What Colors Should You Choose to Paint Walk-In Closets?

Walk-in closets have excellent potential to store all your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Adding shelves, hanging racks and cabinets is one way of organizing your closet, but how about the decoration part of it? Why not give your walk-in closet an eye-popping appeal by choosing a paint color for its walls and ceiling?

So, where should you start with your walk-in closet color scheme? Most walk-in closets are painted in a light neutral tone. But you don’t have to stick to this idea as there are other approaches to make when choosing the best color to paint a walk-in closet. Keep reading to find out…

What Paint Colors for Walk-In Closets?

To decide on the best paint color for your inside closets, you should first take a look at the colors of your clothing to get some inspiration. The best walk-in closet colors will contrast with the feel and look of your clothes.

For example, if the majority of your clothes are black and white, opt for a soft white paint color. On the other hand, colorful clothes will go nicely with light and intense wall colors, such as mahogany or cappuccino. That said, the size of your walk-in closet will also impact the paint color you choose.

Choose Light and Bright for Small Walk-In Closets

Choose Light and Bright for Small Walk-In Closets

Light or neutral paint colors are ideal for small, compact closets. Choose a crisp white or sunny yellow paint color for the walls in order to make your small closet appear more spacious. Light colors improve visibility in closets that lack natural light but be sure to choose a high-gloss finish to make your walk-in closet even more bright.

Go Dark for Large Walk-In Closets

Go Dark For Large Walk-in Closets

For larger walk-in closets, dark and intense paint colors serve as a beautiful backdrop. In such closets that benefit from ample lighting, go for navy blue or dark purple wall color to add sophistication to the space. Dark brown shades and charcoal grey also work well to liven up the closet.

Dark paint colors have the benefit of catching the light and making your closet feel more personal. Some closets are so large that they can store non-clothing items such as Christmas decorations, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning products. By painting the walls a dark color, these items won’t draw the eye, especially if you separate them from your clothes using a curtain.

The most suitable paint finish for large closets is matte as it has less visibility. Chocolate brown or dark grey in a low visibility finish works perfectly in a large walk-in closet.

Paint the Ceiling the Same Color as the Walls

Paint the Ceiling Same Color as the Walls

Ceilings aren’t always visible in small walk-in closets. But whether your closet is large or compact, it is worth thinking about the paint color for the ceiling. While you can opt for white, you might not want to paint the ceiling this color if the rest of the closet is in a bright or bold paint color. In such instances, it is worth matching the wall color with the ceiling to save time and hassle.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the paint lines along the edges of the ceiling. So if your walls are painted white, for example, go for the same shade in a semi-gloss finish for the trim and ceiling. For very large closets, beige or brown makes a great choice for the ceiling.

Selecting the Right Paint Finish for a Walk-In Closet

Most people think any paint finish for their walk-in closet will do, as you can just paint the walls and ceiling and forget about them. However, the right paint finish can make all the difference in how you maintain your closet.

After all, this clothing storage space is notorious for accumulating dust over time. This is why it is best to use a semi-gloss paint finish for the walls, as it’s less likely to show dirt or debris.

Since most closets don’t have natural light or windows, you’ll want to make sure the wall paint finish doesn’t look dark. A trim finish in semi or high gloss works well for the walls and ceiling. For the built-in wooden shelves and other trims, use semi-gloss to give them a shine. You can even continue the same paint finish for the closet door to achieve the best results.

While matte paint is the most commonly used finish for the walls, it is not always suitable for closets. As we mentioned earlier, dust or debris tends to show more on flat painted surfaces so it’s not a good choice for the closet. As a better alternative, go for the following options:

Satin Paint

This type of paint finish is less likely to leave scuff marks or streaks, thus being ideal for closet walls and ceiling. If your closet space is large and used for storing lots of items, such as cosmetic or cleaning supplies, it’s best to go for satin paint with a glossier sheen in order to make wiping up spills or stains easier.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss paint is for smaller closets that lack natural light. This type of paint finish will help brighten up a dimly lit walk-in closet and is ideal for both ceilings and walls. It is easy to clean and stays on surfaces longer than satin.

High-Gloss Paint

For the most durable and long-lasting paint finish, not to mention the priciest, choose high gloss. This luxurious paint finish is ideal for frequently used walk-in closets that require maximum brightness.

Any of the above-mentioned paint finishes will transform your closet into a sophisticated storage space. The aim is to minimize cleaning of the walls by choosing a maintenance-free paint finish, so we recommend semi-gloss as it’s both affordable and durable.


Walk-in closets are excellent space savers that allow you to get creative. Since they are an important part of a bedroom, you must think about the right color scheme.

Think about whether you want the space to pop with color or lighten it up for a clean and fresh feel. Use our suggestions in this article to help guide you in the right direction!