7 Great Colors that Go with Moss Green (Photos Included)

Moss green is an earthy shade of green that has components of brown and yellow. It is named after the ground-level plant growth that covers the earth in lots of different environments around the world, which makes it a particularly good color for using in interior design styles based around natural and botanical themes that have risen in popularity over the last few years.

Green, in general, has seen a huge revival in interior decor, and moss green is no exception. It is a muted color that feels modern and dusky, but it can also feel fresh when used alongside certain other colors.

Here we will look at some ways you can incorporate moss green into your home decor and which colors work well with it.

Moss Green in Home Decor

Glossy surfaces

Moss green has a muted and earthy feel to it, which creates a feeling of juxtaposition when used for a shiny surface. When moss green is chosen for glossy and high shiny textures, it creates an instant modern feel.

Use glossy moss green tiles for a contemporary bathroom backsplash, or opt for glossy moss green cabinets in a kitchen. You can also add shiny surfaces into other decorative aspects in the home, such as a varnished moss green vase, a moss green marble tabletop, or a glass moss green candle holder.

Upholstery and soft furnishings

Upholstery and soft furnishings

While moss green looks contemporary when used for glossy surfaces, it will look luxurious and timeless when used for upholstery and soft furnishings. Velvet is a perfect texture for moss green because it combines luxury with nature.

A moss-green velvet sofa or set of dining chairs will bring a high-end feel to any room, or consider velvet moss green cushions on a tan leather sofa to create a sense of elegance.

More natural textures will work in moss green if you are trying to achieve a more casual style, such as moss green cotton curtains or a sofa upholstered in moss green linen.

Wall paint

Moss green wall paint

Moss green makes the biggest impact when it is used to cover large surface areas, and there is no better place to achieve this than on a wall. Paint one wall in moss green to create an accent wall in a gray room, or paint every wall in moss green for a more immersive experience.

Despite moss green being a distinctive color, it can work as a neutral on walls because it is a very muted shade, and since it appears in high occurrences in the natural environment, most people feel at ease with green.

This means you can use moss green as your main wall color without it feeling like a bold or dramatic color choice. It will work well in both large and small rooms, creating depth in smaller spaces and comfort in bigger spaces.

Exterior paint

Moss green is an increasingly popular color to use on the exterior of homes. It blends seamlessly into the environment since it is a natural color, and it is subtle enough that it looks classic and timeless.

Choose moss green exterior paint for siding or for the trim on your home. It can also work well on fencing or railing, as well as for decks and verandahs.

Colors to Use with Moss Green



The color mulberry is named after the fruits on the plant with the same name. It is a purple-red color, and since red is the contrasting color to green on the color wheel, it makes a stunning contrast with moss green.

Mulberry can be found in shades that are quite vivid or more muted, so select a shade of mulberry depending on what type of atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

A more vibrant shade of mulberry will contrast more heavily with moss green and result in a more lively look, while more subtle shades of mulberry will not contrast as intensely, therefore resulting in a more muted style.

Consider moss green walls with a mulberry velvet sofa or mulberry lampshades against a moss green accent wall.



Taupe is a dark shade of gray-brown, similar to greige but distinctly darker. It has an earthy feel which makes it match well to moss green, but it isn’t too warm and therefore maintains a fresh and modern feel.

Choose the taupe color scheme if you want a neutral shade to pair with moss green that won’t be too stimulating yet offers a cozy appeal. The fact that taupe has both warm and cool tones means that it can create the warm feel offered by warm neutrals without coming across as dated the way that beige might.

Blush pink

Blush pinkBlush pink is a really modern take on pale pink that is extremely stylish with a variety of green shades, including moss green. If you look at some of the most popular trends in interior design over the last year, you are bound to find numerous examples of dusky shades of green with blush pink.

This subtle shade of pink brings a romantic and feminine feel to the earthy moss green, and it creates a complementary contrast since pink is a diluted version of red.

Mix the natural and glamorous decor themes by choosing moss green walls with a blush pink velvet sofa, then add a blush pink hanging planter to a corner with a deep green foliage house plant trailing out of it. This is a color scheme that plays out well in any room in the home.

Opt for moss green curtains and placemats in a blush pink painted dining room or a blush pink bedspread with moss green walls in a bedroom. These colors even look fabulous in a kitchen.

Choose moss green cabinets as these will have more longevity because they will go with more color schemes in the future and paint walls in blush pink or opt for blush pink accessories such as a biscuit barrel or light fittings. 

Visit our page on colors that go with blush pink to learn more about the blush pink color combinations.

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Buttercup yellow

Buttercup yellow

Buttercup yellow is a medium shade of yellow that is not as bright as primary yellow but not as pale as lemon yellow. It has a cheerful feel that is lighthearted and upbeat, and it is great for creating a lift in a moss green room if you don’t want it to feel too dusky.

Add small hits of buttercup yellow in a room which has been painted in moss green, such as yellow picture frames hanging on the walls or yellow cushions piled on the bed.

Buttercup yellow and moss green can make for a refreshing spring theme in a room while still maintaining a fairly muted effect. As these colors sit fairly close to each other on the color wheel, they are analogous colors and therefore create a sense of harmony rather than contrast.

This also means they are easily accepted by the eye and don’t take any effort to process, which can make for a space that feels more easygoing.



Tangerine is a slightly more yellow shade of orange compared to true orange or carrot orange. Since it has more yellow tones rather than red, it will not contrast as heavily with moss green as other shades of orange, but the more subtle contrast it creates will be visually interesting without being intense.

This is a color scheme that is often associated with fall since both colors are typically found together in nature during this time when the leaves begin to change color and drop from the trees.

As fall is a season that feels cozy and comforting for many people, this is a color scheme that can be used to replicate that feel in an interior space. Lean into the fall theme with an orange leaf wreath hanging from an interior door, with moss green painted walls and heavy tangerine drapes at the windows.

Don’t overdo the tangerine accessories in order to avoid it becoming too dominant, and instead enjoy the accents it provides when used in smaller doses.

Emerald green

Emerald green

Emerald green will look classy and sophisticated when layered in a room with moss green. Use these two shades together alongside gold in a modern space with geometric patterns and sumptuous fabrics, for example, moss green walls, a velvet emerald green sofa with gold metal legs, and a geometric area rug featuring all of these three shades.

These colors will create an elegant yet intimate feel in a dining room or a sense of contemporary luxury in a bedroom.



Gray works well with moss green because it is another color that features heavily in natural environments. These two colors can be used in a nature-themed space, or they will also work equally well in a glamorous style room with velvet moss green dining chairs and charcoal-painted walls.

Any cool shade of gray will work with moss green; choose a pale shade for a more casual feel in a living room or kitchen, or a darker shade of gray for more drama, for example, in a bedroom.