7 Wall Colors that Go with Concrete Floors

The most important element is to make sure your concrete floors are matched flawlessly with the wall color. This is why we’ve decided to delve into this topic a bit further by giving you some wall color suggestions with images so you can pick the one you like for your concrete floors. Let’s get started now!

How to Stabilize Bookshelf on Carpet
| Updated July 31, 2022 | Published July 2, 2022

There are multiple ways to stabilize a bookshelf on carpet. Attach it to the wall with brackets. Use felt pads under the base of your bookcase.

Fix Bleach Stain on Carpet  
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published June 24, 2022

The bleachy smell of a cleaning product is probably your home’s best indication that you’ve had an accident. But now, you’re left with a bleach stain on the carpet. Don’t worry—we’ll show you how to get rid of it.

How to Get Wrinkles and Creases Out of Carpet
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published June 19, 2022

Has your carpet developed wrinkles? Are those wrinkles making you cringe? Wrinkles aren’t just unsightly – they’re also a tripping hazard. And stomping on the offending area won’t get rid of them. However, there are a few tricks that will make your carpet look pristine in no time.

How to Transition Carpet to Tile
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published June 19, 2022

Transitioning your flooring from carpet to tile can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With these few simple steps and some patience, you can have beautiful floors in no time.

Can You Epoxy a Shower Floor
| Updated April 1, 2023 | Published June 8, 2022

If you’re wondering whether or not you can epoxy a shower floor, the short answer is yes. In theory, at least. Epoxy is a great way to seal and waterproof your shower floors if that’s what you want. However, there are some drawbacks to consider before making the decision to use epoxy for your shower flooring project.

What Furniture Goes with Cherry Wood Floors
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published June 1, 2022

If you love cherry hardwood flooring, you may be wondering what furniture goes with cherry wood floors. This type of wood flooring possesses a warm-toned reddish hue that many homeowners find visually appealing. But when it comes to deciding what furniture to pair with cherry wood floors, it can often prove to be a challenge.

Do Ruggable Work on Carpet
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published May 26, 2022

If you are looking for a new rug for your home, then you may have heard about Ruggable. This is a company that produces a range of rugs with coveted qualities such as stain resistance and anti-slip bases, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Here we look at the benefits of Ruggable rugs and investigate whether these types of rugs will be suitable for use on top of a carpeted floor surface.

What Color Walls Go with the Brown Floor?
| Updated July 31, 2022 | Published May 26, 2022

If you have brown floors, then the options for wall colors that will coordinate are almost endless. Your choice will depend on the type of look you are trying to achieve, as well as the size of your space and the amount of natural daylight you get. Here we will look at stylish wall colors to pair with brown floors and suggested wall color choices for different brown floor types.

Cost to Carpet a 12×12 Room
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published May 25, 2022

This means, on average, you will be looking at a total cost of between $288 and $1584. For an average quality carpet, you could expect to be paying somewhere in the middle part of this bracket, at around $800.

Staple Size for Carpet
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published May 23, 2022

The minimum size of staple for installing carpet is half an inch, but staples that are bigger than this can also be used, with 9/16-inch staples also being a popular size.

Carpet Padding Roll Size
| Updated July 17, 2023 | Published May 21, 2022

The standard width of a roll of carpet padding is 6 feet, and typically a roll will contain a length of 45 feet. This means that one standard roll of carpet padding will cover a space measuring 270 square feet.