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How to Get Wrinkles out of Curtains
| Updated March 28, 2021 | Published March 28, 2021

A set of perfectly curvy, orderly curtains can add a touch of class to any living room or office. However, the very best natural fabrics are often the first ones to crease – and if the creases don’t follow the appropriate lines, your elegant draperies may end up looking unkempt instead. Getting rid of stiffness, wrinkles, and creases from your curtain sets is not impossible. You just need the right tools and techniques!

Curtain Rod Lengths
| Updated July 28, 2022 | Published March 28, 2021

Before you start hanging up your curtains, there are a couple of important things you should know, like how to get the right size rods to hang up your curtains.

How Much Weight Can a Tension Rod Hold
| Updated June 22, 2021 | Published March 16, 2021

Tension rods are one of the more mundane things around the household. Despite that, you may have wondered at one point in your life how much weight it can hold. Your curiosity was likely spurred by a recent home remodeling. Or you may have recently installed curtains using a tension rod. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to answer the question, “how much weight can tension rod hold?” And we’re even sharing more tips and tricks to make the most out of a tension rod.

Types of Privacy Curtains
| Updated September 7, 2022 | Published March 13, 2021

In an ideal world, we would all live in a highly-connected area that is simultaneously 15 km away from the closest neighbours – who never pay attention to what we are doing. However, such a perfect neighbourhood does not exist. Even if you are not really doing anything illegal or wrong at home, it is only natural to want to shield your private life from the eyes of onlookers.

Standard Curtain Sizes
| Updated October 30, 2023 | Published March 7, 2021

If this is the first time you are ordering curtains, you may be tempted to just order something that just manages to cover the windows. But there’s much more to curtain sizes than that – so before you mar your wall forever, make sure to find out what options are available and which one would fit you best.

Rustic Burlap Curtains
| Updated August 1, 2022 | Published March 3, 2021

Rustic burlap curtains add an authentic and natural texture in a farmhouse style home. But if you’ve never heard of such window dressings, you’re not alone. Here we will delve into all the interesting facts about burlap and show you a list of our favorite picks.

Curtains Go with Green Walls
| Updated August 22, 2021 | Published February 15, 2021

Perhaps you’ve just bought your first home with green walled rooms and are wondering what curtains go with green walls. Or conversely, you love the idea of green living room or bedroom walls and want to ensure you select the right curtains to match this color.

how to hang blinds without drilling holes
| Updated October 21, 2022 | Published February 12, 2021

When it comes to installing blinds, it is mostly a lengthy process of drilling holes and placing screws in the walls. But if you’re not keen on DIY, there are some innovative solutions that allow you to hang your blinds without drilling holes.

Types of Kitchen Curtains
| Updated August 1, 2021 | Published February 10, 2021

What look are you going for in your kitchen? You have a lot of choices when it comes to window dressing. Let’s run down the different types of curtains you could buy, along with some style considerations.

Should curtains touch floors
| Updated June 27, 2021 | Published January 29, 2021

Since most windows don’t extend all the way to the floor, drapes or curtains will look best when they touch the floor. However, how low you want your drapes to hang will depend on what you’re looking to get out of them. Here we will look into the most common curtain lengths and decide whether curtains should touch the floor or not.

Double Shower Curtain Rods
| Updated May 11, 2021 | Published January 9, 2021

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, shower curtain rods are often an afterthought. But what most people don’t realize is that curtain rods play a key role in bathroom design. Choosing the right shower curtain is only the first step; you’ll need a functional and attractive shower curtain rod to hold the curtain in place.

Different Ways to Hang Curtains
| Updated May 11, 2021 | Published January 9, 2021

Curtains are an essential window treatment that add a finishing touch to a room’s decor. With the right combination of patterns, textures and of course hanging panels, you can influence the overall look of your living space. The way drapes are hung is often overlooked by homeowners, but it can affect the room’s overall feel. Here we will explain all the different ways you can hang your curtains or drapes.