9 Living Room with Fireplace and TV Ideas

If you are tired of your current living room furniture arrangement and wondering whether there is a better way of arranging your TV, sofas and couches around your fireplace, you’ll be amazed at your options. It is possible to transform your space just by changing your furniture layout. Want to know how?

To help you figure out the best layout for a living room with fireplace and TV, we’ve prepared some excellent ideas for large and small spaces with pictures.

9 Living Room with Fireplace and TV Layout Ideas 

1. TV Above the Fireplace

V Above the Fireplace

The easiest and most common layout is to put your TV above the fireplace. This way, you can make the most of both by cozying up to the fire while watching your favorite movie. This idea saves floor space as you won’t have to invest in a TV unit. The appliance can simply be mounted on the wall above the fireplace.

If your living room is a little bigger, you may add a couple of additional armchairs next to the sofa a few feet from the fireplace.

The only downsides to this living room layout idea are the possible neck strain you’ll get when watching TV as the screen isn’t at your eye level, plus there is the risk of heat damage to the TV. So what’s the solution? Opt for low-back sofas as shown in this example. There is also no danger of the heat from the fireplace damaging the TV as the appliance is mounted on the wall.   

2. TV Next to the Fireplace

TV Next to the Fireplace

If you’re not keen on mounting your TV over the fireplace, you can always place it next to the fireplace on the same wall or inside a built-in shelf. This is the easiest option, which doesn’t require much rearrangement on your part. Simply place the sofa and other furniture opposite the television and fireplace so you can enjoy them both.  

For square living rooms, it is not always a good idea to place the seating right opposite the TV and fireplace. Some people prefer arranging their sofas and table next to these appliances instead as shown here. With this layout, your furniture remains opposite the fireplace, thus helping to maintain the fireplace as the main focal point of the room. Just make sure you don’t overfill the space with too many nooks and accessories as the living room may start to look too cluttered. 

3. Corner Fireplace

Corner Fireplace

Arranging furniture around a corner fireplace doesn’t have to be a daunting idea. In open living room layouts, you can match the angle of the fireplace around the seating by positioning the TV as close to the fireplace as possible. This will allow both items to serve as focal points.

In this example, the TV is larger than the corner fireplace, but it doesn’t detract the eye from the stone fireplace and the wall art above it. Both items serve as focal points in this rustic-style living room. 

4. Fireplace in the Middle of the Living Room

Fireplace in the Middle of the Living Room

When your fireplace is located in the middle of your living room, it acts as an independent feature and barrier between the living room and other spaces.

In this neutral yet luxurious living room, the freestanding fireplace is sitting opposite the TV, which has created a clean and uncomplicated look.

5. An L Shaped Arrangement

An L Shaped Arrangement

If your living room is larger than average with enough wall space, why not place your furniture in an L shaped arrangement as shown here. In order for this to work, you must place your TV opposite the main sofa with the fireplace on the perpendicular wall. You can then position the other sofa opposite the fireplace so you have two seating areas each facing the TV and fireplace.

If you still want your fireplace as the main focal point, you can keep the focus on the unit by hanging a statement wall art or mirror right above it. Even ambient lighting or a unique wall sculpture can help draw attention to your fireplace. 

In this layout example, notice how consistent the color scheme of the walls, window coverings and furniture is. The grey, white and black color combinations all work in harmony to provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.  

6. Fireplace and TV at Opposite Ends

Fireplace and TV at Opposite Ends

Those who are lucky enough to have a large living room space, you have the flexibility to plan your living room layout around the TV and fireplace. In such large spaces, you can be very versatile with your seating furniture by adding swivel chairs or extra comfy armchairs. You even have the option of sitting either close to the TV or the fireplace when the two units are placed at opposite ends of the room. 

In this layout, the large space allows for the furniture to be arranged along the walls. The fireplace and TV are at the opposite ends and only one of them serves as a focal point. The eye is directed to either the fireplace or the TV, depending on your preference. This split attention works very well in a multi-functional living room such as the one shown here. 

7. Narrow Living Room Layouts

Narrow Living Room Layouts

For narrow living rooms, make use of the space by having the fireplace and TV on the same wall. This way, the fireplace can still be the center of attention – no matter how many sofas you have fitted in your narrow living room. As long as the furniture is facing towards the TV, the layout will emit an inviting vibe, especially if you can fit two footstools in front of the fireplace.

Here, the neutral tone color scheme of the compact living room has created a warm and cozy feel. 

8. Open-Plan Living Rooms

Open-Plan Living Rooms

Wide spaces in open-plan living rooms are a great opportunity to arrange furniture any way you like. There is so much space to fill so when thinking of the best layout around your TV and fireplace, be sure to take advantage by lining your seating opposite the TV and fireplace in the corner of the living room. You may even place the sofa and table in the center of the room.

In this example, the open floor plan in the contemporary lounge area has provided lots of free space to position the sofa opposite the fireplace and TV while retaining the feeling of coziness. 

9. Small Living Room Layouts

Small Living Room Layouts

Small living rooms can be quite challenging to arrange, but as a general rule, go for less furniture to avoid clutter. To create a cozy vibe around the fireplace, consider a loveseat and two matching armchairs or a two-seater sofa with a small side table. 

In this farmhouse style room, the fireplace is located in the center of the small living room and the space is maximized by the small sofas so as not to overcrowd the room. The main focal point of the room is the blue fireplace with its matching side table. 

More Tips for Arranging Your Living Room with Fireplace and TV

  • Watch the distance between your furniture and fireplace. If your sofa is too far, you won’t feel the heat from the fire; if you’re too close, it’ll feel uncomfortable sitting near the fire. Allow at least 3 feet for maximum comfort.
  • When arranging your sofa in the living room, try to avoid placing the back of the sofa against the window as this will block out light.
  • To create a more social atmosphere, place your sofas opposite each other at no more than 8 feet apart. After all, you don’t want your sofas to be too close to each other.
  • If you have a small living room space, avoid large, bulky sofas and tables. Opt for small round tables and single seaters as these will allow your fireplace to take center stage.
  • The fireplace should always remain the focal point of your living room layout, no matter where you place the TV.
  • Instead of placing the sofa against a wall, try putting it several feet away from the wall as though it’s floating in the middle of the room. The remaining space at the back of the sofa can serve as a walkway plus it will create a more intimate living space around the TV.
  • In open spaces, use your sofa to create a separation area. It should face the TV and not block the windows.
  • Never put a rug too close to your fireplace for safety reasons. On a similar note, placing the TV immediately above the fireplace mantelpiece may cause heat damage. Your safest option is to mount the TV on the wall above the fireplace. 

9 Living Room with Fireplace and TV Ideas