Hot Tub Dimensions and Guidelines (with Drawings)

Considering the dimensions of a hot tub is important for two reasons. Firstly you want your hot tub to be able to fit in the space you have. If you are positioning your hot tub on a deck, in a covered pergola, or in the corner of a yard, then you might have very specific dimensions that you’ll want your hot tub to fit into.

The second reason why you should think about hot tub dimensions before you buy is that these are going to be the deciding factor in how many people you can comfortably fit in your hot tub. Sizing is also one of the factors which affect the price of hot tubs and jacuzzi, though this is also influenced by the features it includes and the quality of the manufacturing.

Here we look at the standard hot tub dimensions for different sizes.

Standard Hot Tub Sizes

Standard Hot Tub Dimensions

Hot tubs are typically advertised in terms of how many people they are designed to fit, for example, a ‘4 person hot tub’ or a ‘6 person hot tub’. Hot tub sizes will vary between makes and models, but for the most part, you can expect that a hot tub that seats a certain number of people will have similar measurements to other hot tubs which seat the same amount of people.

Standardized sizing is common in hot tubs across manufacturers, as they use the same calculation to work out which dimensions will be adequate for particular numbers of people. This is, of course, based on the average-sized person, so you can alter this guideline slightly to fit your family. For example, a three-person hot tub may be better suited to two people if you are taller than average, or you might be able to fit more people in a hot tub than is recommended if some of those people are small children.

 Hot tubs are generally broken down into three sizes, which are discussed below.

2-3 people

Hot tubs that fit two to four people in are considered to be in the small range of hot tubs. These are ideal for individuals, couples, or small families, or for anyone who wants to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub but only has a small space to accommodate one. When a hot tub is described as being suitable for two to four people, you should check out the details more closely to find out exactly what this means.

Some hot tubs will have seating areas that can accommodate, for example, three people at once, while others may have no seats at all. This is common with inflatable hot tubs, and the number of people it is advised to be used by is an indication of how many people can comfortably fit in the hot tub at once, rather than how many people it will seat. Hot tubs which fall into the small category will typically have dimensions between a particular range.

They will have a length measurement of between 5 foot 4 inches and 7 feet and width measurement of between 5 foot 4 inches and 7 feet. The height, or depth of the hot tub, will be a maximum of 35 inches.

4-6 people

Hot tubs which accommodate between four and six people are considered to be medium-sized. These hot tubs are great for people who like to entertain guests in small numbers or people who have several children. They offer a good balance in terms of size because they won’t take up a huge amount of space in the yard, but they still allow numerous people to use the hot tub at one time.

This is also a good size of a hot tub to choose for an individual or a couple who like to luxuriate in additional space and not feel too confined, particularly if the area you have to fit the hot tub into is not limited. Hot tubs in this category will have measurements that fit into a certain range. For traditionally shaped square hot tubs, the length of a four to six-person hot tub will be between 6 foot 6 inches and 7 foot 9 inches.

The width will be between 6 foot 6 inches and 7 foot 9 inches. The height will range between 33 inches and 39 inches. These measurements will be slightly different for hot tubs, which are corner-shaped or round. For medium-hot tubs which are round, the diameter will typically range between 72 inches and 84 inches.

7+ people

These are the biggest types of hot tubs which are considered to be in the large category. They will fit seven or more people into them at one time; this could be with seven or more seating spots or without seats but enough space deemed appropriate for seven or more people to lounge in.

This type of hot tub is perfect for people who like to hold big summer grill outs and entertain people in their gardens. It will make a great place to hold parties for teens and adults alike, and the larger size means you will be able to include more people or hold smaller gatherings where people can enjoy a greater amount of space in the water.

The drawback of these larger hot tubs for some people is that they take up additional space, and they are also generally more expensive to buy. They can also have higher running costs because they will need to heat up a greater volume of water. However, if you aren’t limited with regard to space in your yard, then a large hot tub offers more versatility than small or medium sizes, simply because you can use it with both small and large groups of people.

This type of hot tub will typically have measurements that fall into a certain range. The width will be between 7 feet and 9 feet, and the length will also be between 7 feet and 9 feet. The height could vary between 36 and 38 inches.