Jacuzzi Dimensions and Guidelines (with Diagrams)

Jacuzzi hot tubs are luxury items that are becoming a more common feature of home residences. They have significantly come down in price over recent years, which makes them more accessible and affordable for more people. If you’re considering a new jacuzzi, learn about the sizing options and jacuzzi dimensions below to help you narrow down your choices and find the right hot tub for you.

Jacuzzi’s come in standardized sizing as dictated by the industry so that there is consistency across hot tub manufacturers with regards to dimensions, ensuring buyers can adequately compare Jacuzzi’s on a like-for-like basis.

Jacuzzi manufacturers typically offer spas for sale in three size categories; small, medium, and large. See below a diagram that illustrated the typical jacuzzi sizes. You should also read till the end for more explanations.

Jacuzzi Dimensions

Small Jacuzzi’s

Small hot tubs are designed to accommodate between two and four users at a time. These are a good choice if you only have a small yard but want to enjoy the luxury of your own personal Jacuzzi, as these will take up the least amount of space. They also are typically the most affordable size of Jacuzzi and can cost several hundred dollars less than medium-sized models.

Small hot tubs might have two, three, or four seats and will have dimensions that fall into set brackets. A small jacuzzi will have a length of between 5 feet 4 inches and 7 feet. The width will be between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 8 inches. The height measurement will be between 2 feet 4 inches and 2 feet 9 inches.

Medium Jacuzzi’s

Hot tubs which fall into this category can seat a maximum of five or six people at once. Medium hot tubs are by far the most popular types of hot tubs because they represent good value for money and are typically the most usable for families or people who like to entertain friends with garden spa parties.

As medium-sized Jacuzzi’s, they take up considerable space in a yard without being dominating like large Jacuzzi’s. They are small enough to still feel intimate when sharing the Jacuzzi with a partner, but they also offer enough space so that you can enjoy the Jacuzzi with a few friends or family members without feeling overcrowded.

The length of a medium jacuzzi will be between 6 feet 6 inches and 7 feet 9 inches. The width will also fall into the same bracket of between 6 feet 6 inches and 7 feet 9 inches. The expected height would be between 2 feet 7 inches and 3 feet 2 inches.

Large Jacuzzi’s

Large hot tubs are those which can seat more than seven users at a time. This is an ideal-sized jacuzzi for a large family or for a home where you frequently entertain larger volumes of guests. Large jacuzzi hot tubs represent luxury and can give the impression of wealth and affluence. They are also great if you want to have ample relaxation space or if you are a taller person who feels restricted in smaller-sized hot tubs.

The disadvantage of large hot tubs is that they do take up more space, so they can make a garden feel cramped if you don’t have adequate room. They also will have higher heating and running costs, which should be a consideration when thinking about which jacuzzi size will be best for you. The length of this sized Jacuzzi will be between 7 feet and 9 feet. The width can fall between 7 feet and 9 feet 2 inches. The height will be between 3 feet and 3 feet 2 inches.

Jacuzzi Buying Guide


The size of a jacuzzi is one of the most important elements you need to look at when choosing a hot tub, which is why jacuzzi dimensions are vital to understanding. The jacuzzi dimensions will affect how much space it takes up in your yard or on your deck, as well as how many people it can accommodate at once.


If you have a set cost in mind, you can look for a jacuzzi that fits your priorities that works for your budget. The price of a jacuzzi will not always align with its size. For example, a small jacuzzi with lots of features might cost more than a very basic medium-sized jacuzzi.

Running Costs

Jacuzzi’s can run up costly power bills if you use them often. The main elements that will affect the running cost are the size of the Jacuzzi and the energy efficiency. Generally, you can expect that the smaller the Jacuzzi is, the less power it will use and, therefore, will have a lower running cost. However, pay close attention to the energy efficiency rating of a jacuzzi because this can be vital in cutting power costs.


Hot tubs have various features which can add to your jacuzzi experience and also have a big impact on pricing. Some available features include:


Jets are standard in most types of hot tubs, but the amount of jets, the position of the jets, and the power level of the jets can vary.

Stereo system

Some high-end models of Jacuzzi’s will have in-built stereo systems. This means that you can hook up various electronic devices to play through the speakers on the hot tub, allowing you to listen to music or podcasts while relaxing in the tub. Many stereo systems are wireless and are compatible with Bluetooth.


If you plan to use your Jacuzzi in the evening, then having lighting is a great additional feature to add a disco vibe or create a romantic ambiance.


Seats may seem like a basic feature, but they don’t come as standard in all hot tubs. Seats are useful if you want to relax and spend time in the hot tub enjoying a drink, whereas hot tubs without seats might be better if your hot tub is intended for children to have a splash around in. The more seats a jacuzzi has, generally the more expensive it is to buy.