37 Inspiring Kitchen Ideas with Dark Floors

Dark colors play a vital part in any modern kitchen design. In combination with other interiors in the kitchen, the dark color can create either a sense of luxury, antique, warmth, calmness, or quirkiness, etc. In this article, we’re going to explore a variety of great options of dark floors kitchen ideas. For ease of reading this article, I will classify the floors by materials – wooden and non-wooden. I hope you’ll enjoy reading. Let’s get started.

Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor Extends Far Into The Living Room

1. This is the interior of a modern kitchen and guest room with a flat condominium concept. This charming, enclosed kitchen features natural hardwood flooring that matches the shade of the cabinetry, chairs, and tables. The cream color of the wall provides a nice contrast while large glass doors allow natural light to illuminate the deep brown hue of the kitchen. The wooden floor extends far into the living room without sabotaging the calm atmosphere of the setup.

Deep Hardwood Flooring Contrasting With Ceiling Finish

2. This is a stylish kitchen with granite island countertop that adjoined the big guest room. The kitchen is gorgeous and cultivated with deep hardwood flooring. The wooden floor has a pleasant contrast with the ceiling finish and is marked up by the stunning purple material on the island. The deep brown cabinets and the wooden floor looks pedantic, appealing, and clearly marks the edges of the kitchen. The kitchen is surrounded by large windows for adequate illumination and a nice view of the greenish hue of the outdoors.

Hardwood Blends With The Fabric On The Surrounding Chairs

3. This setup is homey, with the floor made from hardwood that blends with the fabric on the surrounding chairs. The white shaker cabinets, ceiling and the lower part of the island create a texture balance while the stainless steel appliances embolden the color palette. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for you, the family, and your honorable guests.

Shades Created Between Deep Natural Hardwood And Wall And Cabinets Gives A Subtle Hint Of Elegance

4. This kitchen features a long black bench and table for eating. It features lots of color schemes and cues with each section popping up with a different texture – giving the space a refined look. The different shades created between the deep natural hardwood and the wall and cabinets gives a subtle hint of elegance. The floor looks almost out of place but for the requisite opening across the kitchen. The selection of deep brown color for the floor is probably prompted by the need to maintain the warm and airy atmosphere. And with the creative use of pendant light, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere are truly achieved.

Chair Colors Matching Dark Kitchen Floor Gives Luxurious Feel

5. This is a kitchen in a luxury home with white granite island and pure white wooden base. The two chairs at the base of the island create a soft accent that gives the kitchen a solid expression. The color of the chair matches that of the dark kitchen floor backsplash to complete the luxurious statement of the kitchen. There are other items like the hanger above the island and the colorful free form plate hanger that matches the shade of the floor for a nice impression.

Deep Hardwood Has A Nice Color Hue Blend With Cabinet Wood Color

6. The flooring, island, and cabinets are the closest in look here, with the wooden part of the island appearing like an extension of the hardwood floor. This enhances the definition of the design, without affecting its poise. To make a stronger statement, this modern upscale kitchen in a penthouse condo matches the granite countertop of the island with the finish on the wall and creates an accent with scarce stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen With Lots Of Textures And Colors Boosted By A Fabulous Wooden Floor

7. This is the interior of a kitchen with island, sink, cabinets, pendant light fixture, and hardwood floor in a new luxury home. The kitchen has a lot of textures and colors boosted by a fabulous wooden floor. The floor unifies the dark hue in the left lower cabinets and contrasts softly with the rest of the cabinets. The timber wooden lined up on the ceiling eliminates the presence of monotonous and boring details so the kitchen can maintain its elegance and lush.

Bold Contrast Among Deep Brown Floor And Light Paint On The Walls Island And Ceiling

8. This beautiful kitchen has a cool shade created by the dark wood floor. The setting emphasizes boldness, and that is seen in the contrasts of the deep brown floor and the light paint on the walls, island, and ceiling. The ceiling design reveals ample details, which is completed by the contour on the quaint cabinets and picturesque vent.

