Soaker Tub Dimensions and Guidelines (with Drawings)

If you like to spend your free time luxuriating in a bathtub, then you will appreciate the benefits a soaker tub has to offer. These tubs are designed for soaking exactly as the name implies, and as such, they will be deeper and hold more water than your average bathtub, allowing the user to really immerse themselves in the water.

If you are thinking about investing in a soaker tub for your bathroom, then you’ll need to know about the dimensions in order to understand if it is going to fit into your space.

Fortunately, soaker tubs are available in a variety of dimensions, so if you have your heart set on this type of tub, then you should be able to find one in a suitable size without too much trouble.

Find below our drawing which sums up the average sizes of soaker tubs.

Soaker Tub Dimensions

Soaker Tub Length

The length of a soaker tub can vary greatly depending on the style and design. Compact soaker tubs can be as short as 54 inches in length, while soaker tubs that are intended to accommodate two users at once can be as long as 72 inches.

The average length of a standard bathtub is 60 inches, and this is a perfectly suitable size for a soaker bathtub if it will be used by one person at a time, assuming they are an average height.

If you want to fit more than one person in the tub, then opt for the extra-long version at 72 inches. This is the equivalent of 6 feet and will make for a very spacious and luxurious experience if one person uses the soaker tub alone.

If you are taller than the average person or have tall people living in your home, then an extra long bathtub will be suitable for them to use alone and create a much more pleasant experience compared with standard length bathtubs.

Soaker Tub Width

The standard width of an average bathtub is 32 inches, which is the equivalent of 2 and a half feet. Soaker tubs are also widely available in this size, as the width measurement is not something that impacts the design of a soaker tub.

If you want a soaker bathtub that will accommodate two people at once, then you can opt for a wider tub for increased space and comfort. Extra-wide tubs are available in measurements as big as 42 inches across. This will create more hip space if you are a larger person, or it can create room for you to move around.

Soaker Tub Depth

The depth of a soaker tub is where the dimensions really start to differ compared to standard bathtubs. This is because the whole point of a soaker tub is that it is deeper and can hold a greater volume of water, giving the user a more immersive experience so that all of their body is covered with water.

Rather than create extra volume by increasing the length and width of the tub, soaker tubs have a greater depth to accommodate the extra water. This means there will be little to no impact on the layout of the bathroom because the length and width measurements of the tub can remain the same if needed.

Instead, the depth of the tub is increased so that the user will be lying in deeper water. An average tub will offer around 12 inches of water depth, which is the equivalent of 1 foot.

A soaker tub, in order to be defined as a soaker tub, will need to offer at least 14 inches of water depth, and typically they will actually be at least 16 inches deep or more. This will mean that all of the user’s body is covered by water and give them an experience that is more similar to being in a spa hot tub rather than a bath.

Soaker Tub Volume Capacity

Soaker Tub Volume Capacity

A standard bathtub will hold around 80 gallons of water, while more compact bathtubs typically hold just half of this at 40 gallons.

Meanwhile, a soaker tub, on average, will be able to accommodate 150 gallons of water. This will create a much more luxurious experience for the user, but there are other things to consider besides this, such as the cost of the water used, the impact on the environment, and the time it takes to fill the tub.

Advantages of a Soaker Tub


The main reason most people invest in a soaker tub is that they enjoy the luxurious feel of being in a deep bathtub. If you have frequent baths for muscle pain or anxiety, then a soaker tub can really improve your experience and make your baths more worthwhile.



A soaker tub is generally deemed to offer a more relaxing experience than a standard bathtub, which might be beneficial to you if you struggle to relax or have a very chaotic lifestyle.

Disadvantages of a Soaker Tub

Not environmentally friendly

One of the main problems with soaker tubs is that they use so much more water than standard bathtubs. Most people are actively trying to reduce water usage in an effort to become more environmentally friendly, so having a soaker tub goes against this.

However, if you must have a soaker tub, there are ways you can reduce the impact on the environment. For example, you could have other members of the family use the bath after each other so that the water gets reused and goes further, or you could scoop out your used bath water with a jug and use it for watering your houseplants.

Takes longer to fill

Takes longer to fill

One potentially frustrating part of owning a soaker tub is the way that it takes so much longer to fill compared with a standard bathtub. If you are in a hurry to have a bath or want to fit in a soak before you start work, then this can become an inconvenience.

Increases energy costs

Soaker baths use more energy because the greater volume of water has to be heated, which will lead to increased energy costs.