7 Best Hidden Deck Fasteners – Buying Guides & Reviews

Having a deck in your home not only provides a beautiful place for you and your friends and family to chill and relax, but it also increases the value of your home, adds aesthetic appeal, and provides more square footage to accommodate people in your home during such occasions as a summer barbecue, family reunion among others.

This is the reason deck building is a popular practice among many homeowners, with a good number of them even choosing to DIY the project. One of the most frequently asked questions when building a deck is what kind of fasteners to use.

In the past, different kinds of fasteners have been popular for use in installing deck boards. First, there were nails and screws, then wood plugs, and the most advanced of them all, the hidden decking fasteners. Unlike screws and nails, hidden decking fasteners are visually appealing.

They create a hidden yet strong system of fastening in decks. They equally help to space the boards evenly while remaining out of sight, thereby providing an excellent finish. While a lot of people now love and use hidden deck fasteners, many still want to know the best-hidden deck fasteners available in stores today.

Some of the most common hidden deck fasteners are discussed in the sections below. A detailed view of their parts and properties will help you get better insight into them before choosing one.

Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners

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The days are long gone when traditional methods of deck installation were the way to go. Today there are easier, faster, fun, and more efficient ways to install decks in such a way that the fasteners blend in, letting the beauty of your work stand out. One of such systems is the CAMO Edge Hidden Deck Fastener.

The Camo Edge is an easy, fast, and reasonably priced hidden fastener that lets you install your deck in a way that no fasteners are visible on the surface. The Camo Pro Guide comes in three major parts. The Camo Marksmen Pro hidden deck fastener tool, the Camo Edge Hidden Deck Screws, and the Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners Driver Bits.

The deck screws are patented, and they possess tips shaped as rakes. The rake-tips act as an auger as you try to drive the screw through the deck’s edge, preventing any cracking or splitting in the deck board. The Pro hidden deck fastener tool lets you drive these patented screws through the deck board’s edge and not the surface, and it allows you to do this job as quickly as possible.

If you want to use the Camo Edge, all you have to do is to fix the driver bit into your drill. The driver bit can be found among the CAMO Edge Hidden Deck Screws. When After attaching the driver bit, stack Edge Deck Hidden Screws on the two sides of the tool and start driving. It’s that simple!

There is a fitted shoulder on the driver bit, which programs an automatic depth of drive and stops you from driving the screw too deep. The Camo Pro Guide is best for PVC decking and Composite. They are also ideal for treating cedar, hardwood, and lumber.

The Camo Pro Guide can fit any deck board that’s 133 millimeters – 144 millimeters. That’s about 5 and a quarter inches to 5 and three-quarters inches. Once in a deck, the Camo Pro Guide automatically creates a spacing that’s 5 millimeters wide (3/16 inches).

The Camo Pro Guide has a length of 2.5 inches, a width of 9.5 inches, and a height of 8 inches. It is made from stainless steel and weighs 0.45 pounds, and they neither include nor require batteries.

To use this fastener, you have to install the initial board by countersinking and screwing it directly onto the front of that deck board plus inside the joist; the primary board can’t be fitted using a Camo Marksmen Pro as there’s insufficient space for one to fit the jig.

Once you are done installing the initial board, press the handle of the marksmen and move it into position. Maneuver the clamps so that they go into the gap between the first deck board and the next one.

Place the jig on top of the joist, then set the handle free. When you release the clamps, they clutch the deck boards and secure the jig to its place. Ensure that the jig is pushed tightly beside the deck board; otherwise, the screws may enter at a wrong depth, or angle or the decks may appear unevenly spaced.

After that, you’ll need to fill up slots at both sides of the Marksmen Pro with screws. When that’s done, start screwing the screws in, and be sure to screw them all down until the tool can’t go further. Once you have installed the screws, press the handle, then let go of the clamp. Repeat the same step for the next deck.

Trex Hideaway Universal Hidden Deck Fastener

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One of the ideal ways to quickly create a stunning outdoor hangout space for you and your friends and family is by using the Trex hidden deck fastener. They are created to work well together with Trex grooved deck boards.

These fasteners are known to be about 40 percent stronger than many traditional deck fasteners. You can use them inside the grooved edges of Trex grooved deck boards and install them onto a joist underneath using a stainless steel screw resistant to corrosion. In the end, Trex Hideaway Fasteners create the kind of flawless look everyone wants to have across their deck, where there are no rising or visible screws on the surface.

This fastener creates automatic quarter-inch spacing across the boards on your deck, giving it a consistent look that is gorgeous and even across the patio. The components of a Trex Hideaway Fastener include some stainless steel screws, a star-head bit, and a nylon connector filled with glass. All these combine to provide a smooth installation experience.

This hidden fastener can be purchased in a pack of 90 (this could cover 50 square feet) or in packs of 900 (this can cover 500 square feet). They are black and compatible with Trex grooved deck boards.

To install decks using Trex Hidden deck fastener, you have to fit the clip tightly up against your house using a screw. When you are done installing the clips, fit the initial deck board onto the position. Place a clip inside the groove and secure it using a screw that has been pre-loaded.

