What Are the Common Recliner Dimensions? (2023 Size Guide)

In today’s busy world, many of us love investing in things that can help us relax, like a recliner.  This armchair or sofa, which is typically upholstered, reclines when you lower its back and raise the front.

Think of the possibilities when you have a recliner at home.  After a grueling day at work, you can sit back and relax on a recliner. You can also watch your favorite TV shows or Netflix movies while seated on a recliner.

You may be itching to buy a recliner. But as you may already know, you first need to know about recliner dimensions. This would guide you in shopping for a recliner, one that would fit in the space you have at home. Continue reading to know more about recliner dimensions.

Recliner Size Quick Guide:

  • Small Recliner: Width 29-30 inches; Height 39-42 inches; Depth 33.5-37.5 inches.
  • Medium Recliner: Width 32-38 inches; Height 37.5-43 inches; Depth 33.5-42 inches.
  • Large Recliner: Width 40.5-44 inches; Height up to 41 inches; Depth 39-42 inches.

Tip: Measure the space where you intend to place the recliner and ensure it can fully accommodate the recliner when it’s fully reclined.

Common Recliner Dimensions

Recliner Dimensions

Let us get things clear first: there is no standard recliner size. Most recliners will have the same major parts and work in the same ways; recliners come in various sizes and styles. As you shop for a recliner, you will realize that its size can be categorized or classified into three: small, medium, and large.


A small recliner has a width ranging from 29 to 30 inches. Its height can range from 39 to 42 inches, while its depth is between 33.5 to 37.5 inches.

If you are to get a small recliner, the space in which you plan to put it should be at least 35 inches wide.  When it is fully reclined, both the headrest and footrest should be at least five inches close to the wall or any surrounding piece of furniture.


A medium-sized recliner is at least 32 inches wide. Its width, however, can be extended up to 38 inches.  Its depth can range from 33.5 inches up to a high of 42 inches. The height of a medium-sized recliner can go anywhere from 37.5 inches up to 43 inches.

Now, if you’re interested in getting a mid-sized recliner, make sure that the space where you intend to install it is at least 40 inches wide. Also, make sure that there are at least five inches of allowance between the headrest and footrest of the recliner from the wall and any surrounding piece of furniture.


Lastly, a large recliner would be at least 39 inches tall, although you can also find models which are up to 41 inches in height. The depth of this recliner would range from 39 to 42 inches. The width, meanwhile, is between 40.5 to 44 inches.

Definitely, a large recliner would need substantial space in your room. There should be at least 50 inches of width in the area where you want to place the large recliner. And again, you must allow a minimum of five inches between the headrest and footrest to the wall and surrounding piece of furniture.

Remember to measure the size of the space where you intend to place the recliner. You also need to take into consideration the size of the recliner when it is fully reclined. Moreover, you must ensure that the space where you intend to place it would be able to fully accommodate a fully reclined recliner.

Other Things to Consider in Shopping for A Recliner

Size isn’t the only factor you must consider when buying a recliner. You must also consider other variables, like the type of recliner.


There are basically three types of recliners: standard, high-leg, and lift recliners.  The standard recliner can be reclined into either three or two positions. It is commonly the most affordable type of recliner and combines comfort and style.  

The high-leg recliner is a more stylish and expensive option than the standard type of recliner. It can raise your legs a maximum of six inches higher than your hips.  It can also provide more health benefits, such as improved circulation and posture.

Then there are the lift recliners, which are ideal for users who need a little help when getting up. Thanks to its powered lift mechanism, it can gently raise you from a sitting position.


Your buying decision may also be affected by the features of the recliners. A common recliner feature is a rocker or glider base, which allows you to rock. If you have trouble sleeping or you’re a mother nursing for your child, this may be the best option. You may also consider buying a recliner with a motion feature that allows you to pivot and face a guest in any direction.

A popular feature of a recliner is the massage function. With a recliner featuring a massage function, you can relax those tired and aching muscles with just the press of a button. Some recliners combine massage features with heating options. These are features you would appreciate if you have aching joints and muscles.

Some modern recliners even come with a USB charging feature that lets users charge their phones or tablets while relaxing. This may not seem like an important function, but it can affect your buying decision, especially if you are choosing between two recliners with similar features.

Your Body Type

Finally, you must also consider your body type when shopping for a recliner. As much as possible, shop for a recliner in person. Sit in the recliner and check if your feet touch the floor. Your head must also be comfortable when you place it in the headrest.

 Moreover, make sure that there is at least five five-inch gap between the seat and leg rest. This could be a safety hazard if you have pets and small children.


Recliners can be classified into three depending on their size—small, medium, and large. A small recliner is 29 to 30 inches wide, while a mid-sized recliner is around 32 to 38 inches wide.

A large recliner, meanwhile, has a width ranging from 40 to 44 inches. Remember these dimensions so that you will be guided in buying a recliner for your home or office.