What Color Curtains Go with Brown Walls [11 Delightful Options]

The color brown is highly popular in the world of interior design. This warm, earthy hue has many shades that go perfectly with other furnishings.

Whether you want to design a modern or traditional interior, painting your walls brown will make your room feel grounded and natural. But the question is, what color curtains go with brown walls?

When it comes to pairing your brown walls with curtains, deciding on the right colors can be confusing.

To help you with this task, we have selected some of the most suitable curtain colors that work with both light and dark brown walls. Let’s delve right in.

Best Color Curtains that Work with Brown Walls


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Beige colored curtains are the easiest combination with light or dark brown walls. Both beige and brown are warm colors that make a room feel more comfortable and cozy. Shades like ivory or cream next to brown walls help brighten up the living room, especially when used in a small or compact space.

Tip: to add visual interest to your living room or bedroom with brown walls, pick a patterned or striped curtain in cream or beige.


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Another neutral curtain color that works very well with brown walls is taupe. This hue is a mix of gray and brown with cool green and red undertones.

Taupe curtains next to light brown walls can create a stylish interior in a formal living or dining room. Take into account the brown shade you choose for the walls as the right amount is needed in order not to make your space feel dark or overwhelming.

The combination of taupe curtains next to light brown walls is easy on the eyes and neither of them stand out too much.

Peachy Pink

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Peachy pink is a subtle, lush color that’s more pink than orange. This curtain color can soften the dark brown walls and create a smoother look.

If your brown walls have a red undertone, peachy pink curtains in the living room will work especially well as the combination enhances the warmth of the entire room.

Peachy pink curtains are also a great option for the girl’s bedroom. When the walls are painted dark cocoa brown, the soft, light pink reflects light and gives the room an uplifting feel.

This color is also ideal in narrow rooms with limited space, such as the powder room or the walk-in closet.

Olive Green

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While pulling off green curtains next to brown walls is a little tricky, it is still worth considering. Shades such as pistachio or olive green lend a bright and refreshing look to brown painted walls.

This color pairing works especially well in traditional interiors, plus you can accent the combination using neutral color furniture.

Olive green curtains compliment light brown wall shades like tan and wheat. This combination should be considered for formal dining rooms or large living rooms.

Light Blue

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Cool blue shades bring a relaxed and soothing feel to warm brown walls. You can hang full-length light blue curtains and accentuate them using soft blue throw pillows. This will create a warm palette next to dark brown walls.

If you need help picking a specific light blue shade, we recommend sky blue next to chocolate brown walls.

Light blue brightens up a living space and prevents a heavy atmosphere in small rooms. Velvety blue curtains work especially well in boys’ bedrooms and study rooms as they provide a calm and peaceful ambiance.


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Now if you prefer a darker shade of blue, consider navy curtains next to grayish-brown walls. This shade is ideal for a chic, urban interior style as it gives a refined look.

When pairing navy curtains with light brown walls, don’t forget the accessories. Midnight blue is a great shade to decorate your room with as it goes perfectly with navy and brown. This color combination ties everything together nicely and gives your room a stylish vibe.

Black and White

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Black and white curtains look beautiful wherever they are hung. But why not take advantage of these curtains by pairing them with luscious brown walls? Black and white striped curtains add a refreshing look that softens the brown without appearing too stark.

The best thing about black and white curtains is the fact that they don’t darken the room while illuminating the space. This option is great for dark brown walls as natural light can easily pass through the curtains and brighten up the room.

To accentuate the black and white curtains and dark brown walls, add textured throw pillows in white, black, or both. The idea is to boost the dramatic appeal of your interior by making the space feel airier.

Sheer White

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If you prefer a more conservative interior, then opt for sheer white curtains on dark brown walls. White is a versatile color that goes with every other color, including brown.

Whether you choose an off-white or creamy white sheer curtain, your walls are sure to look super classy no matter how dark or light the brown is.

On dark brown walls, sheer white curtains provide an airier and brighter feel, while on light brown walls, the curtains can create a sophisticated look. The shade of brown can be taupe, cocoa, tan, or coffee. It will work fine with the neutral curtains.

Those who prefer a Mediterranean ambiance in their living room or bedroom are going to love the combination of sheer white curtains on dark brown walls. Since white reflects light, it is an ideal choice for smaller rooms that require natural lighting.


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Before you dismiss the idea of brown curtains with brown walls, you should know that a monochromatic color scheme is fast becoming popular among homeowners and interior designers.

This idea can instantly transform a room into an elegant space. There are many different shades of brown with which you can incorporate into the curtain and the walls as subtle contrasts between light and dark hues.

Brown on brown color schemes is perfect for formal rooms where you want to create a sophisticated and peaceful ambiance. Light brown curtains, for example, can be paired with dark brown walls in a formal dining room.

Just be mindful of the rest of your furniture colors as we wouldn’t want to make the room look bland or plain. Choose bold or colorful hues for the decor and furniture as the idea is to move away from a clean, simple color scheme.

Brown curtains on brown walls help make the room appear bigger, but you must consider using accent throw pillow colors for texture. Your furniture should be in bright colors as they will be the focal points of the room – not the brown walls or curtains.

Charcoal Gray

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Just like brown, charcoal gray curtains make an eye-catching addition to a room. Gray is neither stark nor subtle so it makes sense to pair it with brown walls. In this case, we’re talking about light brown walls next to dark gray curtains.

You may even use textured gray curtains to avoid your space from appearing too dull. Full-length gray curtains make the perfect choice in large living rooms with light brown walls.


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Orange may not be an obvious color to pair with brown walls, but did you know this contrasting, warm color is actually a close relative of brown? While orange curtains have always been associated with the 70s, this color is now coming back in fashion and goes very well with a bold shade of brown.

Pumpkin orange is one such shade that reminds us of autumn colors. Both orange and brown are warm hues so you can easily create a warm interior by pairing these two colors. And as for accent colors, go for decoration items in gold or sandy beige to complete the look.

In Closing

Whether you go with cool or warm curtain colors, your brown walls can serve as a natural, earthy backdrop to lush window treatments. Brown is one of those colors that goes well with any solid or neutral hue, so you can easily pair your walls with the curtain color of your choice.

When choosing a curtain color for your brown walls, don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and textures. This is a great way to spruce up your interior and add depth to the room. In addition, pay attention to the furniture colors in the room to ensure they don’t clash with your brown walls and curtains.

By matching either the curtain color or the brown wall with your furniture, you can add a subtle touch of elegance. And as for the curtain color, try sheer white curtains with dark brown walls or mix your light brown walls with orange curtains for a perfect autumn feel.

Better yet, take your inspiration from our list of suggestions to create a peaceful vibe in your home!