Explore popular colors that are used in home decor and ways to pair colors together with our in-depth ideas and tips

Colors that go with pink
| Updated October 19, 2023 | Published August 18, 2021

If you want to incorporate pink into your space, you will need to know which colors work best with pink and how to use them in interior decor.

colors that go with orange
| Updated October 25, 2023 | Published August 18, 2021

The color orange was unsurprisingly named after the citrus fruit. The color name of ‘orange’ dates back to the 15th century, prior to which the color was known as ‘yellow-red,’ which are the two primary colors used to mix together and make the resulting orange shade.

Color that go with Burgundy
| Updated October 25, 2023 | Published August 17, 2021

If you are considering incorporating burgundy into your color scheme, then there are a handful of colors that can really help to set this shade off, as well as some that should be avoided. Different shades that work really well with burgundy include olive green, navy blue, and pale gray.

What Color is Anthracite?  
| Updated August 2, 2023 | Published July 20, 2021

Anthracite is possibly the most luxurious shade of grey that has been a trendy color for interior and exterior design. But not everyone is familiar or even heard of this color. If you are interested in knowing more about this color, we will present you with all the information you need.

Colors that go with beige
| Updated October 26, 2023 | Published March 26, 2021

Beige goes greatly with white, blue, brown, gray, red and so many other colors. Keep reading to learn how to pair beige with these colors.

Feng Shui Color
| Updated August 24, 2023 | Published November 28, 2020

Colors are one of the most powerful ways of affecting the way we feel. They can bring positivity, balance or even create negativity in our homes. If we use the right colors in our interiors, we can start changing our energy with the help of Feng Shui. According to this Chinese philosophy, the colors you choose for different rooms of your home will have an impact on your energy and focus. Every color in Feng Shui plays a role in either promoting clarity or disrupting flow of energy. 

Blue Bedroom Ideas
| Updated December 20, 2023 | Published September 5, 2020

From sapphire and yale to royal and perussian, yes I am talking about the different shades of blue. It’s everyone’s favorite color, right? Perhaps no space is better-suited for blue than the bedroom. This calming shade emits tranquility, serenity, and spaciousness that’s reminiscent of the sea and sky. If you can’t wait to add this color to your sleeping space, then take a look at my collection of stunning blue bedroom ideas with pictures to give you some inspiration.

| Updated October 9, 2020 | Published September 17, 2019

Now, we are going to explore some popular calm and relaxing hues and shades for home. I will give you ideas about the situations and spaces where you can use them best.

Affect colors
| Updated November 13, 2020 | Published September 12, 2019

Let’s explore associations, moods, emotions, and other psychological effects of colors – especially when used in the interiors of our homes.

Bathroom color schemes
| Updated July 7, 2022 | Published August 18, 2019

When you combine the facts about the importance of bathrooms and significance of colors, it becomes clear why these spaces shouldn’t be neglected in this respect, no matter how challenging the task of designing and restoration may be. Here is a set of ideas and color schemes to enrich any home – one bathroom at the time

Bedroom color schemes
| Updated December 10, 2023 | Published August 18, 2019

The bedroom is probably the most critical room in your house. It is the place of your night rest – and we all know that good night rest is very important. Every vital aspect of your life – health, emotional well-being, cognitive functioning – it all depends on how you sleep.