Where to Buy Bathroom Vanity (17 Excellent Options)

80 percent of all American consumers do most of their shopping online. Purchasing your goods from online merchants has many advantages, from saving you a lot of time and hassle to providing you with the convenience of shopping in the comfort of your own home.

When you browse through the catalog of online stores, you can easily compare product prices, check out customer reviews and decide whether a piece of particular furniture or accessory is suitable for your home.

When it comes to deciding, it is relatively easy to take a look at various websites by specific brands and make a purchase. By choosing online retailers to buy your bathroom accessories, you can potentially save a lot of money. Furthermore, many e-commerce sites offer great discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to if you visited offline stores.

The following list is our top picks of the best online sources to buy your bathroom vanity and accessories:

17 Best Online Retailers For Buying Bathroom Vanity

1. Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail company with a chain of discount department stores across the world. The company was founded by S. Walton in 1962 and has a headquarter in Arkansas.

This popular store offers a vast variety of home furniture supplies as well as groceries at lower prices than many other stores. You can easily find an affordable bathroom vanity on Walmart’s website based on the size you’re looking for.

2. Target

Target is America’s 8th largest retailer with a wide variety of products, from groceries to electronics and home essentials. The website is easy to navigate and no doubt you will find your ideal bathroom vanity by filtering your search result.

3. Home Depot

For attractive and affordable bathroom vanities, where better than the Home Depot website. With classic and contemporary designs, this popular home improvement website has everything you’ve been dreaming of, from bathroom fixtures, stands, lighting to matching mirrors for your vanity.

In fact, this well-known online retailer has more vanities, especially in larger sizes than most other sites, with free shipping and discounts that are highly desirable for customers.

4. AllModern

Allmodern is an ecommerce company that’s surprisingly affordable. You can find many contemporary vanities in every shape and size at prices that won’t hurt your pocket. The products are categorized by department and don’t forget to check out the latest product clearances.

5. Wayfair

Based in Boston, MA, Wayfair is an online-only store that was founded in 2002. This popular retailer offers more than 14 million products from as many as 10,000 global suppliers.

With a large selection of attractive bathroom vanities in modern styles, you’re sure to find the right vanity for your bathroom. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate; it lets you search by vanity size and price.

6. Amazon

With a seriously vast selection of top-quality bathroom vanities, Amazon is the one-stop shop you need. And aside from vanities, you can also find contemporary sink stands with marble countertops as well as rustic style vanities with sliding barn doors!

One of the biggest advantages of using Amazon to buy your bathroom vanity is the super fast shipping. No more waiting for weeks to receive your vanity and remodel your bathroom. Simply filter your search results by customer rating, price, and the type of finish you like.

7. Overstock

If you’re looking for high-quality bathroom vanity in a range of prices and styles, then Overstock is the right website to search on. Founded in 1999 by Patrick Byrne, the company is headquartered in Utah and offers stylish furniture for lower prices.

From farmhouse-inspired vanities and sinks to wood and metal models, this online retailer is sure to fulfill all tastes!

8. Pottery Barn

If you’re after a sophisticated bathroom vanity for premium prices, Pottery Barn is another great online retailer that will fulfil your needs. This upscale home furnishing company has many retail stores in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Australia.

In addition to supplying a vast range of bathroom vanities, Pottery Barn also offers eco-friendly vanities in reclaimed wood styles. This online retailer is highly recommended for anyone willing to pay for luxury and elegance.

9. Etsy

This small business has an expansive collection of unique and custom-made bathroom vanities from different merchants. Whether you are looking for reclaimed wood or high-quality porcelain, Etsy is the place you will find it at.

There are millions of people selling all types of bathroom vanities as well as many other items on this host site. Etsy mainly focuses on vintage or handmade items with a wide range of product categories. Most of these vintage items are more than 20 years old and considered as collectibles.

10. Ikea

Now for a minimalist bathroom vanity, turn to the famous Scandinavian store, Ikea. This brand sells a wide variety of single and double vanities in different finishes and styles, all in modern and simple designs.

Ikea’s website is easy to navigate and perfect for browsing as the products are easy to sort through. You will find your favorite vanity design within a matter of minutes and the product delivered just a few days after.

11. Kitchen And Bath Authority

With thousands of different home improvement products, the company Kitchen and Bath Authority is your one-stop shop for all kinds of bathroom vanities. And when it comes to prices, you won’t break the bank thanks to the online store’s frequent discounts of up to 70%! The kitchen and bathroom products of this supplier are of top-notch quality and highly affordable.

12. Joss and Main

Founded in 2011, this family-owned ecommerce store has given genuine thought to its customers. The company’s main focus is on robust bathroom vanities that are of highest quality and affordable prices.

But aside from bathroom accessories, the website of Joss and Main also features all kinds of furniture, rugs, kitchen and bedding, to name some of the few products on display.

13. Vanities Depot

Vanities Depot is a leading retailer of bathroom vanity offering competitive prices and the best selection of products. With the staggering assortment of stylish vanities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find as many vanity designs on other websites.

Vanities Depot’s website displays all the products on top of the page with their latest deals and discounts.>

14. Hayneedle

This online store first started selling hammocks before expanding their selection. Based in Nebraska, Hayneedle is now mainly focusing on home furnishings and interior decor including bathroom vanities.

But the company doesn’t just sell products, it also distributes to other popular chain stores. The products on offer suit all budgets and are of top-notch quality.

15. Decor Brothers

For high-end options, consider the tasteful bathroom vanities sold by Decor Brothers. This leading manufacturer of premium vanities, bathroom mirrors and cabinets has over 120 years of experience in selling furniture.

With vintage designs paired with modern machinery technology, you have multiple options when choosing the best bathroom countertops, cabinets and vanities. When you visit the website of Decor Brothers and make a purchase, you can benefit from discounts of up to 55%!

16. The Bath Outlet

Founded in 2009, the leading online store, the Bath Outlet offers high-end bathroom vanities, fixtures and accessories. The company specializes in top-notch bathroom products from world renowned brands.

The website of this supplier boasts a large selection of bathroom vanities at affordable prices. With a wide variety of different sink sizes, finishes and styles, it is super easy to find your favorite bathroom vanity on the website of the Bath Outlet.

17. Signature Hardware

And last but not least, Signature Hardware is another website that solely focuses on kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

With upscale supplies of bathroom furniture, you can find single and double vanities made from unique materials such as teak wood. What’s more, the supplier offers free shipping on orders over $50.

Why Buy Bathroom Vanity Online

Bigger collection: online stores offer a wide range of bathroom accessories and furniture, whereas, in offline stores, your choices will be limited to the stock available.

Easier product comparisons: you can easily compare the prices and features of the product before you buy.

Better deals and discounts: since manufacturers don’t pay any rent for physical stores, they can pass on these savings to customers by offering price discounts. In fact, you will save money by buying your vanity online at a lower price than a physical retail store.

Easy return policies: if you don’t like the bathroom vanity you’ve purchased from an online merchant, simply return it at no extra cost. Most online retailers offer favorable return policies in case you’re not happy with your purchase.

Free shipping: most reputable online stores offer free shipping on larger furniture items like bathroom vanity. Some will even assemble the product for free!

Easy accessibility: by using online shopping sites, you have the convenience to browse through their product catalogs in the comfort of your home, at any time of the day or night. These websites display all their collections in different categories so you can easily navigate their web pages and place your order.