8 Best Coir Doormats – Buying Guide

Doormats may be a humble and often-overlooked household item, but there’s no denying that they can keep our carpets and floors looking cleaner. With a good quality doormat, you can prevent, and scrape dirt from boots, shoes, and flip-flops from getting to your home. 

Moreover, a doormat can give a nice first impression to your guests. This explains why doormats come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Placing a doormat that matches the color or theme of your house can be a great way to set the tone for your home decoration.

Doormats aren’t only designed for placement in the entryway. These can also be used on patios, laundry rooms, and garages. You can also place a doormat in any high-traffic area in the house. 

There are different materials used in doormats. Coir, a natural fiber from the husk of a coconut, is one of them. Coir doormats are known for their excellent ability to scrape dirt off footwear. 

These are also good-looking doormats that can easily blend well with their surroundings.

If you are looking for a coir doormat to add to your home, continue reading as we list down some of the best coir doormats in the market today. 

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber Non-Slip Backing Entry Way Doormat

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This doormat from DII is made from 100% coconut coir fiber. It measures 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. It is about half an inch thick. It has a low profile, thus reducing the risks of tripping while providing an easy door clearance. It is also available in a variety of colors and designs. 

The DII indoor/outdoor natural coir doormat is durable and non-slip. It also incorporates high-strength polyester to increase its durability. It can withstand the harshest weather conditions, which is important if you intend to place this outside the house. 

The back of the doormat is made of non-slip PVC, which keeps it in place. You won’t have to worry about the doormat slipping out from under you. And thanks to the said material, the coir doormat would stay in place regardless of the weather condition.

Coco Coir Door Mat with Heavy Duty Backing from Plus Haven

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This is also made from 100% pure coconut coir. You can be assured that it can capture dirt and other particles. It is about .6 inches thick. It is 17 inches wide and 30 inches long. It is a low-maintenance doormat that’s versatile enough to be placed both indoors and outdoors. 

It comes in various styles with messages such as “Home Sweet Home” and “Wipe Your Paws Here.” It has a predominantly brown color which should blend well regardless of the tone color in your home. 

This coconut coir doormat is capable of absorbing water. It is also water-resistant and dries quickly. Those qualities even make it a low-maintenance doormat. You only need to shake it out once in a while to clean it. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of stubborn dirt left on the doormat. 

However, one of the issues buyers have with this coco coir doormat is that it sheds easily, even right after getting it out of the box. This is also a common and recurring issue about coir doormats. 

Kempf Double Border Large Coco Coir Mat

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If you’re looking for a doormat that’s sleek and stylish but won’t get too much attention for itself, then you should get this large coco coir doormat from Kempf. It is available in three different sizes, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your entryway or whatever part of the house you intend to place it. This Kempf double border large coco coir doormat is classy in looks, easy to clean, and doesn’t shed that much at all. 

This doormat has a simple and classic pattern. Two black borders complement the predominantly brown design. It also has a tough vinyl backing that prevents it from moving and potentially causing slippages. 

There are three sizes to choose from— 48, 60, and 72 inches in length. The width is a uniform 24 inches, while the thickness is 0.5 inches. The low profile of this doormat means it won’t get in the way of doors and other entryways. 

And unlike the other coir doormats in this list, this Kemp coir doormat doesn’t shed a lot. It can hold up even after an extended period. This is one of the more durable coir doormats you can find in the market today. 

Kempf Greek Key Natural Coco Doormat

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Kempf gets another entry in this list with his shorter coco doormat. Similar to the other Kempf doormat, this natural coco coir doormat has a simplistic Greek key design. It also features anti-slip rubber backing to ensure that it would stay in place and prevent accidents from happening.

This Greek key-designed coco coir doormat is best used for single and double doors. This shorter doormat measures 22 inches wide and 47 inches long. It’s an inch shorter in length compared to the other doormat from Kempf. Its Greek key design is imprinted with ink that should last for many years. And like the other Kempf doormat, the design is simple yet elegant. 

At the back of this doormat is an anti-slip rubber backing that ensures it would stay in place. The rubber material not only increases the doormat’s resistance against slips but further increases its durability. Expect this doormat to shed eventually as most coco coir doormats, but it can last for years before it eventually becomes replaceable.

