9 White Painted Brick House Ideas to Envy

When it comes to making a great first impression with your brick home, the exterior color is the most important part that’s likely to leave a lasting impact. One way is to paint your brick house white and pair it with attractive accent colors.

There are two ways to achieve the look of white brick. Whitewashing the brick exterior or painting the entire surface a crisp, white paint is a fantastic way to boost curb appeal.

In this article, we’ll show you some beautiful white painted brick house ideas that should convince you to paint your brick exterior white. You will also learn more about the best trim colors that go with white brick. So let’s delve into these now.

White Painted Brick House Examples

Whitewashed Brick for a Traditional Look

Whitewashed Brick for a Traditional Look

The term whitewashing isn’t that well known as it’s only become common in areas where heavy rainfall and high moisture are experienced.

If you want to protect your brick house from mold, then consider whitewashing the surface using white paint. This will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your exterior, but also act as a protective sealant against wet weather conditions.

Whitewashed brick walls are still highly popular to this day as they look bright and airy. By choosing this method to give your brick exterior an updated look, your home will remain protected from the elements.

On traditional style homes, just like the Georgian style house shown here, whitewashed brick goes beautifully with any other warm color, including red, black and green.

Enhance the Windows with Black Shutters

Enhance the Windows with Black Shutters

We can’t help but love the classic combination of white brick with black shutters. Pairing your white painted brick walls with this beautiful trim color will keep the focus on the windows as the main features of the house.

By painting your brick house white and pairing it with black shutters, you’ll give the impression of a modern exterior design with much aesthetic appeal.

Add Pop of Color

Add Pop of Color

You don’t want an all-white brick house with no secondary colors to make it pop, right? If you want to include some lovely colorful features to your brick exterior, then consider a bright front door that stands out.

See how the red door on this white painted brick siding pops together with the greenery. This is the perfect way to keep the white brick in the background and the red as the main focal feature.

Highlight the White Brick with Foliage

Highlight the White Brick with Foliage

If your home isn’t surrounded by greenery, you can still include plenty of colors through foliage.

By adding colorful flowers on your window sills, your white brick house won’t look lost without texture. After all, the purpose of painting your brick house white is to make it stand out. Only colorful foliage can help you achieve this as it pops against the white background.

Accent the White Brick with a Wooden Front Door

Accent the White Brick with a Wooden Front Door

Did you know brick and wood are two natural materials that can be paired together?

If you want to soften your home’s crisp white painted brick, opt for a wooden front door instead of bold red. This idea works especially well on traditional style white painted brick homes as shown in this example of a light brown stained wooden door and black shutters.

Best Trim Colors that Go with a White Painted Brick House


White trim paired with white painted brick can give your home exterior a clean and airy look. This bright neutral hue makes a stylish statement, so you can use it as the shutters or front door trim. White is such a versatile color that it makes sense to consider it as a trim for your white painted brick house.


Another light neutral trim color that goes well with white brick is gray. This contrasting color adds drama to the white brick siding and enhances the architectural details of your home.


Blue is a contemporary hue and as a cool trim color, it can create a beautiful contrast next to white painted brick exteriors.

This tranquil hue is ideal on traditional brick cottages as window frames or shutters. Sea blue, for example, is a subtle shade that accents your white painted brick home and boosts its curb appeal.


For a fiery alternative to soft blue, how about a rich shade of red trim? This bold and vibrant color is a perfect pairing with white painted brick.

You can include dark red trim as your front door or decorative accents to balance the color scheme. That said, it’s best to incorporate a third color to the mix, such as green or black trim so as to make a striking statement.

Why Paint Your Brick House White

Painting your brick exterior white is one of the best ways to freshen your home as well as increase resale value. This is an especially good idea if the bricks are worn out and need a fresh lease of life.

One or two coats of white paint will give your brick house a totally brand new look, but some homeowners are hesitant when it comes to painting their brick homes white. This is why we’ve compiled together more reasons why you should consider painting your brick house white:

– Since brick is a popular exterior material choice, it holds its resale value better compared to other siding options. This is because brick is a low maintenance and long-lasting material – unlike wood which requires treatment every few years. When you paint your brick house white, you’ll help preserve the brick and make it more durable.

– White painted brick doesn’t need as much cleaning as stone or wood. This is due to the fact that the white paint protects the surface and doesn’t easily fade like vinyl. You will hardly need to make any effort maintaining your white brick exterior as the more rugged it looks, the higher its desirability.

– There is also the advantage of rot-resistance qualities that bricks have over wood. Brick doesn’t get as easily damaged in storms, plus you won’t need to worry about insects or other pests destroying your siding. White brick only requires cleaning from time to time, with hardly any repairs necessary.

– Paint absorbs much better into bricks than other siding materials. This is why white painted brick siding lasts a lot longer than painted wood or vinyl.

Here is a quick recap:

  • White painted brick increases curb appeal. If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, painting the brick white is a great way to add to the resale value.
    White is a highly popular color that can easily be paired with any other window or door trim color.
  • White painted brick protects against the elements. When installed correctly, white painted brick can provide excellent protection against adverse weather.
    Exterior paint gives an additional sealant protection to prevent moisture seeping into the brick. As a result, the brick material won’t fade or deteriorate thanks to the extra layer of paint.
  • White painted brick is easy to clean. Since brick is a naturally porous material, the only maintenance you’ll be doing is the cleaning.
    White painted brick has a smooth surface that’s super easy to clean when compared to an unpainted brick surface. What’s more, dirt can be seen easier on white brick, thus keeping the exterior clean will be a simpler task.

Is White Brick Still in Style?

White painted brick is a desirable exterior design that will remain stylish. This versatile material will make your home appear larger and airier thanks to the bright white painted surface. In fact, whitewashed brick homes have existed since the early 15th century, and are still highly sought today.

So if you’re still wondering whether a white brick house is still in style, we assure you that it is still very much in demand today.

How Long Does White Paint Last on a Brick Exterior?

The exterior white paint on brick can last up to 5 years or longer depending on the quality of the paint and the condition of the brick.

To ensure durability, apply primer prior to painting the brick. Also make sure the brick surface is clean and repainted every 3 to 4 years in order to keep the white painted brick looking its best.

In Closing

A white painted brick house boasts elegant appeal, especially when paired with beautiful trim colors and accents.

Now that you’ve learned the advantages of painting your brick exterior white and the best trim colors that work with this type of siding, you can implement the ideas for your own home to boost its curb appeal.