Kitchen With A Hardwood Floor And Breakfast Table With A Charming Color Palette

9. This is a kitchen with a hardwood floor and breakfast table with a charming color palette. The dark wooden floor matches the island countertop and goes off against the creamy shade of the walls, which enhances the look of the setting. The countertop, chair, and floor blends perfectly and the dimmed lighting cements the unification.

Smooth Dark Flooring Looks Neat And Blends With Cabinets And Chairs For A Unified Color Scheme

10. This kitchen is simply lovely. Apart from the artful arrangement of items and the orderliness of the kitchen, the host of color shades and texture helps create a striking statement. The smooth dark flooring looks neat and blends with the cabinets and chairs for a unified color scheme. From the top of the kitchen, right to the chairs and wall section, and down to the floor, the deep brown color ambiance is simply charming. There is no confusion in the selection of color or shade, which can only be achieved by a skillful architect. But it’s now all yours to emulate and wow your guests.

Dark Stained Hardwood Floor Contrasting The Ceiling While Maintaining A Surprising Consistency With The Cabinets And Wall Finish

11. This is a large kitchen with a stunning dark stained hardwood floor that contrasts the ceiling while maintaining a surprising consistency with the cabinets and wall finish. This gives the kitchen a bold and strong appearance. A wider kitchen opening will reveal nice greenery outside the setting, but there is not much space for that. However, installing a central kitchen island with red granite countertop will make this kitchen look more modern.

Black Hardwood Flooring Blends Perfectly With The Cabinets And Island Balanced By The Greyish Wall

12. This is a modern kitchen design with grey wall tiles, table, and chair. The dramatic black hardwood flooring blends perfectly with the cabinets and island and is balanced by the greyish wall and accented by the two bright plastic chairs. The floor looks more like a tile rather than hardwood; installing one or two pendant lights here will reveal more details and might help the hidden brilliance pop up.

Seamless Flow Between Floor And Cabinetry Using A Dark Brown Color And A Creamy Wall

13. This is a large luxury modern kitchen with a dining room area. You can create something similar by allowing a seamless flow between your floor and cabinetry using a dark brown color and a creamy wall for a cool color scheme. Make a strong statement with extra kitchen appliances and enhance the attribute of each section with gorgeous drop lights.

Hard To Split Color Sharing Between The Chairs And Dark Wood Floor

14. This is a modern, bright, clean kitchen interior with stainless steel appliances in a luxury home. It’s hard to split the color sharing between the chairs and dark wood floor here. They blend perfectly. Create an elegant kitchen with this color scheme and add a few bright drop lights to magnify the hue of the atmosphere.

Kitchen Magnified By Dark Golden Cherry Cabinets And A Matching Hardwood Floor

15. This kitchen is magnified by the dark golden cherry cabinets and a matching hardwood floor. When you combine the color shade of the hardwood floor with golden cherry cabinets, you create a sense of balance and cohesion. The deep illumination created by the recessed lights provides a warm tone and consolidate the overall mood in the kitchen.

Dark Flooring And Cabinets With An Authentic Arrangement Of Kitchen

16. Dark flooring and cabinets with an authentic arrangement of kitchen appliances create a strong look and a relaxing tone that’s common with traditional setups. The traditional cue also adds a layer of visual interest to this luxurious kitchen with hardwood floor. You can achieve the same tone by carefully selecting the texture and color shade.

Hardwood Floor Matches The Cabinet On The Upper And Lower Sections

17. This is a gourmet kitchen for enthusiasts. It comes with a bar style kitchen island with built-in wine rack, mosaic backsplash, and maple cabinets with granite countertop. The drop lights add astonishing details to the deep brown domination. The hardwood floor matches the cabinets on the upper and lower sections and blends well with the granite countertop.

Dash Of Contrast By Using Only The Flooring And Cabinetry

18. This is a 3d illustration of a white modern kitchen interior design. This drawing validates the idea that you can create a dash of contrast by using only the flooring and cabinetry. To introduce even more cohesion and an even more elegant look, use a soft pallet of wood and laminate for the flat cabinets that go on the wall and place a little window on the side to draw in a good amount of lustre.

