12 Attractive Curtain Colors for Tan Walls

If you have just moved into a new home or want to remodel your existing one, a fresh coat of paint will certainly give your interiors a brighter feel. While bold colors are a little tricky to work with, neutrals like tan will look good with just about anything.

One important accent to consider coordinating with your tan walls is the window treatments. When it comes to choosing the best curtain colors for tan walls, you have numerous options. Since tan is a soft, light brown color that can be matched with different curtain colors, it serves as an excellent wall color, no matter how dark or light the curtain color.

If you feel overwhelmed by the curtain color options, here we have narrowed down our list to some of the most attractive window treatment colors for tan walls.

Curtain Colors that Work with Tan Walls

Sheer White

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If there is one curtain color that looks good with just about any wall color, it has to be bright white. This option is a classic and safe color as a neutral shade that works with tan. Since sheer white window treatments don’t block natural light from entering the room, they work particularly well in dining rooms and living rooms.

Did you know there are more than 50 shades of tan, from sandy to orange and light Peru. When you experiment with your favorite shades of tan for the walls, a pure white window treatment will work very well to provide a pleasing sight.

Chocolate Brown

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To add more depth and contrast to your tan walls, why not go for a dark shade of brown like chocolate or coffee. With light walls, a dark curtain color can work nicely to make a statement. Just bear in mind that adding a dark curtain color should be avoided in rooms that are already too dark. So if your furniture is in a light color, and your walls are in light tan, then chocolate brown curtains will look in sync and well balanced without appearing too bold. The tan and brown color scheme is a good pairing in an already bright and airy room. This color combo is especially popular in mid-century modern and farmhouse style homes.


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For those who prefer a simple and minimalist look for their interior style, consider using beige curtains on tan walls. Beige is a close relative to tan and brings a little texture to an otherwise bland space. These window treatment colors look great as they are neutral just like tan. Thus you have the freedom and flexibility to decorate the rest of your living space with plenty of brightly colored accents without worrying about color clashes. Tip: to avoid your beige curtains looking monotonous, use a slightly darker tone of tan for the walls. This will help make your living room or dining room curtains stand out beautifully.

Mellow Yellow

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Yellow is a bright and cheery color that can blend perfectly with tan walls. This color combo looks flawless as tan and yellow are very identical.

Some people are afraid of the yellow’s brightness and may think twice about using this color for their curtains. Since a bright shade of yellow can take over the room, you can opt for a muted hue to keep the look warm and not too bright. Some great shades of mellow yellow include gold, mustard and saffron, which all go well with warm tan walls. To balance it out, add some dark wood or white accents in order to create a sophisticated look.

Mint or Sage Green

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Green is a beautiful warm shade that also works well with warm tan walls. To create a dramatic look, go for a dark shade of green like mint or sage. In a country cottage interior, for example, sage green works very well for the kitchen cabinets as well as for the curtains. Add plenty of colorful floral patterns or indoor plants to complete the rustic look. After all, greenery will always stay in style and when combined with dark green curtains and tan walls, it brings color to any room without overdoing it.

If you opt for mint green, don’t go over the top by adding some lighter accent colors that are comfortable on the eyes.


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In a room with lots of natural light, a dark shade of red for the curtains will be the prettiest accent next to tan walls. If your walls lean towards warm tan, it is worth investing in burgundy curtains. This fiery shade of red is an excellent way to add a touch of color to your home without taking away the calm nature of the interior. The rich shade of red will undoubtedly pop from the light tan walls and makes a great option in bedrooms and formal living rooms. Red and tan are, after all, an analogous color scheme, thus blending perfectly together.


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Similar to beige, burlap is a natural jute material that goes perfectly with tan walls. If you’re a fan of rustic aesthetic, then opt for burlap curtains against a tan wall. Since burlap curtains are a neutral shade of beige, they may look monotonous next to light tan walls. It is, therefore, best to use a darker shade of burlap so it stands out against the tan without clashing or looking bland. And to really enhance the interior aesthetic of your room, add a few colorful throw pillows with some floral accents.

Black and White Stripes

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Black and white striped curtains may seem too plain to some people, but the subtle pattern can actually add character to your tan walls. The neutral colored stripes against tan walls add the much needed texture and variety without standing out as too bold. For those who want to take the curtain color pattern to the next level, some colorful accents in the form of throw cushions or blankets will transform an otherwise neutral room into a visually appealing interior.

Charcoal Grey

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For a more stylish look to enhance your tan walls, go with a dark shade of grey. Charcoal grey is one such shade that’s very intense and immediately draws the eye to your curtains. This color gives you the opportunity to create a modern-looking living room or bedroom as it allows you to pair two neutral colors while introducing pops of color in brighter furniture. For example, a red or blue sofa or table will be the perfect addition to a neutral grey and tan setting.

Using charcoal grey curtains brings a lot of contrast between the tan walls and the curtains while at the same time creating an integrated and flawless look. Grey is a very popular trend in home decor so it makes sense to incorporate this color into your tan interiors.

Navy Blue

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Blue is one of those versatile colors that pairs well with most other colors, including tan. A dark shade of blue like navy is a safe decor bet for the curtains and an ideal hue for the bedroom and living room. The combination of navy bue and tan will create a relaxing vibe, but don’t be afraid to bring in other crisp and clean colors to your interiors as any other color will also work against the warmth of tan.


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Putting Tan curtains against tan walls is a super simple way to make your dining room or living space a lot more comfortable on the eyes. Sheer tan curtains look transparent and when paired with a darker shade of tan, they will emit a sophisticated vibe in a minimalist interior. This is because tan is a soft and mild color and looks extremely pleasing.

To add a little drama to your tan curtains and walls, go for contrast by using dark brown accent pieces in the room. This is a great way of making your neutral walls and curtains stand out. What’s more, the darker color furniture pieces won’t look overwhelming next to tan or take the spotlight away from the tan curtains. Just make sure your room has ample lighting to prevent it from looking too dark. This is especially important if you’ve chosen dark tan curtains. Sheer cotton or linen curtains in tan that are floor to ceiling length will work particularly well.


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The last curtain color that can be used on tan walls is teal. This dark shade of greenish blue is trending now thanks to its rich and soothing look. Teal is a striking color that makes a lovely choice for the bedroom or living room. When paired with light tan walls, this bold color choice for the curtains will balance out the room, especially when you add other neutral accents like white or brown sofas or tables.

As you can see, there are lots of different curtain colors that go with tan walls. Whether your interior style preference leans toward traditional or modern, you’re bound to find the right window treatment color for your tan walls by choosing from our list above.