10 Expensive Kitchen Appliances For a Luxury Home

Kitchen appliances, in general, tend to be on the more expensive side, and if you want to kit out your whole kitchen with new appliances, then it can set you back thousands of dollars, even if you choose the standard run-of-the-mill models.

However, for those with money to burn, you can find some kitchen appliances that cost more than the average person would spend on a new car.

If you’re looking for an expensive kitchen appliance to make an impression on your guests, or if you simply want to treat yourself to the best of the best, then look no further than this list of the ultimate expensive kitchen appliances that no luxury kitchen should be without.

Dacor WineStation – $5,299

The WineStation from Dacor is what every white wine lover needs in their kitchen. It is the first temperature-controlled and automated system that can hold four bottles of wine to preserve them and serve them, all at the touch of a button.

This system will keep your wine fresh for up to 60 days and will dispense the wine in a specified amount through a stainless steel spout. The appliance is compact in size so that it can fit well in any kitchen. It can be freestanding or built-in to form part of your kitchen. The WineStation has a sleek and minimalist look that adds class and style to a space.

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Hammacher Juicer – $9,900

This appliance was designed to be a restaurant juicer, and while it fulfills this requirement very well, it has also become a sought-after home juicer for luxury kitchens. This juicer can be used to make grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, or orange juice, with the impressive ability to make 84 ounces of fresh juice in just 60 seconds.

It has serrated stainless steel blades that bisect the fruit, squeeze the pulp, and extract the juice. A filter removes any pith and skin before the resulting juice is channeled down into a glass.

The fact that this appliance is predominantly transparent means that you can watch the whole process of your juice being made in awe. Cleaning up is a breeze, too, because the unused parts of the fruit are separated into a compartment that can be periodically emptied into the trash can.

Miele Professional 240V 3 Phase – $6,119

This is a dishwasher with a difference, which is exactly as you would expect if you’re paying over $6000 for an appliance!

If you hate waiting around for your dishwasher to finish its cycle before you can grab a clean plate, then this dishwasher is exactly what you need in your life. It can complete a cycle in just 15 minutes, resulting in sparkling clean glasses and kitchenware.

It also features a special technology that promises to look after your glasses, which is essential if you are putting your luxury wine glasses into a dishwasher. It also benefits from an automatic open drying function and a lidless loading design.

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Blendtec Professional 800 Blender – $800

If you enjoy making your own smoothies and soups, then you’ll know all too well how having an excellent blender can make all the difference to your life. Blenders undergo a lot, and so all but the very best ones succumb to failure at some point, either developing a leak or simply failing to blend as effectively as they once did.

Blenders tend to have a short lifespan, and people who regularly use blenders find themselves having to replace their blenders every year or two or even more frequently in some cases. The Blendtec is the solution to this problem, offering high-end results and a quality that will last.

This is a power blender that will seemingly crush ice without effort, and it does it all without the loud grinding noise of most blenders.

The relative quiet of this appliance makes it the perfect choice for residential homes if you’re worried about waking up other members of your home or even close-by neighbors with your early morning smoothie addiction.

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Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers – $4,250

Freezer drawers are a brilliant way to create a seamless look in your kitchen because they blend right into the rest of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. You can benefit from not having a bulky refrigerator standing out in your kitchen and ruining the look, and freezer drawers also offer greater convenience.

You can install these below the countertop of any area in your kitchen, such as in an island or peninsula or along one of your kitchen walls.

Many people like to install them close to their food preparation area because it means less traveling from one side of the kitchen to the other to grab something out of the freezer.

These drawers have a sleek design that makes organizing your food easy, and they are generous in size to accommodate the freezer needs of the average family.

Mugnaini Wood Fired Pizza Oven – $8,500

This pizza oven is a real showpiece. It is fired by wood, and you can watch the flames illuminate your kitchen with their warmth as your pizzas cook in a matter of seconds.

The beauty of pizza ovens is that they cook very quickly and very consistently, so you get perfect results every time with no waiting required. This appliance is amazing to use when you are entertaining guests because you can get everyone’s pizzas cooked quickly so you can all eat together, and it is also really impressive to look at.

The style of this particular pizza oven is simple yet authentic so that it will work with both traditional and contemporary style kitchens. It has a huge 47-inch surface that makes it ideal for feeding large numbers, and it is also great for baking a variety of different pieces of bread, such as ciabattas, focaccias, and garlic pieces of bread.

La Cornue Rotisserie – $10,000

Chicken lovers will be in heaven with this home rotisserie appliance, but it is also versatile because it’s great for cooking a variety of meats, fish, and even fruits and vegetables. It features technology that optimizes heat distribution to circulate the air evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked food.

It promises to preserve the tenderness of meats while releasing the flavor for restaurant-quality meals in your own home. This appliance comes with two rotisserie spits, providing you with plenty of space to cook multiple chickens to feed a dinner party, or for family meals, you can roast your meat and your vegetables all at the same time for ease.

There is also a fitted tray to catch any juices and make for an easy clean-up. This home rotisserie delivers big on flavor, but it has also been designed to look beautiful in your kitchen.

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Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine – $20,000

No list of luxury kitchen appliances would be complete without a Victoria Arduino espresso machine. Each body of these espresso machines is lovingly made by hand with extreme precision. It offers sublime elegance with an inner power that makes the most excellent cup of coffee.

These machines have a vertical design so that they are freestanding and can be used in any environment. They produce steam that is hotter and drier than any other, resulting in an unbelievably creamy cappuccino.

This espresso machine is intuitive to use and incredibly durable. Since its release in 2005, the Venus Espresso Machine has been the ultimate symbol of the history of coffee. It comes in brass, copper, and gold.

Viking TVDR6606GGB Burner, Griddle & Oven – $23,000

This is an impressive piece of kit, which boasts an electric oven, a double griddle, and six high-performance burners.

It is a huge 66 inches wide, so it offers ample cooking space but may be too big for some smaller kitchens. With a look that takes hints from the classic range oven style, this is a modern appliance that pays homage to the past.

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La Cornue Range Cooker – Up to $160,000

If you want to buy a range that will cost the same amount as a small house, then look no further than the La Cornue Range. These beasts are priced anywhere from $6,800 to $160,000, depending on the options you choose.

This appliance is made by the French powerhouse, which has been supplying luxury kitchen products to the elite since the early 1900s. They have a reputation for superior quality and design and a style that stands out. These ranges can be customized so that they have the exact features you are going to want to use.

For example, you could opt for induction, gas, electric cooktop, or a mixture of all of them. You can also choose the color of your range so that it perfectly coordinates with your kitchen.

As these ranges are produced to the specifications of the buyer, don’t be surprised to find that you have a 6-month wait ahead of you before you receive your coveted range.

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