Creative Ordering Of Cabinets The Cool Color Contrasts And A Dark Wood Floor Undertone Creates A Good Conformity

19. The creative ordering of cabinets, the cool color contrasts, and a dark wood floor undertone creates good conformity that gives the design a goodly appearance. The golden vent and strings on the island stand blends flawlessly with the hardwood floor for an attractive mien. A wide opening on the side puts the dancing color scheme at a spotlight while the flourishing white wall vies for attention. With enough planning, you can get down this kind of design – use a polished concrete wall corner, dark wooden floor, and supplement with dark purple cabinetry.

Traditional Look Of The Kitchen Magnified With The Rustic Wooden Island And Cabinet

20. The traditional look of the kitchen is magnified with the rustic wooden island and cabinet and the conventional look and shape of the stools. This kitchen with dark Wood Island looks brilliant because the dark flooring blends in with the island while the creamy, well-arranged cabinets bring a modern touch to an otherwise traditional setup.

Dark Brown Wooden Floor Chair And Tables Blend Seamlessly

21. A luxury home can maintain its luster and polish with a delicately designed kitchen. And the one here does not disappoint. This kitchen with a large center island will get lots of attention because of its visual appeal. The dark brown wooden floor, black chair, and white tables blend seamlessly. The creamy cabinets, in turn, match the wooden part of the island and countertop. Thus, the color scheme used in the kitchen creates a welcoming and calm mien.

Deep Wooden Brown Floor Cabinets And Table Creates A Dynamic Contrast With The Kitchen Island

22. The deep wooden brown floor, cabinets and table creates a dynamic contrast with the kitchen island. A good shade keeps the kitchen lively, and the sharp appearance promotes a nice ambiance. The wood used on the door and table and chair match the dark floor and are carefully selected and made to share only a section of the kitchen except for floor that extends to all the edges of the kitchen.

Smooth Dark Wood Floor Closes On The Beige Finished Wall

23. This enclosed kitchen is embellished with light shaker cabinets with strong black accents at strategic sections. The dark wood floor is smooth and closes on the beige finished wall. The color combination makes the kitchen look bigger and spacious, and the minimal lighting keeps the appearance fresh.

Spacious Kitchen Dark Interior And Flooring Has A Visual Cue Unlike No Other

24. This spacious, kitchen dark interior and flooring has a visual cue unlike no other. The setting is dominated by black and punctuated with green and white. The white items in the setting can be counted, which includes the refrigerator, flat front cabinets, and the two white chairs. The green chairs and deliberate positioning of flowers give the kitchen a strong visual statement while the floor and vent blend in the wall for a complete dramatic impression.

Rustic Wooden Counter, Polished Cabinetry And A Cool Ambiance

25. There is no shortage of dynamic personality that can be displayed with kitchen designs. This fancy kitchen interior features rustic wooden counter, polished cabinetry, and a cool ambiance. The wooden backsplash floor creates a strong contrast with the wall, cabinets, and ceiling while the countertops support the deep brown shade.

Good Combination Of Textures And Hues Along With Repurposed Wood Creates A Welcoming Atmosphere

26. With a small kitchen like this, you have to get everything right, and that’s what is done here. A good combination of textures and hues along with repurposed wood creates a welcoming atmosphere while the great use of subway tile backsplash creates a semblance that’s expressed throughout the space.

Kitchen Exudes Warmth Supported By A Dark Brown Floor That Matches The Kitchen Cabinets

27. This is a beautiful designer kitchen in brown and yellow colors. With its functional style, the kitchen exudes warmth supported by a dark brown floor that matches the kitchen cabinets. There is enough space here for carrying out kitchen activities quickly and easily.

Dark Floor Blends In With The Cabinets To Create A Strong Color Palette

28. An enclosed kitchen with an artistic approach. The beautiful brown color of the cabinets generates a friendly tone while the dark floor blends in with the cabinets to create a strong color palette with the creamy walls, countertop, and ceiling finish.

