Black Granite Countertops (Pros, Cons, Types, and Pictures)

It’s hard not to find granite countertops in any modern kitchen these days. Though there are a number of natural stones such as marble, and quartz, granite makes the most popular choice for countertop, primarily due to its luxurious feel, durability, and various colors & pattern choices.

Among them, black Granite is a one of the favorite choice for countertops because of its quality and high contrast. This artilce will focus on black granite for countertops; we’ll going to look through its pros, cons, types of black granite and finally will give you some pairing photos between black granite countertops and other stuff in the kitchen.

Benefits of Using a Black Granite Countertop

Using black granite countertop in the kitchen can be made mainly due to liking. But there are some great reasons why lots of people prefer black to other colors.

Less cleaning than lighter granite

Black color granite is less vulnerable to dirtiness than whiter granite. It requires less cleaning than. You’ll not notice a few stains on the black granites.
So a good reason for someone who doesn’t maintain the kitchen countertop regularly.

Add depth to your room

Not many colors are as deep as the black color. It creates a strong boldy design and addition to the room.

Variety of colors and shade

There a number of black granite with various color hue and patterns to choose.

Disadvantages of a Black Granite Countertop

Fingerprint & Dust

Black Granite is easy to attract fingerprint, and dust. It is not recoganizable from a distant, but on a closer look, you’ll see them if your granite countertop is not cleaned. This is one of the biggest reasons some home modeler refuse to choose black as their countertop option.

Types of Black Granite Countertops


It has its name because its looks is like the galaxy with countless stars on a night sky.

So basically, it has some white in the background and has a variety of grade with no to several lines of veining running through it.

The Galaxy Black countertop is the friendly bold granite stone that makes a nice addition to your kitchen or bathroom.


This type is truly black with shiny surface. It has virtually no pattern or any other colors in it. And obviously, one of the easiest choice for black-colored granite that will not go wrong with the white background in your kitchen or bathroom.


The Brazilian-originated Ubatuba granite is recognized for its dark green background with gold, grown, white or blue specks. It’s hard to find a Ubatuba slab with the same color and pattern.


Cambrian black granite orginates from Canada and is one of the Canadian most popular stone.
It has consistent grain grey-black structure with light flecks

Black Granite Countertop Pairing

Black Granite Countertop with White Cabinets

Definitely one of the best choices for the black granite. Any type of black granite countertops will go well with the white color as they create a great contrast.

View the photos below for pairing of black granite countertops.

Black Granite with Lighter Color Cabinet

The black granite countertops also make a great combination with other less bolder in the color hue.


That’s it for black granite countertop. We hope this article sheds some great light about the black granite countertop – what it is, how to choose the right black granite, and also some great combination of it in your kitchen or bathroom.

Black Granite Countertops (Pros, Cons, Types, and Pictures)