5 Best Soundproof Curtains For a Peaceful and Quiet Room

If you value peace and quiet, then soundproof curtains are a brilliant solution for reducing noise pollution in your home. They offer a cure for light sleepers or anyone who struggles with a noisy neighborhood disturbing their slumber.

On the flip side, if you are the culprit making noise, then you can use soundproof curtains to ensure you don’t disturb family members in other rooms or nearby neighbors with your noisy antics. Here we discuss the best uses for soundproof curtains and review the most popular soundproof curtains currently available.

What Are Soundproof Curtains For?

The clue is in the name, so obviously, soundproof curtains are for blocking out sound, but you might be wondering what situations would require soundproof curtains and where they are best utilized.


If you have a new baby, then soundproof curtains are a great way to ensure better sleep for both the baby and the rest of the family. Soundproof curtains will prevent your baby from getting woken up by any external noises such as loud vehicles passing by, heavy storms, birds singing, or noisy neighbors.

You can also hang soundproof curtains across the internal door of your nursery so that household noises will be blocked out and a quiet haven created in the baby’s room. This means that during the baby’s nap time, you can watch television, have visitors or do chores without worrying that you will wake the baby up.

Soundproof curtains are very thick, and this always comes with the added benefit of blocking out light, which is another reason which makes them perfect for use in a nursery.

The curtains can be drawn during the day to block out light and create a darker atmosphere which will help the baby nap, and they will also block out light overnight to help the baby sleep longer and not be disturbed by early morning light flooding their room.

Home Office

If you work from home, then you might find your business calls being interrupted by any number of loud noises, from your partner vacuuming, the barking dog, a crying baby, loud children, or other family members watching television or entertaining friends.

In this case, a soundproof curtain would be well utilized across the door to your office to help block out the sounds within your home and create a quieter, more professional space that is conducive to increased productivity.


Soundproof curtains work well in bedrooms across a wide range of scenarios. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, then soundproof curtains will give you a much better quality of sleep, helping to reduce the noise of traffic, birds, and other common unwelcome sounds.

Soundproof curtains can be life-changing for people who work during the night and need to sleep during the day, as they can block out or muffle all the sounds of the street outside your bedroom and ensure you get uninterrupted sleep during the day.

Soundproof curtains don’t always need to be hung over windows, and if you are a shift worker who needs to sleep at home during the day in a busy household, then soundproof curtains should be hung over your internal bedroom door to reduce the noise from other rooms and help you sleep.

Noisy Hobbies or Pets

If you have a noisy hobby, such as playing a musical instrument or carpentry, then using soundproof curtains to keep your noise inside your own space will allow you to enjoy your hobby much more without worrying that you are bothering neighbors or other people in your home.

The same goes for noisy pets, which may disturb neighbors, and soundproof curtains, in this case, can ensure your relationship with neighbors remains intact and that they don’t make a noise complaint about you to the local authority.

Product Reviews

RYB HOME Noise Blackout Thermal Insulated Long Curtains

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These long curtains are supplied in a pair, with each panel measuring 52 inches wide by 95 inches long, giving them a total width of 104 inches when the curtains are hanging next to each other and fully closed. The long length makes them suitable for high ceilings and tall windows, and they could also be used in front of exterior doors such as French doors to keep light and noise out.

They could also be hung over a double internal doorway if you are trying to block out noise from a particular part of the house. These curtains are a neutral biscotti color that has a warm tone and will work with most decor styles.

They are made up of three layers; the front and back layer is a high-density polyester that acts as a thermal insulator and blocks out light, while the middle layer is a noise-absorbing felt fabric that is fixed in place with velcro, making it detachable.

The materials used for these curtains utilize a triple weave technology which makes them highly resistant to wrinkled hems or threads coming loose.

They are made from 100% polyester, which contains no toxic or harmful elements. The thermal capacity of the curtains blocks out cold temperatures while retaining the internal warmth of the home during winter, helping to keep temperatures comfortable. In the summer, the thermal function repels heat to help keep you cool. The curtains offer a 100% blackout, completely blocking all light and UV rays from getting through the curtains.

The noise-reducing feature of the curtains does not block out all noise, but it significantly reduces certain types of noise. The noises which are best absorbed by these curtains include rustling trees, singing birds, crashing waves, and tires on the road.

They are less effective at blocking construction sounds and aircraft noise. These curtains have grommets along the top, which are silver, making them easy to erect by inserting the curtain pole through the grommets.