Dark Wooden Floor Creates A Feeling Of Calmness And Eccentricity

29. The dark wooden floor in this 3D depiction of a modern kitchen interior immediately creates a feeling of calmness and eccentricity. The contrast between the floor and the rest of the kitchen creates marked by light brown wood on the cabinets and table. And with the large window openings, plenty of natural lights can glimmer off the polished wooden floor for a refreshed look.

Non-wooden floor

Modern And Shiny Kitchen With Reflective Green Floor Tiles

30. The beauty of the floor in this modern styled kitchen cannot be hidden, even with the absence of the bright recessed lights looking downward from the ceiling. This modern and shiny kitchen features a dining and living room area, including a countertop and kitchenware on the reflective tiles and enough lights flashing at night. No dull area or obscure spot with the ever shining lights.

Dark Stone Floor Creates A Dark Shade And Blends In With The Cooker And Refrigerator

31. Interior of a kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table. The dark stone floor creates a dark shade and blends in with the cooker and refrigerator. The play with color in the design is masterful – you can see the different colors and shades dancing across this small kitchen. The deep, creamy shape pops against the dark floor, and the chairs bring great variety to the setup.

Light Brown Kitchen Design With Tile Matching The Brown Wood Of The Island And Cabinetry

32. The design is dominated with light brown with the tile matching the brown wood of the island and the cabinetry. The countertop pops up against the walls, and a slew of stainless steel appliances add to the calm and cool ambiance of the kitchen. This doesn’t take away from the tone set by the tile and the parallel cabinetry shade. Want a modern kitchen design? Use stainless steel appliances with brown tiles and a matching kitchen island.

Beaming Wooden Wall Matches The Brown Floor Tile Backsplash

33. For your kitchen, you can express your own personality and how creative you are. Go with a bright kitchen that’s full of great color combinations, highlighted with a beaming wooden wall that matches the brown floor tile backsplash. The color of the adjacent wall extends into the ceiling and further expresses the deep hue from the rest of the kitchen.

Scandinavian Classic Kitchen Of Wooden And Brown Details Blending With Grey Floor

34. Don’t want a modern looking kitchen? Then go with a Scandinavian classic kitchen of wooden and brown details blending with the grey floor for a minimalist interior design. This is a simple interior design that will accent the features of a modern kitchen. It’s full of airy mood that feels welcoming. There is plenty of opening for letting in natural light to amplify the tone of the floor which at first seems to blend with the cabinets, but a closer look reveals it only complements the wall and ceiling finish. There is a good contrast here too, especially the white tone under some of the cabinets.

White Wall Kitchen Contrasts With Black Chair And Tile Flooring

35. No doubt, white is the dominant color here. The white walls give the kitchen an awesome definition. The kitchen is also adorned with white closets, countertops, and a white island with a sink. The big white pendant lights are close to the dining table to clear out any dark spots and contrast the black chair and tile flooring. Talking of the non-wooden floor, it is punctuated by the orderly arrangement of chairs and countertops which gives it a nuanced appearance.

Concrete Floor Blends In With The Wall Veneer

36. This modern kitchen interior design is a 3D rendering that’s filled with a nice combination of textures, colors, hues, and shades. The color palette is perfect and what every kitchen needs to shine. The concrete floor blends in with the wall veneer and the yellow color planted at strategic areas in the kitchen accentuate the bold statement of the kitchen.

Dark Tile Floor Complements The Black Accent Delivered Through The Countertops In The Kitchen

37. Witness a lot of kitchen appliances, white shaker cabinets and an oval countertop in this modern white kitchen. The setting features granite worktop, dark tile floor which is the most dramatic in the kitchen. It stands out vividly and complements the black accent delivered through the countertops in the kitchen. The recessed lights are small but powerfully shining while the stainless steel appliances support the deep black hue.

37 Inspiring Kitchen Ideas with Dark Floors

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