16 Unique Boho Curtains to Show Off Your Exoticism 

Why hang a pair of plain window dressings when you can opt for unique boho curtains? Filled with intriguing patterns and colors, these exotic curtains will bring out your artistic and carefree character. But finding exotic bohemian style curtains may be a little difficult, especially if you’ve never looked for such window dressings.

Our buying guide will help you choose from a variety of different bohemian-style curtains for any room in your house. But first, let’s get to know a little about this chic and unusual decorating trend.

What Is Bohemian Style?

Boho or bohemian style is defined by a lack of structure. This rule-breaking decorating style explores the exotic and carefree side of the decorator through patterns, colors and textures.

Boho style is inspired by people who lead unconventional lifestyles. It combines patterns and colors from different cultures, so if you’re looking for a unique style that stands out, then consider boho.

What are the Best Boho Colors?

When it comes to boho decorating, warm earthy colors as well as metallic or jewel tones are common. Think greys, blues, browns and greens as the base, with a combination of rich purples and fiery oranges. Combining these colors makes the boho style stand out beautifully.

Along with an array of bold colors, feel free to mix textures and patterns in an unconventional way. Curtains with dyed patterns and textiles from around the world like Morocco or India give the space a sense of exoticism.

You can also try hanging embroidered or macrame window dressings to take boho style to the next level. A beautiful bohemian curtain in any color you choose will serve as a backdrop and when used in living spaces, it brings visual interest.

Whether you opt for white boho curtains or colorful ones, it is the patterns or textures of the drapes that enhance their uniqueness. Need to know more about the best patterns and fabrics? Then keep reading.

Boho Curtains Buying Guide

Choose Bold Patterns

Thanks to the fun nature of bohemian design, curtains with unique patterns make a grand statement. Bold patterns with thick stripes or large symbols, for example, easily dress your windows in boho style.

But aside from patterned drapery, the length of the drapes also matters. Make sure you measure the distance between the upper window frame to the floor plus a few inches on top so that your boho curtains fall onto the floor.

Pay Attention to Material

Boho curtains made from lightweight cotton or sheer fabrics tend to add a touch of elegance to any window. These curtains flow with ease in your living room or bedroom, but be sure to use tassels or colorful beading to further accentuate the space.

Macrame curtains also work perfectly to align with your bohemian style decor. These handmade drapes add natural texture to the windows while still allowing adequate light to enter the room.

If your curtains are made of cotton or polyester, they will provide excellent insulation. You can even add a farmhouse-style valance to your curtains for character.

16 Best Boho Curtains

Boho Curtains with Tassels

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SUCSES Boho Curtain Geometric Print

These 100% cotton, anti-static boho curtains from the brand SUCSES will give you a comfortable feeling all year round. The beautiful geometric print adds to their appeal with a border of tassels on the panel’s edge.

The package includes 1-panel boho curtain with a rod pocket design for easy hanging. One of their best features is their room darkening abilities, thus providing you with extra privacy.  These curtains are perfect for country-style or rustic interiors and will suit your living room or bedroom.

vctops Boho Geometric Print Curtains

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Made of 90% cotton and 10% linen, these boho curtains with tassels from the brand vctops feel incredibly soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. The package includes 1 curtain panel with a rod pocket design for easy hanging.

These curtains also function as light filters, which makes them ideal for bohemian style bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms.

YoKii Boho Tassels Valances

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Give your rooms a fabulous makeover with this room-darkening boho curtain valance with tassels from the brand YoKii. It is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. The curtain features adorable white fringe trims on the bottom and comes with a built-in pocket for rod hanging. The short design of these smooth curtains makes hanging super easy.

What’s more, the subtle stitching at the corners prolongs their lifespan. With the help of these boho curtains, you can darken your rooms and enhance your privacy. In addition, they will block noise by up to 25%.

Lush Décor Ivy Tassel Window Curtain

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The quaint yet fashionable tassel curtains from Lush Décor add subtle flair to any indoor space. The row of tassels at the top of the curtain adds a special appeal, making them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Teenagers and toddlers are especially going to love these ivy-colored curtains thanks to their elegance and interesting design. These boho drapes are ideal for both modern and traditional style homes and consist of 2 panels made of 90% polyester and 10% linen.

Exclusive Home Curtains Tassels

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For a stylish and trendy boho curtain with tassels, consider this textured sheer fabric from Exclusive Home Curtains. They are sure to add the finishing touch to your home improvement project.

The panels provide elegant tassel borders alongside each curtain, making them a fashionable way of dressing your windows. The drapes are made from 100% polyester and constructed with a sewn rod pocket for a touch of luxury.

Colorful Boho Curtains

Lush Decor Clara Curtains Paisley

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How about these eye-catching window curtains in bold and colorful prints. The paisley damask pattern gives these boho curtains a modern look. Made from 100% polyester, these room darkening curtains partially filter heat and light and are ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. The metal grommets allow easy installation, and you have a wide choice of colors, including grey and yellow, navy and tangerine, and turquoise and tangerine.

Lush Decor 16T003316, Turquoise and Orange Drapes

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Here we have another colorful boho curtain from the same brand Lush Decor. Bring the rainbow to your home and brighten up your spaces with the aesthetic patterns and colors of these curtains.