Buyers of these curtains referred to them as ‘life-changing’ due to the way they allow users to get a much better quality and amount of sleep. Users found that these curtains entirely blocked out all the light of streetlamps during the night or daylight during waking hours for people who need to sleep during the day.

Some users secured the sides of the curtains to the walls using magnets to help block any light from coming in around the edges of the curtains and found this to be very effective. Users who wanted these curtains to reduce external noise were very pleased. The sounds of sirens or aircraft overhead were significantly dampened and sounded like a much more distant noise, while car engine noise and bird songs were completely eliminated.

Some buyers used these curtains along internal doors to block noise from other rooms, for example, for shift workers who need to sleep during the day and don’t want to be disturbed by children or other household members. For this purpose, users found the curtains to be very effective at eliminating background noise in the home and therefore rated them very highly.

Buyers agreed that the blackout and noise-reducing qualities of these curtains were very impressive considering the low price. They also found them to be of high quality, noting that the fabric is very heavy and therefore hangs nicely and looks attractive.

The only complaint among some users was that noise was not completely blocked out, but this was to be expected as they are intended to reduce rather than eliminate noise.


  • Eliminate light
  • Significantly reduce noise
  • Look attractive
  • Inexpensive
  • Good value for money


  • Do not fully block noise

NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Thermal Insulated Ring Top Light Reducing Curtains

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These curtains consist of two panels which each measure 42 inches wide and 84 inches long, though other sizes are available. They have silver-colored metal grommets along the top for easy hanging. The fabric of these curtains is a soft and dense microfiber which is thin yet heavy, giving them a good weight to hang nicely.

These curtains are a dark gray color, but they do come in a wide variety of colors. They are able to block out 90% of light, but it is recommended that if you are buying these curtains for their light-blocking capacity, then you should choose a darker color as these will block out more light compared with lighter colors.

The curtains are suitable for reducing noise levels and are rated for blocking out 10-20 db noise. These curtains are easy to maintain as they can be machine washed in cold water, and they are also suitable for tumble drying. They can be ironed or steamed to remove any creases or wrinkles. The curtains are the same color on both the back and front of the panels, and they are not lined.

Most buyers agree that these curtains look attractive and are made from nice fabric. The material is soft, though some users opted to install sheer drapes in front of the curtains to give a more delicate style. Some buyers noted that the curtains were not particularly high quality, but they look good considering the low price.

Buyers of these curtains who chose them in a dark shade found them to be very effective at blocking out light, while users who bought them in a medium to light color found that the curtains held no blackout quality whatsoever and were very disappointed.

Users who were interested in reducing noise levels found that mild background noise from the street outside was absorbed, but louder noises were not blocked out or even significantly muffled, and therefore these curtains are not recommended for blocking out anything more than minor sounds.

Buyers found that the curtains were good for reducing temperatures during the summer, noting that they immediately cooled the room by between 5 and 6 degrees. Buyers were pleased to find a blackout curtain that could be machine washed and ironed, making them easy to keep in good condition.


  • Darker colors offer good blackout
  • Washable
  • Look good
  • Low price
  • Reduces minor noises
  • Thermal qualities


  • Pale colors don’t block light
  • Minimal sound reduction

Audimute isolĂ© – Sound Barrier and Absorption Sheet

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This sound barrier sheet measures 34.5 inches wide by 82 inches long. The panel has metal grommets along one side so that it can be easily installed using the hardware supplied. The sheet can be used to cover a door or window to help significantly block out sound, either from another room within the home or from outside. It is made from an environmentally friendly fabric that is blended from recycled fibers of cellulose and cotton.

The fabric is very heavy and may take two people to hang. The sheet is held in place with hardware at the top, which is screwed into a wall, and this will need to be into a solid wall or stud to support the weight.

The sides and bottom of the sheet are not fixed in place, which means that the sheet can be rolled up and out of the way when not in use, allowing doors to be opened for access or windows to let light in. This sound barrier sheet is black and is also available in white in order to blend in with different interior decor colors. The sheet is not machine washable and should be spot cleaned or have dust removed with a vacuum.

Some buyers of this noise absorption sheet found it to be a struggle to fit, while others felt it was fairly simple. The main issue seems to be that the sheet comes with very basic installation instructions, which results in fitting issues. The sheet is very heavy and will need to be hung onto hooks or screws which are in a solid wall or stud, so using a stud finder is recommended.

Some users did not do this as a result of poor instructions and found that the weight of the sheet pulled their screws straight out of the wall and left significant holes in the wall. Many people also felt that the included hardware was not heavy-duty enough to support the sheet and recommended buying your own hooks or screws from the hardware store.

