Standard Sliding Door Sizes (Drawings Inc.)

Standard Sliding Door Size

Sliding glass doors are a nice architectural addition to a home, inviting the outdoors into your home and providing a sleek entryway and exit to the property.

Sliding doors come in a small range of standard sizes, but they can also be made to a custom size to suit the needs of any property. Here we will look at the various sizes of standard sliding doors.

Standard Sliding Doors

Standard Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, along with most other types of front doors, come in a selection of standard sizes. The reason for this is that it makes it much easier to replace the doors if you want to update the look of them or if your current doors get broken or damaged.

Having a standard door size means that hardware and home stores can stock the doors on-site, allowing you to drop by and purchase one for your house without having to have a door specially made to a unique size.

This makes the process of replacing sliding doors much quicker and easier. Standard-sized doors are also usually considerably cheaper than doors that need to be made to a custom size, so if you are installing new sliding doors in your home, it is definitely beneficial to opt for some that are of a standard size.

Standard Sliding Door Height

Standard Sliding Door Height

The standard height of a sliding door is 80 inches. This is the most common size you will see in pre-made sliding doors, but there are two other standard sizes available if you would like a taller opening.

These are 82 inches and 96 inches. These would work better if you have exceptionally tall people in your family, or if you have a double-height room, the taller doors can look very imposing and dramatic to achieve a grander effect for your home.

Standard Sliding Door Width

Standard Sliding Door Width

The width sizes of standard sliding doors are more variable, and the measurement encompasses the whole of the unit, including the frame. This means that the actual doors themselves and the resulting openings will be a little smaller than the dimensions shown.

In sets of sliding doors that consist of two panels, the units will typically have a width measurement of 5 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet.

Two-panel doors usually have one panel which is fixed in place and one panel which will slide over it to create an opening. Sliding doors which have three panels in a unit are less common, but they are becoming increasingly popular as the trend for having a large wall of glass grows.

Three-panel units of sliding doors will cost considerably more money than two-door versions, but they are available in larger widths to give you a greater view of your yard or the outdoors. The standard width sizes for three-panel sliding doors are 9 feet and 12 feet.

These can be made up of two fixed panels and one sliding panel or one fixed panel and two sliding panels.