The bohemian stripe curtains are made of 100% soft polyester and ideal for chic, yet rustic decors. With the bold and unique design of these curtains, you can enhance your space and add a bohemian touch. Each row of twirling patterns has a story to tell with its beautiful floral designs that add a pop of color to any room of the house.

Greenland Home Curtains

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The deep, saturated gold and fuchsia tones of these boho curtains from Greenland Home provide a sharp contrast with the vivid pink and blue.

With these curtains, you can bring stylish bohemian decor to your home and spruce up your interiors with a tribal feel. The 4-piece set comes with two tiebacks and two panels that are machine washable.

White Boho Curtains

Lush Decor Ivory Nova Ruffle Window Curtain

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This frilly and fancy-looking ivory curtain makes a big statement with its rows of ruffling detail. It is made from 100% polyester and is ideal for modern or rustic decor. The elegant curtains from the reputable brand Lush Decor consist of ruffle stripes covering the entire panel.

These curtains are perfect for dining room windows, living rooms, and bedroom. Their added advantage is their lightweight, textured design that allows natural light to enter the room without jeopardizing your privacy. The package includes 2 unlined panels with a 3-inch rod pocket panel.

Lush Decor Reyna Window Curtains

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Another high-quality white boho curtain from Lush Decor is this set of shabby chic panels. Made from soft, 100% polyester with a ruffle, cascading border, anyone who is looking for a modern or farmhouse window dressing is sure to love these curtains.

The ruffles run all the way to the bottom of the curtains and across the panels for added elegance. Since these curtains aren’t lined, they will allow plenty of light to enter your rooms, while maintaining your privacy. Because of their ruffle design, they are ideal for girls’ bedrooms and women of all ages.

Moroccon Style Boho Curtains

DriftAway Taylor Medallion Room Darkening Curtains

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Made from innovative triple weave construction, these thermal insulated Moroccan style boho curtains filter the sunlight and regulate indoor temperature so you can feel comfortable in your home. The floral pattern enhances their visual appeal, especially if you hang them on a white background.

You can easily create a sophisticated look in your living room, dining room or bedroom with the help of these medallion pattern room darkening curtains from DriftAway. The package includes a 3-inch rod pocket and 2-inch header.

MIUCO Embroidered Semi Sheer Curtains

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Another boho curtain that’s perfect for girls’ bedrooms is the Moroccan semi sheer curtains from the brand MIUCO. These stunningly woven faux linen panels will instantly update your home decor and feature an all-embroidered trellis that adds style to any living space. The curtains come with metal grommets that enable easy opening and closing of the curtains.

Those who are daring enough to experiment with bold colors will especially love these chambray weaved boho curtains as the manufacturer offers 14 colors to choose from. And since they are semi sheer with a linen texture, they allow natural light in without sacrificing privacy.

Indian Style Boho Curtains

Popular Handicrafts Hippie Bohemian Curtains

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Now for those who love Hippie Bohemian style decor, these handmade cotton curtains are a beautiful example of how you can add an ethnic feel to your rooms. Opt for a dramatic makeover by choosing these vintage curtains. They’re not only window coverings, but also a conversational piece of art with intricate mandala designs.

The package includes 2 sets of curtains for a wide variety of uses, including window dressing, decal, door cover, room divider, and even wall curtains. These authentic curtains from Popular Handicrafts have 2.5-inch rod pocket panels sewn into the top so all you need to do is simply slide them onto a standard curtain rod.

DIYANA IMPEX Mandala Curtain

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Another Indian Hippie bohemian curtain that can add tons of character to your home is from DIYANA IMPEX. The beautiful screen-printed cotton curtain has a rod pocket sewn into the top so you just slide it onto a curtain rod.

This handmade drape is ideal as room decor and a focal point in the room so you can show it off to your guests. To keep its quality intact, don’t use bleaches or strong detergents. Otherwise, the color will fade. Simply wash the curtain by hands in cool water.

Macrame Boho Curtains

Macrame Crochet Curtain-Bohemian

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Looking for wall or window tapestry as an alternative to curtains? Then consider the finest macrame boho curtains that are the perfect touch to your bohemian decor. The design of these handcrafted curtains features an intricate crochet pattern that you are sure to love. The tapestry will bring much warmth to your home, no matter where you hang it: in your kitchen, nursery, entryway or bedroom.

You can even use this curtain as a room separator! The macrame curtain is made from durable rope fibers with a blend of cotton tied together to maintain its sturdy appearance. It can be fitted on most rods and windows to instantly enhance your home decor.

Macrame Wall Hanging Boho-inspired Touch Window Curtain

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Another authentic and one-of-a-kind handmade macrame curtain from the brand Flber is this beautiful boho-inspired wall hanging made from 100% cotton. It will add a unique touch to any space, whether you choose to hang it on your wall or windows as a boho backdrop.

In fact, there are so many uses for this boho style macrame curtain in your home, from room dividers to wall tapestry and window dressing that you are sure to want more than one such curtain for your home.

16 Unique Boho Curtains to Show Off Your Exoticism