Once suitably fitted, users agreed that the sound-absorbing properties of the sheet were very impressive and allowed them to sleep or carry out loud activities without worrying about noise. Many buyers fitted this sheet on an office door in order to work from home without noisy disturbances, and for this purpose, it was found to be very effective.

One particular drawback of this sheet is that the weight of it makes it difficult to roll up when not in use, so it isn’t ideal for fitting in front of a window which you only want to block sound through at night, as this will entail a tricky rolling up and rolling down procedure each morning and evening.


  • Excellent sound reduction


  • Tricky to install
  • Hardware not sturdy enough
  • Poor instructions
  • Inconvenient to lift up and down

MIUCO 1 Pair Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panels

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These curtain panels come in a pair, with each panel measuring 52 inches wide by 95 inches long. Each panel has eight metal grommets along the top to install on a curtain rod. The grommets have an inner diameter measurement of 1.6 inches and so are suitable with most sizes of curtain rod, though a thicker curtain rod is recommended to withstand the weight of the curtains.

These curtains are made from a soft and heavy fabric, with weights sewn into the bottom hems to help them hang better. These curtains have extra thick hems, measuring 1 inch on the sides and 3 inches on the bottom.

The deeper hems give the curtains a more luxurious high-end hotel feel. These curtains are made from thick and durable fabric with a triple weave construction to improve longevity and block out light. They are rated to block out up to 100% of UV rays and 98% of sunlight.

These curtains are black but come in a wide variety of classic colors, though darker colors are recommended for better light blocking properties. The curtains also have noise-reducing qualities and are able to filter out around 60% of noise. They have a thermal effect, which maintains warm rooms in the winter and cool rooms in the summer.

These curtains are machine washable at a low temperature and can be tumble dried on a warm setting. The weights in the curtain hems should pull the fabric down to remove any wrinkles within a few weeks, though they can also be ironed at a low temperature. Two curtain tie backs of a matching color are included with this purchase.

Buyers of these curtains were very impressed, with most users noting that the product exceeded their expectations. Buyers found the curtains to be made from a very luxurious fabric that was thick and silky soft. They also commented that the stitching was flawless, with no loose threads hanging out.

Users appreciated the addition of the weights at the bottom, which made the curtains hang perfectly. Buyers who purchased dark shades of these curtains were very pleased with the level of light blocked out and found that the room was made to be very dark. However, users who bought paler colored curtains estimated that only 50 to 80% of the light was blocked out.

Most users agreed that the curtains absorbed a good amount of sound, and bothersome noises were muffled or sounded more distant, though not all noise was blocked. The vast majority of users felt that the curtains were very good value for money, noting they had been able to kit out their homes with a high-quality product for a very low price.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Thermal properties
  • Good noise reduction
  • Good light blocking
  • Washable
  • Inexpensive
  • Tie-backs included


  • Poor light blocking with paler colors

Grommeted Industrial Blanket

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This blanket is designed to block out noise and provide privacy. It measures 78 inches in length and 72 inches wide. There are metal grommets all along the shorter edge, positioned at 9-inch intervals. This allows the blanket to be secured to a wall using screws, hooks, or on a curtain rod.

They can be used along a wall to reduce noise between internal rooms or along a window to block the noise coming from outside. They are also ideal for industrial situations to allow workers to be shielded from construction noise. The material of the blanket is made from a polyester blend and is non-woven, and is not washable. The front side of the blanket is black, while the back is gray, and it does not come in any alternative colors.

Most users of this blanket were quick to comment on the unpleasant smell of it. Some users compared it to a chemical smell, while others found it to smell like plastic. After airing the blanket out for several months, some users still found the blanket to smell too toxic and could not use it on a daily basis without feeling sick.

Other users found that the smell faded significantly after a few days and no longer bothered them. As the blanket is not washable, it is not recommended to attempt to wash out the smell, though some users put it in the tumble dryer with a dryer sheet for a few runs and successfully eliminated the toxic smell.

Most users agreed that this blanket is of sturdy construction and is ideal for dampening sound. Buyers felt that noise was significantly muffled by this blanket, but in some cases, they needed to double the blanket over to get the level of noise reduction they wanted.

Some users fixed this blanket to the wall by threading a curtain rod through the grommets and found this to be a good way to install the blanket as grommets were appropriately spaced apart.


  • Good sound reduction
  • Easy to hang


  • Toxic smell