The doormat is made from authentic coco coir imported from India. It is effective in trapping dirt and other particles from shoes. However, there are some concerns that this doormat is not as effective in resisting water as the other doormats in this list. Still, this remains as one of the top coir doormats in the market today. 

Morethandoormat Welcome Mat

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Unlike the two previous entries in this list, this welcome mat from Morethandoormat offers a more fun design. 

The face of the mat has a bold “Hello” message while the back has a tongue-in-cheek message of “Looking for Hidden Keys?” This is a rectangular-shaped welcome mat that’s a good welcome mat to place in a single door. 

This doormat measures 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. It is around 0.6 inches thick. It is a low-profile mat that won’t get in the way of door openings. At the back of it is a heavy-duty vinyl backing that prevents it from sliding. This part of the doormat is also where the print “Looking for Hidden Keys?” is found.

On the front is a brown mat with a black cursive font that greets visitors with “Hello.” It can provide an elegant décor to your front door, patio, or any entryway. It can also be used in an office, lobby of a building, or even in the garage. 

Like the other entries in this list, this welcome mat is made from all-natural coco coir. It has long bristles to effectively scrape off dirt and dust. This mat is also easy to clean as you simply have to shake it briskly to get rid of the accumulated dirt. For a deeper clean, you might have to wipe it with a damp cloth and soap. Alternatively, you can rinse it using a garden hose. Allow it to air dry before putting it back in front of the door. 

Kempf Natural Multi-Tulip Design Woven Coir Mat

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Kemp’s third entry in this list differs from the two previous doormats as it is more stylish and bolder in design. With its multi-tulip design, this woven coir mat can give a different look to your entryway wherever it may be. But don’t let the design fool you, as this mat is also highly effective in trapping dirt and moisture and, in effect, keeping your floors clean. 

This doormat measures 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. It is about an inch thick, making it the thickest on this list. Still, it won’t get in the way of the door being opened. And you and your guests would love to see the beautiful and elegant flower design of this doormat.

Because of the design of this coir mat, you can place this in your garden or the patio where your plants are located. This should blend well with its surroundings. And the coco coir material is highly effective in trapping dirt and other particles from shoes. 

However, the design of the doormat may be ruined by dirt and dust accumulation. The good thing about this doormat is that it is also easy to clean. You can rinse it with running water and then let it air dry. 

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Fiber Doormat

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Here’s another stylish doormat that you may consider for your home or office. This DII doormat offers a lot of variety in design, making it appealing to most buyers. It is also made from all-natural coconut coir fiber and thus can effectively scrape off dirt, dust, and mud from shoes, slippers, and boots. It can keep your floors safe and clean from outdoor grime. 

It measures 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. It also retains a lower profile with a 0.5 inches thickness. It is thus safe to use this near door entrances because it would prevent tripping while allowing doors to easily clear it. Moreover, its back has a non-slip PVC material to keep the mat in place. 

But there’s no denying that this doormat’s main selling point is the variety of colors and fun designs it is available in. You can choose from various designs such as spring, summer, watermelon, and even Christmas-related styles or designs. 

Moreover, this doormat also has a non-slip back that can prevent it from slipping out from under you. It can also resist extreme weather changes, from cold to hot. 

There are, however, some issues that you may encounter with this coir doormat. Arguably the biggest concern that users have had with this doormat is that it shreds easily. But as mentioned earlier, this is a common issue with coir doormats that you may have to live with. 

Avera Products | Wipe Your Paws, Natural Coir Fiber Doormat, Anti-Slip PVC or Latex Mat Back

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Finally, this is another stylish addition to the list of the best coir doormats in the market today. With its Wipe Your Paws print design, it can appeal more to dog lovers. But make no mistake about it. This is an excellent coir doormat that you can consider regardless of how you feel about pets.

This doormat measures 17 inches wide and 29 inches long. It’s slightly thick at around 0.75 inches. But it would not get in the way of a door from opening if you place it in your main entryway. 

Made of all-natural coconut coir, it is durable and highly sustainable. It can easily absorb moisture while keeping dirt and mud from ruining the appearance of your floors. Ideal for use both in outdoor and indoor areas, it can be placed in your front porch, entryway, patio, mudroom, and garage.

This doormat is available in a variety of fun designs, from garden themed-prints to the aforementioned “Wipe Your Paws” design. The back of the doormat, meanwhile, has an anti-slip material to keep it flat and prevent it from sliding.