The Best Screws for Particle Board – Buyer’s Guide

If you have an upcoming project with particleboard, it’s a good idea to research the most appropriate and compatible screws to ensure your project runs smoothly. Here, we cover the best screws available for working with particleboard.

Product   Features  
#Top Pick, Thick particle boardSPAX #10 x 3-1/2in
  • 290 screw pack with 3.5 inches in length
  • #10 gauge screw
  • Double Lock Thread
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#Large packet, Shallow particle boardKreg Zinc Screws SML-C125-500
  • 500-screw pack with 1.25-inch in length
  • 8# coarse thread screw
  • Zinc coating
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#Medium particle boardKreg SML-C250B-250
  • 250-screw pack with 2.5 inches in length
  • #8 gauge screw
  • Weatherproof steel
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Buying Guide:

What is Particleboard?


Particleboard is a type of engineered wood made from condensed wood chips. The wood chips will be bonded together, usually with a type of synthetic resin, and the result is a fairly dense alternative to wood. Particleboard is sometimes also known as chipboard, which is a reference to the many wood chips it is constructed from.

Though particleboard is quite dense compared to natural wood, it is weaker and lighter than most other types of fiberboard. Particleboard is cost-effective and is commonly used for flatpack furniture. It is favored over plywood for being both cheaper and more convenient to use. If you’ve ever bought anything from IKEA, then chances are you have encountered particle board before.

Particleboard has many advantages when it comes to working with it. For example, it is easy to drill into and does not easily crack or split during drilling. It is also easy to screw holes into particleboards. However, it is essential that the correct screws are used for fixing particleboard, as not all screws are compatible with this material.

Benefits of Screws for Particleboard

There are several advantages to using the best types of screws for particleboard. These include:

Increased Strength

If you use screws that are not compatible for use with particleboard, your project will be weak and prone to collapse under pressure. If you are using particleboard to create shelving, then you can expect them to give way under the weight of books or ornaments if you have not used the correct screws.

Furniture, such as tables of chests of drawers, will also be weak without the right types of screws holding them together. Drawers built with particleboard and inadequate screws typically suffer from having the bottom of the drawers fall out when belongings are stored in them. By using the correct screws, you will be improving the strength and durability of your furniture.

Longer Lifespan

By using the right type of screws with your particleboard project, you will be ensuring that your furniture will have a longer lifespan. This is because the furniture will be more sturdy and better able to stand the test of time.

Save Money

Using the correct screws for your particleboard will save you money in several ways. Firstly, by increasing the strength and longevity of the furniture, you won’t have to be paying out for broken furniture or furniture that is not fit for use in the near future. Using the correct screws can also save you money because they will be less prone to cause cracks or breakage of the particleboard when they are being screwed in, therefore preventing you from having to buy replacement particleboard for your project.

Ease of Use

Using the best screws for particleboard will quite simply make building your project more simple and more enjoyable. Anyone who has built furniture or worked with wood knows that having improper tools or equipment can make a job extremely frustrating. Proper screws for particleboard will reduce the likelihood of problems occurring when you are screwing joins together, and as a result, help to save your sanity!

Considerations When Buying Screws for Particleboards

Particleboard can be quite brittle, and small screws or smooth screws will not be able to grip on to the inside of your drilled hole. For screws to work successfully with particleboard, they should be quite coarse, and therefore better able to bite into the particleboard. Other considerations include:


When selecting screws for particleboard, you can choose from a wide range of sizes. Screws that have a length of between 0.5inches to 8 inches can work with particleboard, but of course, this will be determined by the type of project you are completing and the thickness of the particleboard itself.

You should also pay attention to the gauge of the screw, which is the size of the shank of the screw. You can identify this part of the screw by looking for the non-threaded part. The gauge of a screw refers to the diameter of this part of the screw, and most commonly, when working with particleboard, you will need the gauge to be size 7, 8, 9, or 10.


Screws will be made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or brass. All of these materials are very strong, and any would work well with particleboard, so this simply comes down to the preference of the user and isn’t typically an important consideration. What you may be more interested in when it comes to the material is the surface treatment.

Screws can be covered with a range of treatments that will give them a certain color. This will be important if the screws are going to be visible on your project.

For example, if you are screwing together shelving that is made from particleboard laminated in white vinyl, then a white screw will be best as it can blend in and not be so easily seen. If you are going for an industrial style, then you might opt for a black or copper-colored screw to make a statement. Screws can also be coated in zinc, black oxide, or be nickel-plated.

Head Style

The type of head on the screw corresponds to the type of screwdriver you have, as this will need to be compatible. Many homeowners will have a screwdriver set with various heads and head sizes in it, but if you have a limited selection of screwdrivers, then you might want to purchase your screws based on the screwhead, so you can be sure you have a tool that will work with them.

