What Are the Chaise Lounge Dimensions? (5 Drawings Included)

A chaise lounge is a wonderfully comfortable chair that can be used indoors or outdoors when you want to relax or take a mid-day nap. What sets chaises apart from couches or armchairs is their angled back.

In some cases (usually with outdoor chaise lounges), the back can be adjusted according to your preference. Chaise lounge chairs tend to be low to the ground and are excellent for relaxation because they support your whole body.

Looking for one for your indoor or outdoor space? Here are the straightforward dimensions.

A chaise lounge has a length ranging from 73 to 80 inches, 25 – 30 inches wide, and 35 – 40 inches overall height. For the seat size, this makes up more than half of its length at 42 – 48 inches. Depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor chaise lounge, the seat height varies at 11 to 13 inches and 15 to 18 inches respectively.

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Where Did Chaise Lounge Chairs Originate?

Although they are popular and are increasingly used in modern homes, chaise lounge chairs have been around for millennia. Archaeologists can trace them back to Ancient Egypt, where aristocrats had them made from wood and ivory, and poorer classes made them from wicker. Lounge chairs were also commonplace in Ancient Greek and Roman households.

The modern chaise lounge chair we know today emerged in France during the 16th century, where it was used by the affluent as a boudoir chair placed in the bedroom for seating. Indeed, the word “chaise” is French for “chair.” And over time, the second part of the furniture piece’s name – “longue” – was changed to the English “lounge.”

There were three prominent styles of early French chaises. The Duchesse brisée, or “broken duchess,” was a chaise lounge that could be split into two or three sections and used as a separate chair and footstool.

The Recamier was a chaise lounge design that was high at the head and feet, with no back support along the length of the seating area. The Méridienne was high at the head, with partial back support along one of the chaise’s long lengths.

Of the three styles, the ones that resemble modern chaise lounge chairs we use today are the Recamier and Méridienne.

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Outdoor chaises are the ones you usually use next to your pool or on your deck, patio, or lawn. They are also commonly found at beach resorts. Outdoor chaises are made from weather-resistant materials like solid wood, wicker, aluminum, or plastic.

For added support and comfort, they come with cushions or other forms of padding. Some are also equipped with armrests. Outdoor chaises are intended for one person to sit on at a time.

On the other hand, indoor chaises can be designed to seat two people comfortably because some have back support running along the whole length of the seating area. Like a sofa and couch, They are often made from soft and comfortable materials like foam, down, feathers, and fabric.

An armrest is situated at the foot-end of the chair, and a reclining back is at the head. With an indoor chaise, you have the choice to sit on it as you would in a regular chair or to lounge in it. Indoor chaises are available in various traditional or modern styles, and there are many designs to match your home’s aesthetic.

They often resemble elongated cushioned chairs and classic styles have four visible chair legs. Indoor chaises can be multifunctional, with the seating area opening up to include storage space underneath.

Standard Chaise Lounge Dimensions

Standard Chaise Lounge Dimensions

Chaise lounge chairs have a total length ranging between 73 to 80 inches. This is long enough for an even above-average person to stretch out comfortably. So if you have an adjustable reclining back, you can lay it down flat, and the chaise becomes an ideal daybed or sunbed.

Chaise lounges are 25 to 30 inches wide, which provides ample space for one person to relax with their arms resting on the seat of the chaise or on armrests.

The tallest part of the chaise is the reclining back support, giving the chair an overall height of between 35 and 40 inches. The chaise doesn’t only prop up your back but is also a place to put your head. Some chaise lounges even have small pillows which are separate or built into the design so you can rest your head against it or use it as extra support for your neck.

Chaise Lounge Seat Size

The seat of a chaise lounge makes up just over half of its length and is part of the chair where you stretch out your legs. The seating area has a length of 42 to 48 inches.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Seat Size

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Seat Size

The seat height is different on indoor and outdoor chaise lounge chairs. Even when they are cushioned, outdoor loungers don’t usually have a thickly cushioned seating area.

In some cases, the seat is simply made from woven synthetic or natural fabric pulled tightly across the chair’s width. Outdoor chaise lounge seats are about 11 to 13 inches high.

Indoor Chaise Lounge Seat Size

Indoor Chaise Lounge Seat Size

On the other hand, indoor chaise loungers have a higher seat height of between 15 to 18 inches, which is similar to the standard sofa seat height. This is because they have thicker foam cushioning. This offers extra support and comfort for those daytime naps.

Placement & Clearance of a Chaise Lounge

Now that you know the dimensions of a chaise lounge chair, you can decide if you have enough space for one (or more) as indoor or outdoor furniture.


Placement & Clearance of an Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Due to fewer space constraints, multiple chaise loungers are usually used in outdoor areas, where they can be positioned along the entire perimeter of a pool or overlooking a beautiful view over a balcony.

However, you want to ensure that the chairs are adequately spaced out so each person has some personal space. Ideally, you should leave about two feet between each outdoor chaise.


Placement & Clearance of an Indoor Chaise Lounge

Indoors, you’re more likely to have a single chaise in the living room as they are used more as an accessory to complement other furniture pieces or when extra bedding is required.

Sometimes, indoor chaises are simply bought to fill an empty corner in the sitting room or bedroom. So you’ll only need to think about leaving enough space to walk around and maintain a balance between your furniture pieces. About 30 inches should suffice.

In Conclusion

Whether you want one indoors or a few outdoors, chaise lounge chairs are an excellent furniture item specifically designed for rest and relaxation.

Apart from being a great place to snooze, a chaise lounge is also the perfect place to read or sunbathe. Their availability in different styles and designs makes them an ideal accessory to decorate your home while delivering plenty of practical uses.