What Color Door Knob Goes with a White Door? (7 Classy Ideas)

Doorknobs are must-have hardware for interior and exterior doors. These essential parts of a door are prized for their usefulness. A shiny bright doorknob adds extra sparkle to a modern interior, and the more intricately designed it is, the classier the decor will look. Antique doorknobs with a slightly weathered finish are ideal for traditional interiors, while modern doorknobs in lighter colors work well with contemporary settings.

Choosing a doorknob color for a white door might seem like an easy task, but it is important to consider the paint finish and the actual material of the door to bring personality to your space. For example, antique brass adds a rustic feel to any room, while nickel gives a modern look.

By knowing your color options, you can pick the ideal doorknob color for your decor. Here we have a few suggestions to give you a better idea as well as some useful tips on matching your doorknob color to your interior decor.

Best Door Knob Colors that Go with a White Door


Gold Doorknob

As one of the most popular door knob options, gold exudes class. When used on a white door, it gives a traditional ambiance in rustic-style homes. In such homes, gold door knobs on white doors are the most commonly used color pairing. That said, you can opt for this color on your white doors even if you have a modern-style home.


Silver Doorknob

Silver is another common choice for door knobs on white doors. This color is a great alternative to gold for contemporary homes. And the best thing about gold and silver door knobs is their practical and durability properties for both interior and exterior doors. Be sure to go for brushed or polished coating for extra longevity.

Stainless Steel or Chrome

Stainless Steel or Chrome Doorknob

Whilst stainless steel may look similar to silver, it generally fares better against bacteria and dust. This is because steel is a porous material on which bacteria rarely survive. In both traditional and modern homes, steel or chrome door handles are the preferred choice as they suit wood and stone accents. The design versatility of steel or chrome makes it a popular option for door knobs on white doors.

Highly polished steel door knobs are ideal for interior doors as they are fairly easy to pair with other accessories. On the other hand, if you have a white exterior door, opt for satin chrome as it gives a more textured finish against the neutral backdrop. What we most love about stainless steel is its maintenance-free nature as an added bonus.


Bronze Doorknob

Bronze is a warm color for a doorknob on white doors. Thanks to its brown undertone, this color goes well with both dark and light accents. Bronze door knobs are truly luxurious and blend perfectly with traditional settings.

An antique bronze doorknob is an ideal choice for a white wooden door as it leans towards black or dark brown, which are complementing colors to white. If you want to add texture to your interiors, go for oil-stained bronze door knobs for your white interior doors. This is a rich and beautiful material that naturally ages over time.


Brass Doorknob

Brass-colored door knobs on white doors are another traditional option, which are valued for their aesthetic appeal. The brightness of brass door knobs brings extra shine thanks to the highly polished gold finish.

For modern interiors, this is a great option, whilst for traditional homes, you can opt for antique brass doorknobs that have a slightly darker hue due to their weathered finish. These are ideal for traditional or Colonial style homes.


Black Doorknob

Black is an attractive choice for door knobs on white doors. This stylish and modern color adds to the aesthetic beauty of an exterior or interior door as it’s a sharp contrast to the crisp white background.

When used on a timber white door, this bold color will look sophisticated yet subtle, so if you want your white door to stand out, go with a black doorknob for a touch of elegance.

Other Colors

If none of our above ideas appeal to you, then how about other colorful door knobs for your white door. For anyone who is into an eclectic look for their neutral interior doors, a multi-colored doorknob will make the perfect candidate to adorn your door.

You may choose iron or wooden finish for your colorful doorknob. A white door is sure to look stunning with any colored hardware.

Good to Know

It is important to choose your doorknob color for a white door according to the room it is installed in. For example, a light-colored doorknob on a white door will look lost, so if you must go for a lighter color, choose a bright polished bronze or brass so that it stands out against your white door. After all, the idea is to draw the eye to both the knob and the white door. It is, therefore, important for the two colors to work together rather than blend. Experimenting with contrasting colors is a great idea to get the perfect finish. A white, glossy door, for example, will benefit from a brushed silver or gold knob. A satin finish door, on the other hand, can stand out with a colorful enamel knob.

Should All My Door Knob Colors Match?

Should All My Door Knob Colors Match?

If you are about to redecorate or upgrade your interiors and want to change all your doors, you might be wondering whether all your doorknobs should match or not.

This is a challenge many homeowners face when trying to coordinate their interiors. While there is no right or wrong answer, every home is different, thus you must consider a few factors before choosing the right doorknob colors for your white doors.

Since all the rooms in a typical home are different, it makes sense for each one to have its own color scheme. You can choose a different doorknob color for each room of your house, but make sure you keep the color of the doors consistent.

So if your upstairs rooms all have white doors, you can choose different color knobs from the ones downstairs. You may even pick a different color for the bathroom doorknob just to make it stand out. The point is, your rooms should have an element of consistency even if you do choose different color knobs for the white bedroom and bathroom doors.

Split Finish

Just like any other interior or exterior design aspect, it is important to take into account your personal preference and style. After all, the last thing you want is for your white door to stick out like an eyesore. To make sure the color of your doorknob suits that particular room, opt for a split finish. Not sure what split finish means?

This is when the design of your doorknobs are the same but the knobs are in two different colors on the same door. In simpler words, your white door can feature a black knob made of brass for the inside, and a gold or silver brass knob for the outside depending on the colors of your interiors. All you need to do is ensure the style of your room matches the color and material of your doorknobs.

Blend Different Styles

Aside from choosing two different colors, blending different style door knobs is another option. For example, you may go for different styles that match the theme of your home. For a nautical theme, you can choose anchor-shaped stainless steel knobs for your white doors. For a modern interior’s white doors, you may opt for chrome knobs in black.

On the other hand, if your home has a farmhouse feel, then look for antique bronze or brass knobs. This way, the hardware will complement the theme of the room, even if you still pick a different model for the exterior and interior of the white door.

So the answer to the question should all door knob colors match, is not necessarily! You can go with a split finish or blend different colors and styles to complement your interior or exterior design. Just be sure not to pick two completely different-sized doorknobs for the same door as this may clash with the overall style of your home.

In Closing

Interior and exterior white doors are a beautiful backdrop to many different door knob colors and materials. Whether you prefer gold, bronze, or black door knobs for your white doors, you must take more care when it comes to choosing the right material.

Depending on your exterior or interior door needs, a chrome design in a neutral shade will work especially well for exterior doors, while satin brass or gold can last for years on interior white doors. We hope our ideas and tips have inspired you to select the right doorknob color for your white doors.