What Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls (12 Complementary Options)

If there is one color that most people never really think of using for their interior walls, it is pink. This color is usually associated with feminine interiors, but it can surprisingly make any space appear more mature and elegant. To create a gender-neutral design. Pairing the right curtain color with pink walls is essential in ensuring your room looks stylish.

But whether you go for contrasting or complementing hues, our following ideas will help you blend the best curtain colors with any pink wall.

Best Curtain Colors that Complement Pink Walls

White or Sheer

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White or sheer curtains can transform an entire room. When paired with soft or bright pink walls, sheer white curtains will serve as a backdrop to allow the walls to stand out.

A crisp white curtain next to hot pink walls, for example, helps open up the space, so you can use this color combo for your living room or bedroom. Both colors are bright enough to stand out on their own.

The combination of white curtains and pink walls is usually preferred for baby girls’ nurseries, and it’s no wonder; the rosy hue of pink walls with white curtains is sure to bring a smile to your baby’s face. To brighten up your nursery or living room, even more, include other vibrant colors for the furniture and floor covering, such as sky blue, teal, or turquoise.


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Another neutral curtain color for pink walls is a warm beige tone. This color combo looks wonderful in living rooms and master bedrooms, where you wish to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Beige curtains look flawless next to bold pink walls. And the good thing about this color pairing is it brings a more grown-up vibe without appearing feminine. Beige curtains with pink walls are also perfect for dining rooms.

While any shade of pink works with beige curtains, we think it’s best to use a bolder shade of pink like fiery rose or barbie pink for added brightness. This combination makes your room appear larger and is sure to draw the eye to the walls.

Light Blue

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For a more contrasting option, go with light blue curtains. Sky blue or baby blue are shades that look aesthetically appealing when paired with soft pink walls. Light blue is a contrasting color to pink, but it is still light enough to make your color combo look seamless.

Other light blue shades that can be paired with pale pink walls include arctic, turquoise, and celeste.

Bold Blue

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Now how about a bold shade of blue instead? Admiral or azure curtain shades bring a stunning contrast against pale pink walls. This color pairing is gorgeous alongside other cool colors as the bold blue curtains stand out beautifully. Blue helps tone down the feminine vibe of pink, thus creating a balanced combination.

Lime Green

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Green is many interior designers’ favorite curtain color, mainly because it brightens up the room and helps the pink walls stand out. Lime green is one such color that can look incredibly chic next to bright pink walls.

To soften the look, you may paint your walls a light to medium pink tone. But if you’re seeking to achieve a stark contrast, opt for a bright pink shade to make your interior stand out even more.


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Teal is a revitalizing cross-breed type of color made up of green and blue shades. Just like lime green, this shade can bring an air of freshness to your space and enrich the visual aesthetics of your interior.

Teal curtains next to light or bright pink walls increase the elegance of the walls as the combination of bold blueish green curtains gives a dreamy essence. This color combo is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Dusty Pink

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If you prefer a flawless design without the bold tones, go for a muted pink wall color paired with dusty pink curtains. This simple, straightforward approach gives your interiors a modern feel, without coming across as overwhelming.

Pink on pink is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms, where you want your spaces to look modern and refreshing. Although some people might think of this idea as monotonous, we must say that using the same shade of pink for the walls and curtains isn’t recommended. Always go for a shade lighter or darker than the walls to create visual interest.

Light Purple

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Another excellent curtain color that works well with pink walls is a light shade of purple. Since light purple like lilac has a pink undertone, it makes sense to pair it with your pink walls. This unique color combination looks elegant and easy on the eye. Although pink and purple are two opposite colors on the color wheel, they are typically seen as the most compatible pairs.

These harmonious colors bring an eccentric vibe to any room, especially in feminine interiors, where you want to create an Insta-worthy, dreamy design.


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When we mention pink walls, we can’t help picturing the beautiful begonias, azaleas, pink roses, and many more on our window sills. But there are other ways to inject a floral design into your interior by pairing your pink walls with a floral print curtain.

These curtains come in many shades and make the perfect combination with your bold or soft pink walls. Even if your walls are covered in pink wallpaper, a light floral curtain will without a doubt enhance their elegance. This classic pairing adds a homely, inviting feel to any traditional style living room or bedroom.


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Aside from floral patterns, another attractive idea for curtains is geometric prints. These modern curtain styles will make a room with pink walls look ultra trendy. The popular geometric curtain designs can be chosen in any bright or light color.

But if you prefer to have some contrast between your pink walls and window coverings, you may want to opt for geometric blue or green curtains.

In any modern interior design, contrast is important in order to make your curtains stand out. Even blue and white geometric curtains can look beautiful next to light pink walls. It is safe to say that geometric print curtains in bold, crisp colors can be the focal feature of a room with pink walls.


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Yellow curtains are another excellent option to contrast your pink walls. The vibrant shades of lemon, sunshine, and banana yellow can infuse excitement into a modern interior.

Whether you choose plain yellow curtains or patterned designs, this color never fails to impress. Any pink shade for the walls will look stylish next to yellow curtains.

Bright yellow window coverings can instantly transform your living or dining room. This curtain color can be combined with many different bold furniture and accessory colors, including orange and pink to give your interior a refreshing feel. You can also pair this combo in contrast – Pink color is among the curtain colors that go with a yellow wall.


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For pale pink walls, a dark shade of gray for the curtains can bring some contrast to the interior. Dark gray shades, such as charcoal, lead, or shadow, won’t make your pink walls look washed out. This is because dark gray is a neutral shade that goes with most other bold and bright colors, including pink walls.

In fact, gray curtains will complement any shade of pink, such as coral, rose, and hot pink hues. A solid colored or patterned gray draperies combined with white accessories and dark brown flooring will help your pink walls stand out. Use this beautiful color pairing for the bedroom or living room.

In Closing

There are a few wall colors that are as tricky to work with as pink. While most interior designers only recommend pink walls for teenage girls’ bedrooms, this bright color doesn’t have to be solely associated with feminine spaces. There are tons of curtain colors that can be paired with pink walls in any room of the house, as proven in our examples in the article.

By pairing your pink walls with the above-mentioned curtain colors, you can give your interiors a vivid and upgraded look.

Pink surprisingly goes with most other bold and bright colors, including greens, yellows, or even bold blues. Just make sure you coordinate your floor and furniture colors to complement your walls and curtains.

To keep the walls or curtains the center of attention in the living room, opt for neutral color furniture. On the other hand, if you want to keep the focus on the rest of your home’s decor, choose pale pink walls with light blue, beige, or gray curtains.

Even if you aren’t keen on bright or bold curtain colors to pair with your pink walls, you can always opt for a neutral shade like sheer white or beige. As you can see from our list of ideas, pink walls work well with a wide variety of curtain colors.