The types of screwheads include flathead (also known as slotted), double flathead, Phillips head, and square drive pan head. The most common types of screws are flathead and Phillips head. The type of head style on the screw is purely down to user preference, and it will not have an impact on the performance.

How to Use Particle Board Screws

Use Particle Board Screws

While selecting the right type of screw to use with particleboard is essential, the success of the screw will largely be dependent on the method used for screwing it in. To ensure your project holds together properly, follow these hints and tips:

First, you will need to drill a pilot hole, which is where the screw will go into the particleboard. Always measure twice to ensure your hole will be in the exact right place, as a hole in your particleboard will be unsightly and hard to disguise if you inadvertently drill in the wrong place. The hole you drill should be smaller in terms of diameter than the screw you are using.

Ideally, the drilled hole should measure at about 85% of the diameter of the screw. If your drill hole is any larger than this, the screw will not grip properly, and it won’t provide a tight and secure fit. If you drill a hole that is too small in diameter, then you will struggle to get the screw in at all. If this is the case, do not worry, just select a slightly larger drill bit and re-drill the hole to a slightly bigger width.

The length of the hole you drill needs to be slightly longer than the screw itself. Don’t go too deep; an additional 1mm will be enough. If you don’t drill deep enough, then the screw will not go in far enough, and your fitting will be loose. You’ll also have a screw head sticking out that can be both unsightly and dangerous if you catch yourself on it. By drilling a hole just a tiny bit bigger than the length of the screw, you will be ensuring stability and strength.

Do not over tighten the screw. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by screwing the screw in slowly. If you are using this with a hand screwdriver, then this will be easy, but if you are using a power screwdriver, you’ll need to exercise caution, as a screw can easily become quickly overtightened without you realizing it. If the screw is overtightened, it will affect the internal grip of the screw, and therefore lead to a weakened hold.

Take care when thinking about where to position the screws. They should be at least one inch away from any edge, as well as being at least two and a half inches away from the end. This will help to prevent breakage and ensure the joins are secure.

Product Reviews

1. 500 Pieces 1-1/4″ Coarse Washer Head Self Tapping Screw

These screws are made by KREG out of case-hardened steel. They are zinc coated which gives them a shiny silver appearance and helps to prevent rust and corrosion. They boast a self-tapping head that is intended to remove the need to pre-drill holes.

The self-tapping head is designed to save you time when building your project, allowing you to quickly and easily screw the particleboard directly without causing cracking or other damage. The length of these screws is one and a quarter inches, with a large diameter that makes them extra durable. The gauge of the screw is size 8, with a coarse thread that makes them ideally suited to use with particleboard.

Users of these screws are overwhelmingly impressed at their reliability and how high quality they are for the price. Kreg is a well-known brand for hardware that some users find is expensive when bought in small quantities, but this pack of 500 makes the cost per screw work out at a very reasonable price. The only complaint among some users was the plastic box the screws came in, which some users felt was flimsy or difficult to open.


  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Trusted brand


    • Inadequate container box

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2. 200 Pieces Kreg SML-C250B-250 Blue-Kote Weather Resistant Pocket Hole Screws  2 1/2″, 8 Coarse Washer Head

These screws are coated with three specialized layers or rust-resistant chemicals, which make them ideal for using outdoors and enabling them to stand up against rust and corrosion. They are proclaimed to be 400% more effective against rust and corrosion than standard zinc-coated screws. This process gives a blue finish on the screw, hence the name ‘Blue-Kote.’

The gauge of these screws is size 8, which means they have a coarse thread ideal for particleboard. They measure two and a half inches in length and have a self-tapping tip that prevents the need for pre-drilling. The screws also feature a large maxi-loc head that means the screw will automatically stop when it reaches the bottom of a hole, preventing overtightening.

Users of these screws are very impressed with their performance. Of particular note is how well the screws tighten, providing a seamless and secure fastening. Users comment that these screws are consistently reliable, with no breakage that can be experienced with lower quality screws. Some users felt these screws were expensive, but most believed that the extra few dollars spent was worth it to have a trusted pack of screws.


  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Weatherproof
  • Tight and secure fit


  • Expensive

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3. 100 Pieces 8 x 1″ Xylan Coated Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw 18-8 S/S

These screws are made from stainless steel with an anti-corrosion covering in Blac Xylan. The manufacturers claim as a result that these are some of the longest-lasting screws available on the market today. The gauge of these screws is size 8, making them coarse and ideal for use with particleboard, providing a good grip. They are one inch long and have a deep cut Philips drive. These screws are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Users of these screws are impressed with them. They note that they hold wood together tightly and form clean treads. Users were particularly pleased with the performance of the screws when used on outdoor projects, noting that rusty brown run-off doesn’t occur when it rains as can happen with other screws.

