Guide to 65 Inch TV Dimensions (with 3 Drawings)

A large TV, which might seem expensive, does improve the viewing quality. But while a large TV, like 65 inches, sounds nice, will it really fit in your home? To know for certain, you have to measure the TV’s dimensions.

A 65-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio typically measures 56.64 × 31.86 inches (143.87 × 80.92 centimeters) and occupies a total area of 1,804.55 square inches (11,641.96 square centimeters).

Keep reading as I’ll go into greater detail about calculating the dimensions of a 65-inch TV.

65 Inch Tv Dimensions

How Large is a 65-inch TV?

As soon as you take a look at a TV, the marketed size will pretty much reveal everything you need to know about it. For instance, a 65-inch TV measures around 65 inches (165.1 centimeters) diagonally.

However, that figure really doesn’t help us much in terms of knowing how much space on a wall it will use. To find out the total area, we’ll have to measure its height and width.

But before we get into that, we first have to familiarize ourselves with aspect ratios.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio of a display’s weight to its height. Aspect ratios can be found in any device that has a screen—e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, monitors, laptops, etc.

The aspect ratios for TVs and monitors that you’ll commonly come across are as follows:

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 21:9

To give you an idea of what these figures mean, a TV screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio means that for every 21 inches horizontally, the screen will measure 9 inches vertically.

From the aspect ratios listed, unless you plan on purchasing an ultra-wide TV, its aspect ratio will most likely be 16:9. So, for the following calculations, we’re going to assume that the TV you have your eye on has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Calculating Screen Size

There are three important formulas to bear in mind when measuring the physical dimensions of a TV. Those formulas are as follows:

  • H = D ÷ √(AR2 + 1)
  • W = AR × H
  • A = W × H

Assuming you want to pick up a 65-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio, we can start by calculating the height of the TV.

  1. H = D ÷ √(AR2 +1)
  2. H = 65 ÷ √(16:9)2 +1)
  3. H = 65 ÷ √(3.16 + 1)
  4. H = 65 ÷ √4.16
  5. H = 65 ÷ 2.04
  6. H = 31.86 inches (80.92 centimeters)

Now that we have the TV’s height in mind, we can input it into the Width formula to get the following:

  1. W = AR × H
  2. W = 16:9 × 31.86
  3. W = 1.78 × 31.86
  4. W = 56.64 inches (143.87 centimeters)

After determining the height and width, we can multiply the two to calculate the total area.

  1. A = W × H
  2. A = 56.64 × 31.86
  3. A = 1,804.55 square inches (11,641.96 square centimeters)

Basically, a 65-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio screen will measure roughly 56.64 × 31.86 inches (143.87 × 80.92 inches) and take up a total of 1,804.55 square inches (11,641.96 square centimeters) of wall space.

Assuming the 65-inch TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3, its screen measurements would be 51.99 × 38.99 inches (132.05 × 99.03 centimeters) with a total area of 2,027.09 square inches (11,206.57 square centimeters).

If the TV had a 21:9 aspect ratio, its screen measurements would be 59.74 × 25.60 inches (140.06 × 65.02 centimeters) while covering 1,529.34 square inches (9,106.70 square centimeters) of a wall.

65-inch TV Viewing Distance

65-inch TV Viewing Distance

So, you’ve managed to take the 65-inch TV back to your home in one piece. Good for you! The next step is to decide how far to place it relative to your couch or seating arrangement.

You can refer to Sony’s guide on ideal viewing distances for TVs, but I’ll break it down briefly below:

  • For 4K and beyond TVs, multiply by 1.5 times the distance of the TV’s height (47.79 inches or 121.39 centimeters for a 65-inch TV)
  • For HD TVs, multiply by 3 times the distance of the TV’s height (95.58 inches or 242.77 centimeters for a 65-inch TV)
  • For Standard Definition TVs, multiply by 6 times the distance of the TV’s height (191.16 inches or 485.55 centimeters for a 65-inch TV)

65-inch TV Television Placement

65-inch TV Television Placement

This guide assumes that you sit straight and the TV is at your eye level. If you tend to lay back on your sofa, the mounting height will be bigger. The more you recline towards the back of your couch or sofa, the higher you should mount the TV.

Mounting Height

The TV screen center should be placed at a similar level of your eye level when seated. As discussed in the 60-inch TV dimension guide, to calculate the average mounting height, subtract half of the 65-inch TV height (31.86 inches) from the average eye level (42 inches).

42″ – (31.86″ ÷ 2) = 26.07 inches (66.22 cm)

This is an approximate number based on an average adult’s height. Adjust it to your own comfort level when seated in front of the TVs.

TV Stand Height

If you decide to use a TV stand instead, you can subtract another 2 or 3 inches, which is the distance from the TV screen’s bottom to the TV’s legs.

In this case, the approximate height for a TV stand to work with a 65-inch TV is 26.07 inches – 2 inches = 24.07 inches (61.14 cm)

What Size Room Do I Need For a 65-inch TV?

This will factor into some criteria, such as the types of TVs used and the angle of the TV placed.

If you get an HD 65-inch TV, the viewing distance suggestion is 3 feet 11 3/4 inches. The room size should be a minimal 5 feet.

Meanwhile, you should place a 4K 65-inch 7 feet 11 5/8 inches from your chairs or sofas. If so the room length or width needs to be at least 10 feet.