Push your decking board up tightly up into the clip, leaving no room for movement; else, you would end up installing uneven-looking deck boards. Keep installing more clips, centering each one to its equivalent joist.

Simpson Strong-Tie Hidden Deck Fastener

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This is a hidden deck-fastening system made with stainless steel reinforcing plates; type 300 provides the stiffness to grip boards securely in place with flexibility. The metal (type-300 stainless steel) used in designing this hidden fastener has been toughened, causing it to have increased holding power and greater pullover resistance. The stainless steel offers persistent durability even in the most demanding conditions.

This company created the high-quality EB-TY fasteners by incorporating a plate that not only ensures that the boards are held securely but that they remain flexible despite expansion and contraction. It also helps to prevent the screws from being over-driven; it helps to ensure quality and consistency throughout the installation.

Also, the screw attachments are angled, which helps to ensure that the board is directly attached to a joist. The item weighs 2.83 pounds and measures 7 inches X 6.5 inches X 8.5 inches. They do not need batteries.

This is a very creative way to assemble your home’s outdoor space using a fastener concealed fastener that doesn’t mess up your deck’s surface. This hidden fastener hides the fasteners in the sides of the deck boards. They are made from enduring polypropylene and secured down with a stainless screw that’s resistant to corrosion.

To install the deck boards using this fastener, you have to install the initial deck board by countersinking, screwing, and using construction adhesive directly on the deck board and onto the joist, then sticking a decking plug inside the hole. Subsequently, do a predrill, then put the EB-TY Premium into the deck board groove.

Hold them down with the trim-head screw that’s included in the pack through the EB-TY, then the deck board, and onto the joist. Put some construction adhesive onto the joist. Lastly, slide adjacent boards onto bare EB-TY Premium radius sides.

FastenMaster Cortex Hidden Fasteners

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The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep fasteners hidden in the wood, PVC, and composite decking boards. It’s one of the strongest ways to connect deck boards with joists. Using Cortex hidden fasteners ensures that the fasteners are concealed all through the entire deck.

This hidden fastener system is made up of a few parts. The Fasten Master Cortex Hidden Fastening system uses color scheme plugs to conceal the ends of your deck screws. They have been updated with a revised threading design that requires less torque. Fasten Master Cortex Hidden Fastener is different in that it is built from a somewhat hard material for intense pro contractor usage with the Torx TTAP head.

The TTAP head prevents fasteners from stripping out and enabling it for simple removal. A stabilization button keeps the screw upright during drilling. Cortex provides a secure bond between the deck board as well as the joist. It conceals fasteners on the whole deck, including the first and last boards, the perimeter, and the steps.

The revised thread design on the upgraded Fastening decreases insertion torque while substantially increasing fastener strength. Its length varies and demonstrates flexibility between 2.5 in. Cortex Hidden Fastener was developed for intense pro contractor use with the stronger Setting tool.

You can install 350 fasteners with one Cortex Setting Tool thanks to the stronger bit material and industrial quality felt. The TORX tap drive mechanism is solid and quite hard to disassemble. Furthermore, the stability button ensures that the fastener remains straight during the installation process.

Deck surfaces with Cortex hidden fasteners not only fit but look perfectly. They are getting quite popular with every passing day because of their properties. With single stainless screws, this Hidden Fastener connects the deck board to the joist invisibly. On steps, perimeter boards, fascia boards, or when installing a deck board, hidden fasteners are the quickest and easiest solution to cover deck screw heads.

These hidden fasteners give your wooden deck a neat, uncluttered look since no one can see them looking from the top. The best technique to secure decking is to pin deck boards straight into deck joists via the head of the deck. Pre-grooved decking works best with this hidden fastener for wood decking.

To install using this fastener, drive the setting tool to a pre-determined level beneath the surface of the deck, keep driving the fastener at the same speed until the tool disengages.

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners

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This fastener provides an innovative look that features a clear, nail-free surface that highlights the natural look of the wood. Tiger Claw Concealed Deck Fasteners were created to fill in the huge gap created by existing fastening systems that require back-breaking work and high costs.

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners are long-lasting steel deck screws that provide a reliable and comfortable decking installation without the use of visible bolts or fasteners. For a simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective construction, all work is done from the top down. Many expert deck installers use this as their recommended fastening. There are a few distinguishing characteristics of Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners that set it apart from other deck fasteners.

This fastener has the power to hold down wood and composites decking. Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners prevent splintering, slumping, and decaying while preserving the natural beauty of hardwood. Complete guidelines and a free installation block are included with these simple-to-install fasteners.

Because Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners are developed to be configured using the ridges in pre-grooved decking material, they do not permit an implementation block tool. Every package of it comes with detailed instructions. Furthermore, as compared to most other concealed fastener systems, this fastener might save you some money on labor expenses.

