Knowing the exact specifications you want before going headboard shopping can make the shopping process a lot smoother.

On the other hand, it’s also perfectly fine to decide you don’t need a headboard. Beds without headboards make a room more spacious and give you more options on décor.

How to Clean a Headboard

Some people may opt not to have a headboard because of the stress of having to clean them but headboards are easy to clean. For wooden and metal headboards, all you have to do is wipe them clean with a soft rag.

For upholstered headboards, you can simply vacuum them once a week to remove germs and dust. If you don’t want to use a vacuum, you can spot clean using a damp rag.

Finally, if your headboard comes with cleaning instructions from the manufacturer, then you’re better off following those instructions when cleaning.