How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Cost at Home Depot?

Sod is also known as turf, lawn, or grass rolls. It is made from grass that is still rooted into the soil, and it typically comes rolled up so that it can be easily transported and unrolled onto the necessary area.

In this article, we’ll learn the cost of a pallet sod cost at Home Depot.

What is Sod Used For?

What is Sod Used For

Instead of putting down grass seed and waiting for it to grow, sod offers an instant fix that guarantees a good finish. Golf courses and sports fields will commonly use sod to keep their grounds looking in top condition. Sod is often used to prepare the garden for new build properties so that the yard looks pristine and ready for someone to move into and start enjoying.

Small pieces of sod are ideal for repairing parts of a lawn that has become damaged and have bald patches where the grass is no longer growing.

If you are landscaping your backyard and want a large area of grass, then you can get pallets of sod which can be enough to turf a whole garden. The main benefit of sod is that it gives an instant makeover to the landscape.

If you want your garden to look finished and don’t have time to wait for grass seed to grow, then it is the ideal solution. Sod is essentially a ready-made lawn, which is perfect if you have had trouble trying to grow lawn from seed in the past.

If you are not the best gardener and forget to water your lawn seed every day, then sod is an easy way to ensure your lawn looks great.

The drawback of sod is that it is considerably more expensive than lawn seed. If you aren’t in a hurry to repair your lawn, then lawn seed will be the better option if you’re on a tight budget.

How Much Sod Comes on a Pallet?

When you buy a pallet of sod, you’ll want to check exactly how much ground the sod is going to cover to ensure it works for your project. At Home Depot, a pallet will include 500 square feet of sod, whereas other retailers offer smaller pallets of 400 and 450 square feet.

If you don’t need a lot of sod, then you could look into getting individual rolls of sod or sod plugs for small lawn repairs. You should measure the area you want to cover with sod and see how that compares with the amount you get on a pallet.

For spaces that are around 20 feet by 25 feet, then a pallet from Home Depot will provide the right amount of sod because a lawn that is 20 feet in width and 25 feet in length will have a total area space of 500 square feet.

Cost of One Pallet of Sod

The cost of one pallet of sod from Home Depot is around $584.98, and this includes free delivery to your home address. This is also about the same price for a pallet of sod from Lowes, and other retailers are offering similar price points for this amount of sod. The cost of sod has risen over the last two years, as the demand for this product has increased.

One result of the global pandemic is that homeowners have decided to spend more of their money on improving their homes and gardens, as this is now where many people spend the majority of their time instead of going on vacation. As a result, this has driven up the price of sod.

Types of Sod

There are several different types of sod available in pallets from Home Depot and other home improvement stores. These are:

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda sod is usually made up of a variety of Bermuda grasses, including hybrid grasses. This sod will result in a dense and lush lawn, which has blades of grass in shades of dark and medium green.

Bermuda sod is known for being quite durable and standing up well to foot traffic, so it is a good option if you like to hold cookouts or garden parties in your yard.

However, Bermuda sod can be difficult to care for, and it is particularly tricky to grow in cold climates. A pallet of Bermuda sod will cost $584.98 from Home Depot.

Centipede Sod

Centipede Sod

Centipede sod is a type of lawn grass that spreads rapidly but grows slowly in height. This makes it ideal if you want a thick and lush lawn, but you don’t want to be out in the yard every weekend through the summer, mowing it to an acceptable height.

This type of grass will grow almost anywhere, and it is very low maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about low temperatures, irrigation, or bald patches.

Centipede sod tends to suffer from mineral deficiencies in alkaline soil, so it isn’t the best option if you have alkaline soil. Centipede sod costs $584.98 for a 500 square foot pallet at Home Depot.

St Augustine Sod

St Augustine Sod

This is a warm climate variant of grass that won’t grow well in cold areas. In the right climate, it grows very quickly. It isn’t affected by sunlight, so you won’t suffer from discoloration, and it also won’t be damaged by salty coastal air. This type of sod will cost $584.98 for a pallet at Home Depot.

Natural Bluegrass Sod

This type of sod isn’t temperamental to temperatures, and you can grow it in both warm and cold climates. It is quite durable and will stand up well to foot traffic and the changing seasons.

Bluegrass sod is known for being quite high maintenance, which may put some people off. It costs $584.98 for a pallet of this sod from Home Depot.

Fescue Sod

Fescue Sod

This type of sod is durable and doesn’t need a lot of regular maintenance; however, it doesn’t respond well to high levels of heat or sunlight, so it should be avoided in hot climates; otherwise, it will get patchy and need continual repairs.