Where to Place a Dressing Table in the Bedroom (5 Excellent Options)

Arranging the furniture in a bedroom can really alter the feel of the room, as well as the way you use it. Some people like to keep their furniture a certain way, while others routinely move their furniture around to breathe new life into the space.

Here we will look at the different places you could position a dressing table in the bedroom, which you can use as inspiration in your own home.

Next to the bed

Next to the bed

If you don’t have a huge amount of space, then a dressing table can work really well next to the side of the bed, in line with the headboard. This means that the dressing table would double up as a nightstand, so you could use one piece of furniture instead of two, which will save you some floor space and help the room to feel bigger and more spacious.

You would need to ensure the dressing table had drawers that were a suitable size for storing your bedside essentials or the items you would normally want to keep on a nightstand.

If you use your dressing table for working, then your work surface area might be reduced if you choose to position a bedside lamp on one side of the dressing table, though this could also double up as a reading light and working light, or a light for applying makeup.

In front of a window

In front of a window

An area that many people don’t consider as a space for positioning their dressing table is underneath or in front of a window. Whether or not this is going to be a suitable option will depend on the size of the window and the height of the window from the floor.

If the window is low, then you may not want to block out light by putting a dressing table in front of it. Another thing to consider in this instance is that from the outside, people will have a view of the back of your dressing table, which often is unfinished and can look quite unsightly; however, if your window is a little higher off the ground so that it is level or sits above the surface of your dressing table, then this will be a good spot to position the furniture.

This is especially the case if you use your dressing table for working, as you will benefit from plenty of natural light so that you can see what you’re doing. If you use a computer, your screen will be facing away from the window so that it won’t be inhibited by light reflecting on it.

If you have a dressing table for cleaning your face or applying makeup, then you will likely want a mirror as well. If you position the dressing table in front of a window, then remember you will need a mirror on a stand because there will not be any wall space for you to fix one to the wall.

Between closets

Situating a dressing table in between two larger pieces of furniture, such as two freestanding closets, can create a really nice built-in look.

You will benefit from a feeling of being tucked away in a safe little nook when sitting at your dressing table in between two taller items. This can also make for a nice symmetrical shape which will give the room a feeling of balance.

Facing a window

Facing a window

In some bedrooms, you will find that there aren’t a lot of options for positioning your dressing table, and the size and architecture of the space will dictate where you have to put it.

This is usually the case if you have built-in closets, a window, and an internal door in a smaller-sized room because there won’t be a lot of vacant wall space for furniture, and your bed is going to be the most important decision which will come before the dressing table.

Positioning the dressing table on a wall that faces a window will be a good option for some people and not for others. The function of your dressing table will be a deciding factor, as well as the aspect of your bedroom window.

If you have a south-facing window, then your bedroom will receive high levels of natural light throughout the day, which could be a problem if your dressing table is facing the window and you are trying to work at a computer because the light will reflect on your screen and you will struggle to see it. In this case, the only solution would be to shut your curtains and sit in relative darkness while working.

If you have a north-facing window, then this won’t be a problem because the light won’t be shining directly onto your screen all day. If you don’t work at your dressing table in your bedroom, then positioning it on the wall opposite your window should be a perfectly good place for it, as any direct light won’t affect your use of it.

Facing the bed

Facing the bed

The wall which you face when you are in bed can be a good place for a dressing table, especially if you want your dressing table to double up as a TV stand.

This piece of furniture is a good height to stand a TV on so that you can watch TV while you drift off to sleep.; however, this will obviously take up quite a bit of surface space on your dressing table, which might be a problem if you wanted a mirror on it for applying make-up or a computer for doing work on.

You should also check the distance between the foot of your bed and the dressing table because you need enough room to comfortably walk between the two. A dressing table will also usually have a stool or chair with it, and this might impede the walkway between the two pieces of furniture if it is an office chair or a large luxury chair.