Pool Table Room Dimensions (with 2 Diagrams)

If you want to install a pool table in a room, then you will need to ensure that you allow enough playing space around the table so that any players can make a shot without their cue being restricted by a nearby wall.

This means not only considering the size of the table but also the size of the cues and the amount of space they will take up when taking a shot at a ball in any position on the table.

Here we will look at how to calculate the size of room you will need to accommodate different types of pool tables and different lengths of cues.

Pool Table Sizes

Pool Table Sizes

There are various different sizes of pool tables available, so you can choose a size that best suits the dimensions of your room. Sizes available are:

6 ft British

This is a popular size of pool table to have at home because it is quite compact but still big enough to play the game effectively. You will also find this size of table in pubs and games arcades because it doesn’t take up too much space. The measurement of 6 ft refers to the approximate length of the table. The actual dimensions of this type of table are 75 inches in length and 45 inches in width.

7 ft British

This size pool table is considered to be a full-size British table. It is the table that will be used in competitive tournaments and league games of the pool. It has dimensions of 84 inches in length and 48 inches in width.

7 ft American

This is the smallest of the American pool tables. Despite being known as the 7 ft table, it is actually quite a bit bigger than the 7 ft British pool table. The dimensions of this table are 92.5 inches in length and 53.5 inches in width.

8 ft American

The 8ft American pool table is a size that is very popular in Europe. It is regarded as the mid-size of American pool tables. The dimensions of this table are 102 inches in length and 59 inches in width.

9 ft American

This is the full-size American pool table, which is very imposing. It has dimensions of 114 inches in length and 64 inches in width.

Pool Cue Sizes

Pool Cue Sizes
The size of the cues you are using is an important consideration when measuring the space you will need for your pool table. Cues come in the three following standard lengths.

24 inch

This cue size is best suited to children and young teens, as well as adults who are shorter than 4 feet in height. The smaller length will be more comfortable for shorter arms and make for a more enjoyable and accurate game.

48 inch

This size of pool cue is best for anyone with a height of between 4 feet and 4 feet 11 inches.

52 inch

This size of pool queue is ideal for anyone of average height. If you purchase a British pool table that comes with cues, then they will most likely be 52 inches or 54 inches in length. This size should be used by anyone ranging between 5 feet and 5 feet 8 inches in height.

58 inch

This is the largest standard size of pool queue, which works well for taller users. Select this cue if you have a height of between 5 feet and 8 inches and 6 feet and 4 inches. If you are a little taller than this range, then you may be able to get along with a 58-inch cue, or you may require a custom cue in a longer length.

Calculating Room Size

To figure out how big your room will need to be to accommodate a pool table, there is a calculation pattern you can follow.

First of all, find out the length of the longest cue that will be used on your pool table, and double that length. For example, if your longest pool cue is 52 inches, then your resulting number is 104 inches.

Secondly, measure the width of the playing area on your pool table.

This measurement will be taken from the inside edge of one cushion to the opposite side. Do not measure the surrounding edges of the pool table, but just the playing area itself upon which the balls are played. For a 7 ft British pool table, the playing area width is 36 inches.

Thirdly, add these two numbers together. In this example, you would add 104 inches to 36 inches. This is the double measurement of your cue and the width of the pool table playing area. The resulting number from your calculation will indicate the minimum width measurement that your room should be.

In this example, the calculation result is 140 inches, which translates to 11 and a half feet, so we know the room would need to be a minimum of 11 and a half feet in width to accommodate a 7 ft British pool table with 52-inch cues.

To work out how long your room would need to be, repeat the calculation but this time, use the length measurement of the table’s playing area instead of the width. In the case of our example, the length of the playing area on a 7 ft British pool table is 73 inches.

Added to the double cue length of 104 inches, the resulting measurement will be 177 inches. This equates to 14 ft and 9 inches. This means that to accommodate a 7 ft British pool table and 52-inch cues, the minimum dimensions of a room will need to be 14 ft and 9 inches by 11 ft and 6 inches.

This will ensure adequate space for users to take any shot on the table without their cue banging into the wall, though you will need to factor in any furniture that you have in the space which could get in the way.