Garage Doors with Windows for Improved Curb Appeal
| Updated December 18, 2023 | Published April 7, 2022

Whether you use your garage as a place to store your car or belongings, an often overlooked function of this multi-purpose room is natural lighting. When it comes to choosing a door for your garage, adding window inserts can make a big difference. If it’s time to replace your garage door and you’re contemplating your options, then you’ve come to the right place.

Window Air Conditioner Dimensions
| Updated March 29, 2022 | Published March 29, 2022

Window air conditioning units work by sucking the hot air into the unit, cooling it down, then pumping it back out into the room. Here we will look into the factors that affect the size of window air conditioner you need and how to calculate the best option for your room.

How Much Do Hunter Douglas Blinds Cost

Hunter Douglas is one of the leading brands of window coverings, so when looking for a high-quality blind, Hunter Douglas is one of the first manufacturers that people look to. Here we take a look at the typical costs of a Hunter Douglas blind and see how they measure up compared with competitors.

Standard Mobile Home Window Sizes
| Updated December 2, 2023 | Published March 11, 2022

Mobile homes usually come at are three standard sizes – 30 inches by 60 inches, 36 inches by 60 inches, and 36 inches by 54 inches.

Standard Bedroom Window Size
| Updated February 21, 2022 | Published February 21, 2022

The minimum size requirement of a bedroom window in most states is 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall. The most common window sizes used for bedrooms have width measurements of 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches. Bedroom window heights are usually 3 or 4 feet, though a picture window can be as high as 6 feet.

What Color Blinds Go With Brown Wood Window Trim: 4 Excellent Options
| Updated August 14, 2022 | Published February 13, 2022

Just like your home’s decor and furniture, blinds are an essential decorative and functional element of an interior. Not only do they control light and ventilation, but blinds also give us the much needed privacy. Since these window coverings have a shorter length than curtains, they don’t get as dirty, thus making them a much healthier option as window treatments. When you’re pairing blinds with wooden window frames, deciding on the right color can be challenging.

What Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls: 12 Complementary Options
| Updated July 30, 2022 | Published February 12, 2022

If there is one color that most people never really think of using for their interior walls, it is pink. This color is usually associated with feminine interiors, but it can surprisingly make any space appear more mature and elegant. To create a gender neutral design. Pairing the right curtain color with pink walls is essential in ensuring your room looks stylish. But whether you go for contrasting or complementing hues, our following ideas will help you blend the best curtain colors with any pink wall.

Standard Basement Window Sizes
| Updated August 8, 2022 | Published January 30, 2022

Basement windows come in a wide variety of sizes, which can differ between style and manufacturer. Common types of windows used in basements include hopper windows, casement windows, and single or double-hung windows. The most important thing you need to consider when planning windows for a basement is the minimum sizes that must be met in order to meet the necessary building code.

Should French Doors Have Curtains?
| Updated August 8, 2022 | Published January 28, 2022

French doors can look great with or without curtains, so essentially, the decision is entirely personal, and it all comes down to your own circumstances and opinions. There is, of course, no rule book that tells you whether you should or shouldn’t install curtains in your own home.

What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger
| Updated July 21, 2023 | Published January 21, 2022

Many people live in small houses or apartments, where space is limited and there isn’t adequate ceiling height in the rooms. But there are ways you can make your room look bigger by choosing the right curtain colors.

How to Layer Curtains and Sheers
| Updated August 14, 2022 | Published January 20, 2022

Here we will look at the way you can use curtains and sheer drapes together to achieve looks that are functional and stylish, as well as look into the benefits of these types of window treatments.

What Color Curtains Go with Brown Walls: 11 Delightful Options
| Updated December 31, 2021 | Published December 31, 2021

The color brown is highly popular in the world of interior design. This warm, earthy hue has many shades that go perfectly with other furnishings. Whether you want to design a modern or traditional interior, painting your walls brown will make your room feel grounded and natural. But the question is, what color curtains go with brown walls?