34 Different Types of Screws and Their Uses – The Ultimate Guide

Also referred to as bolts, screws are generally defined as fasteners that are installed into materials using tools like hammers or screwdrivers. Screws come in all sizes and shapes, and each one with different features.

They can be round, fat, thin, short, long, and more, but how do you know which is the right screw for your project?

Before we get started, watch this quick video explaining the different types of screws and read our part of a screw article to know how they work.

To give you a better idea of the different types of screws in detail, I’ve compiled 34 types of screws with highlights of their main uses and features.

Here is our handy chart demonstrating types of screws based on popularity, head styles, drive types, nut types, washer types, and top view.

Types of Screws Graph