What is the Standard Shower Curtain Size?

A shower curtain is an unavoidable element to every bathroom unless you are a ninja with the shower handle and don’t see a point in having curtains. Since you are here, we will assume that you are interested in buying a shower curtain and want to make it fit perfectly with your bathroom.

The selection of shower curtains is vast nowadays, and it can be overwhelming trying to maneuver your way to the best one for your bathroom. To help you narrow down the search, we will take a look at all the things you should consider when it comes to shower curtain length and size in general.

Need a quick answer for the shower curtain sizes and heights. You can find it below.

  • Standard Shower Curtain: 72 inches long and wide
  • Extra Long Shower Curtain: 84 inches long x 70 inches wide
  • Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain: 96 inches long x 72 inches wide

Standard Shower Curtain Size

Standard Shower Curtain Size

The standard size of a shower curtain is 72 inches long (high) and wide. They will mostly be in the 70-72 inches range, which should a standard bathtub and shower stall that are 60 inches wide. The extra 12 or so inches are specifically designed for appearances and practical reasons, such as securing enough fold when the curtains are pulled shut.

Whether you are not sure the standard size will fit your needs or wish to be absolutely certain, simply measure your bathtub or shower to confirm everything will fit nicely.

When taking into account the space overall, keep in mind that you will need an extra 3 or so inches in length to accommodate the shower curtain rod and its rings.

Extra-Long Shower Curtain Size

Extra-Long Shower Curtain Size

The so-called flood-length shower curtains are just long enough to fulfill their practical purpose. However, having longer curtains can have a major impact on the way your bathroom looks. The XL curtains can be up to 84 inches long (high) and will make even a small bathroom appear much bigger. You can find plenty of images online to compare the looks to see the difference they create.

Even though you can buy an extra-long fabric shower curtain at your local stores, the selection often won’t be that great. This is why we recommend browsing online shops, as just about every one of them will have a plethora of long curtains to choose from.

Extra-Wide Shower Curtain Size

Most bathtubs and showers will be 60 inches wide, but what if yours is much wider or narrower? Finding one shower curtain for such cases could be challenging, and the most common workarounds are using window curtains or combining two shower curtains to ensure no water will escape through the crevices.

Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain Size

Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain Size

If you want complete privacy and want to block noise and moisture from the shower area, a floor-to-ceiling shower curtain is an ideal choice. The size of a standard floor-to-ceiling curtain is 96″ long (high) by 72 inches wide.

Optimal Shower Curtain Height

There isn’t necessarily a strict rule regarding the height of your shower curtain, and in many ways, it can be a matter of personal choice, but there are a few standard principles that are prudent to follow.

The shower curtain rod is generally best placed three to five inches higher than your curtain’s length. The shower curtain itself should hang six or preferably more inches below the rim of your tub, though the same doesn’t apply to shower pans, and we will discuss them separately.

You will also want to ensure that the shower curtain is at least a few inches off of the floor, as it can get stained or damaged if it gets dragged around.

Curtain Height for a Shower Pan

Shower pans are different from bathtubs since they often have a lip that is barely a few inches high. Some shower pans might allow more freedom than others when it comes to hanging a shower curtain at the optimal height, but the rule of thumb here is ensuring the curtain’s edge is at least one inch below the lip.

Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod

There are two types of shower curtain rods, mounted and tension rods. The mounted shower rods come with some standard sizes of 41 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches and can support up to 30 pounds normally and come with an added perk that you can buy a curved mounted rod which will give you more space when taking a shower.

The main downside of a mounted rod is that it is fixed, so you will have to measure everything carefully and drill holes in your walls before installing it. This could be a fun DIY project if you feel comfortable handling a drill and a measuring tape; otherwise, you might want to consider hiring somebody or going with a tension rod.

A tension rod requires no drilling, so it is perfect in situations where you don’t want to create holes in your walls or simply wish to avoid handling a drill altogether. The way a tension rod functions is that it has a strong spring inside that will extend the rod and hold it in place. Most tension rods are adjustable and can handle up to 20 pounds of weight.

Shower Curtain Rod Material

There are mainly two types of shower curtain rods, metal and plastic. The metal ones are more durable, and they come with a water-resistant coating, so you don’t have to worry too much about rust and corrosion.

The plastic rods come in many colors, but they can’t handle as much weight. Alternatively, you can also go with a wooden shower rod if it suits your bathroom decor.

Shower Liner

Shower Liner

At first glance, a shower liner and a shower curtain might appear as one and the same, but they are, in fact, different and complement each other nicely. So besides a shower curtain, a shower liner is a necessary item to have in the bathroom.

It is usually placed outside a bathtub, and while it does protect from water spillage, its greatest assets are the privacy it provides and the aesthetic value brought to your bathroom.

Meanwhile, a shower liner is placed inside a bathtub, and its primary purpose is to prevent water spillage without as much emphasis put on how it looks.

The two work great together, as a shower liner can extend the lifetime of your shower curtain as it will be the one deflecting most of the water. A Shower curtain liner tends to be cheap and disposable, so you don’t have to worry as much about maintaining it.