In short, Tiger Claw Stainless Steel Deck Clips are lightweight, alloy steel deck clips that are simple to set up. They have your deck looking new and fastener-free! Because the clips are put from the top of the deck, they help to prevent slumping and cracking of the deck boards while keeping the fasteners inconspicuous.

The Tiger Claw clamps provide a nail-free deck area. Clips for Plastic and recycled wood decks are available in 5-1/2 in. boards have been used over 16 in. on center joists. A package of 90 fasteners may attach up to 50 sq. ft. of decking and are permitted for use with glycol wood.

To install your deck using this type of fastener, set up the initial board by countersinking and screwing the board directly into the front of the deck board and onto the joist. Gum a decking plug inside the whole. After that, insert one of the clips tightly inside the groove, then screw it into the joist. Leave no wiggle room so that the decking space is even.

You can use the Tigerclaw pneumatic gun to install the clips. This gun carries a special nose piece that carries clips in the right position all the time. The gun fires screw nails from the clip right into the joist and fasten the deck board to the joist immediately.

Deck Wise Ipe Hidden Deck Fasteners

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These fasteners create a smooth, clean, and high-end look with automatically created quarter-inch gaps. It’s made of polyethylene with stainless black oxide added. This clip prevents fastener twisting during insertion, improving gap stability and requiring more resistance to sustain gap spacing with the assistance of twisted boards. It is always meant to be used with air or kiln-dried hardwood, composites, or PVC decking, allowing for expansion and contraction over their breadth. It also enables for expansion and contraction of PVC decking along its length.

The unusual design provides for greater tolerance in the grooved side profile, as well as a larger hold-down region that is UV resistant. The kit’s explanation will assist you in better understanding the elements and characteristics of these elements. 100 sq. ft. will be fastened with 175 count kits. Ft. of 16-inch-on-center decking for deployment, the stainless steel insert formed within the deck fastener minimizes overdriving of the screw.

175 black concealed deck clips, 190 #82 black t15 stainless screws, driver and drill bits, and gap filler items are included in the Kit. It should always be used with pre-grooved 5/4 or 1x hardwoods, polyvinyl stuff, and composites. The magical spacer leg dynamically adapts the gap between both the boards for regular spacing and offers a variety of advantages.

Deck Wise (Brown) Ipe Clip concealed deck fasteners include a built-in 3/32″ spacer leg to keep deck board gaps uniform all through the work. These edge-groove deck fastener clips are made for air-dried 5/4 or 1X hardwoods, composite decking, and Polyvinyl chloride decking. The Ipe Clip concealed fastener is made of a strong polypropylene body with a stainless insertion for optimum holding force to the joist. Compared to ordinary deck clips, this stainless steel addition provides up to 3X the hold-down durability.

The innovative design allows for quick and simple deployment while also providing a professionally polished, smooth deck surface without any apparent fasteners.

The 45-degree angled screws used in the placement keep the decking close to the joists, enabling one side of the board to compress and extend naturally. This prevents the possibility of screw pop-ups, ensuring that the deck remains as strong and attractive as it was when it was initially constructed.

TimberTech Concealoc Fastener

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TimberTech fasteners can help you finish your ideal deck or outdoor project effortlessly. It’s a safe and concealed method to join your composite and PVC deck boards together, resulting in a fastener-free deck surface. Concealoc designs are intended for easy implementation and keep boards in place for many years.

The use of Concealoc Router Bit makes it fit for utilization with any solid TimberTech deck boards. Concealoc is a drill-in fastening system for concealed fasteners. It has a fastener-free surface. It’s made specifically for TimberTech grooved deck planks. This concealed fastening system includes everything you’ll need to show off the magnificence of your TimberTech decking.

The fasteners were created specifically for use with our grooved planks, guaranteeing a smooth, safe, and beautiful decking surface. It has a Matte Brown finish and covers roughly 100 square feet of stainless steel screws and clips for a concealed look. Clip and 1.075-in screw with a 15-star drive are appropriate with grooved deck boards from all TimberTech decking ranges. For peak effectiveness, it is specifically developed for TimberTech decking materials.

FAQs about Hidden Deck Fasteners

Some of the questions answered below are the frequently asked questions on the topic of hidden deck fasteners.

Do Hidden Fasteners Do Well in Harsh Atmospheric Conditions?

There are many hidden fasteners made with very high-quality stainless steel. These fasteners are uniquely designed to withstand corrosion; environmental conditions like harsh winters and extreme heat do not cause any damage to these kinds of fasteners, and it’s even pretty easy to get the winter snow off them. So, the short answer is, if you’re using a good quality hidden fastener, you won’t have to worry about harsh conditions.

Do Hidden Fasteners Rust?

Good-quality hidden fasteners are made with high-quality materials that can withstand and resist rust, ensuring a long life

How Does One Install the First Board?

You have the install the first boards by screwing then countersinking since there is ever hardly enough space to fit the tool to install the first board.

What Kind of Screws Do Hidden Fasteners Use?

Hidden fasteners typically contain some quality stainless steel screws or screws made specially from other equally great materials that make installation a breezy job.