Some users felt the screws could be improved if they had a coarser thread for improved holding strength, though this wasn’t a widely held opinion. On occasion, some users found that these screws had not been formed correctly and were either welded together inside the pack, or the heads of the screws did not have a drive to insert a screwdriver into. This points in some instances, to poor quality control.


  • Anti-rust and corrosion
  • Long-lasting
  • Tight hold
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Inconsistent quality control

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4. 75 Pieces FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw, Tan, 3-Inch

These screws are three inches long, are made by FastenMaster, and are manufactured in China. This is a wood screw that is intended for use outdoors, specifically on decking, railings, pergolas, and fencing. The screws have been treated in an anti-rust coating that is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of your project. The resulting color of the screw is tan, which blends in well when used on most types of natural wood, and will also blend well when used in particleboard that is laminated in a wood-style covering.

The screws have a sharp and aggressive thread that is good for increased holding power in softwoods and fibreboards. They also have a sharp, tapered point, which makes for quick, easy, and precise use. The head style of the screw is compatible with both Phillips head drivers and number 2 square drivers. Included with this pack of screws is also a PoziSquare driver bit, so you can be sure you have a tool that is compatible with the screws.

Users of this product offer varying reviews. Some state that they are well made and reliable, while others cite poor quality control and a low-quality product. The main complaint among dissatisfied users was that the heads stripped off during use with the provided drill bit, rendering many of the screws completely useless. In these cases, users believed the screws were a complete waste of money.

Some users also found that the count of screws in the box did not match the amount they were supposed to receive. Other users, however, praised the screws as being strong, sturdy and believed they were ideal for the use they were designed for.


  • Lifetime project guarantee
  • Anti-rust and corrosion
  • Drill bit included


  • May be poor quality
  • Heads susceptible to stripping
  • Expensive considering quality

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5. 285 Pieces SPAX #10 x 3-1/2in. Flat Head Stainless Steel Screw with Double Lock Thread

These screws are made from stainless steel and are anti-corrosive, therefore ideal for any interior or exterior project. The patented thread technology from SPAX features a double lock thread that pulls boards together and holds them tightly in place. It also allows the screws to be driven in quickly and easily.

The screws are three and a half inches long and are gauge number 10, which is very coarse and ideal for particleboard. The head of the screw is flat, which makes for a seamless look, and it also features a deep drive that makes for easier drilling and reduces the chance of heads stripping during use. These are German-engineered screws from a company with two centuries worth of experience in engineering.

SPAX is a company that is widely respected and trusted throughout engineering and hardware circles. They are often the screw brand of choice when it comes to working with particleboard as they are seen to be the most reliable. Users were thrilled with this product. They explained that no pilot drilling or pressure was needed, as the screws simply pull themselves into the wood. The general consensus among users was that these screws were clearly high quality, heavy-duty product, and though they are more expensive than most other screws, they are worth it.


  • No pilot drilling necessary
  • Pull themselves into surfaces
  • Deep drive reduce stripping
  • Durable
  • Anti-rust and corrosion
  • Strong


  • Expensive

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6. 250 Pieces Kreg SML-C250 Pocket Screws, 2-1/2″ #8 Coarse-Thread, Washer-Head

These screws are two and a half inches long, with a number 8 thread gauge that is coarse and aggressive, allowing them to aggressively bite into particleboard. These screws have a self-tapping tip that drives into wood easily and makes pilot holes unnecessary. They have a square head deep drive.

Users of these screws were impressed with the way they gripped and pulled wood together, resulting in tight and strong joins. Many users believe these screws are far superior to standard screws and will be using them again for future projects. They are noted as being especially good for novices as the screws do the hard work for you, and there is little chance of error. Some users indicated that the screw heads stripped easily, but this was a very rare complaint.


  • Pilot holes not necessary
  • Strong grip
  • Value for money


  • Heads may split

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If you are looking for the best screws for your particleboard project, then the SPAX screws with a double lock thread are ultimately the most reliable option. These have been overwhelmingly well-received by both professional and novice users, who rate them as the best screws on the market for a variety of uses, including with particleboard.

The one drawback of these screws is that they have a higher price point than most other screws, but they may actually save you money in the long run because they are more effective and long-lasting.

If your budget won’t stretch to buying the SPAX screws, then the best low-cost option is the Kreg SML-C250 Pocket Screws, which are very affordable when bought in bulk. In terms of price per screw, they are a little more than half the cost of the SPAX screws. These screws are also very highly reviewed and are considered to be of a premium quality among users.

The Best Screws for Particle Board – Buyer’s Guide