What Wall Color Goes with Gray Bathroom Cabinets? (12 Excellent Options)

Gray bathroom cabinets can work with a range of wall colors because gray is a neutral shade. Here we look at the best wall colors to go with gray bathroom cabinets for a stylish finish.

Should Walls be Lighter than Bathroom Cabinets?

Light Walls

Light Walls

Bathroom walls do not need to be painted lighter than the cabinets, but typically this is the most common way a bathroom is decorated. This is because light colors are generally accepted as having the effect of making a small room appear bright and airy.

As most bathrooms tend to be among the smallest rooms in a home, it makes sense that people choose to paint them a light color in hopes of making the space feel a little bigger than it really is.

Dark Walls

Dark Walls

Dark colors have a reputation of making a room feel small and enclosed, but actually, this is an outdated belief that is falling out of favor with interior designers and home decorators.

Dark colors with high saturation and intensity can actually bring increased depth to a room, making a small space seem larger. For this reason, you should consider painting your bathroom walls in a color that is darker than bathroom cabinets.

Bathrooms, as a room which people don’t spend much time in and which don’t occupy much square footage in a home, represent a good opportunity to try out a dark color on the walls that you might not be confident enough to use in a more common room like a living room or bedroom.

Bright Walls

Bright colors, on the other hand, should be avoided. Bright colors have the ability to absorb light to make a room feel smaller, and they can also be overwhelming in a compact space.

Contrasting Walls

Contrasting Walls

Whether you choose to paint your walls in a lighter or darker shade than your cabinets, you should try to ensure a contrast between the two.

This could be a shade contrast, for example, dark gray cabinets and light gray walls, or it could be a color contrast such as cool gray cabinets with warm beige walls. A contrast between the two main components of the room creates interest in the space and adds depth to prevent the space from feeling flat.

Wall Colors for Dark Gray Bathroom Cabinets

If you have dark gray bathroom cabinets, you can contrast these with a light shade of paint on the wall. This will create interest in the space and make it visually appealing. Using contrasting colors can also make your color choices pop and stand out better.

Another option with dark gray cabinets is to paint the walls an even darker shade to create a moody and intimate atmosphere in the bathroom.


White Walls and Dark Gray Bathroom Cabinets

White is, without doubt, the most popular color choice for bathroom walls. As most bathrooms are a small size compared to other rooms in the home, white is a good choice to make the space feel bright and airy.

White reflects light, so it’s a great choice in bathrooms that receive plenty of natural light, creating the illusion that the room is larger than it really is. As most bathroom ceilings are also painted white, having white walls ensures the ceilings and walls blend together to create an endless look that also contributes to making the room feel open and spacious.

Gray and white are a classic color pairing, so dark gray cabinets will look elegant and sophisticated next to white walls. While pale gray cabinets with white walls will look breezy and casual, dark gray cabinets with white walls create a starker contrast that makes for a more stylized, contemporary look.

To avoid allowing white walls to look basic, choose accents such as dark gray picture frames to hang on the walls, and ground the room with gray floor tiles.

Pale Gray

Pale Gray Walls and Dark Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Dark gray bathroom cabinets and pale gray walls will look ultra-modern and create a layered look that is enormously popular in interior design right now.

By using different shades of the same color throughout the room, you create a tonal effect which is almost like seeing a color photograph in black and white or sepia effect. To pull off this look in a bathroom, keep all of the color choices within the same spectrum but alter the shade.

With grays, make sure they all have the same tone, as the hues in gray colors can vary dramatically. For cool dark gray cabinets, paint the walls in a cool pale gray, and use cool grays in varying shades for accessories such as hand towels and soap dispensers.

Light Blue

Light blue walls with dark gray bathroom cabinets

Light blue walls with dark gray bathroom cabinets create a soothing feel, which is ideal in a room where you want to relax and take care of yourself. You can use this color scheme for various styles to create a spa-like retreat or a beach-themed casual bathroom.

Choose pale shades of blue with gray or dusky undertones for a calming effect or brighter shades of light blue for a more cheerful energy.

Light Green

Light green walls with dark gray bathroom cabinets

Light green is a stunning choice in a bathroom with dark gray cabinets, creating the effect of being in an invigorating rainforest. Green is a refreshing and inspiring color that can make you feel energized, which is perfect for getting you ready to face the day.

Gray and green are both cool shades, so they complement each other nicely, though they are different enough to offer subtle contrast. Choose pale shades of olive or sage green for a contemporary appeal in your bathroom.


Beige Walls and Dark Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Beige is a classic neutral color that is popular in bathrooms. It is a warm shade that can help to balance out the cool energy in dark gray bathroom cabinets and make for an inviting space.

Beige is commonly used in hotel and spa bathrooms, so using this color on your bathroom walls with fluffy white towels can help to recreate this look.


Black Walls and Dark Gray Bathroom Cabinets

If you want to create a deep and moody feel in your bathroom, then opt for black walls and dark gray cabinets. Although these are both dark colors, there should be a difference of at least two shades between the two to ensure distinction and subtle contrast.

Use metallic accessories such as gold-framed mirrors and gold soap dishes to achieve a glam and luxe feel.

Wall Colors for Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Light gray bathroom cabinets can be complemented with dark walls, or you can select a light color for a cohesive breezy effect.


White Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets

White walls with pale gray bathroom cabinets will make for an informal, airy space. Choose other pale shades in the room, such as white tiles and a light gray floor, to maintain the casual, easy appeal.

White is known for helping a small space feel bigger, but it can also feel cold and clinical in some lights. To prevent this from happening, you could choose a warm shade of off-white such as cream or ivory.

These colors will have an imperceptible hint of beige in them, which ensures the room will feel more welcoming rather than hostile.


Light gray bathroom cabinets can be contrasted with green painted walls either light-green or dark green.

With on-trend colors currently including forest green, dark mossy green, and emerald green, these shades are rich and intense, ensuring even small bathrooms have the feeling of endless depth.

Shades of green have the ability to feel like neutrals even though they are quite bold colors. Enhance the natural vibe by adding houseplants to your bathroom and pale gray accents to tie in the cabinets.

Light Green Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets
Light Green Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets


Blue and gray are a classic color combination that has cool undertones in common; so the gray cabinet will work well with either light blue or dark blue.

Dark Blue

Like dark shades of green, dark blue walls in a bathroom can create the illusion of depth. Opt for striking shades of dark blue such as sapphire and navy. These colors are soothing and easy to be around, ensuring they won’t make a small space feel overstimulated.

Dark Blue Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Light Blue

Light blue also goes fairly well with light gray as these both create a soothing and comfortable atmostphere for the bathroom. Match your bathroom towels to your light gray cabinets for a cohesive look, or choose white towels to complement the light blue walls.

Light Blue Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets
Light Blue Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets


Black Walls and Light Gray Bathroom Cabinets

If you want to contrast light gray bathroom cabinets with a dark color, then black is the ultimate dark shade. Black walls in a bathroom will create an intimate atmosphere which is popular in art deco interior design styles. Choose a white marble tile backsplash and a gray or white floor to contrast the black walls and add elegance to the space.

Dark Tan

Dark Tan Walls

Light gray bathroom cabinets and dark tan walls will create a high-end luxury feel in a bathroom. These two neutral colors have opposing warm and cool energy, which balance each other out to make the space feel modern yet comforting.

Ensure your dark tan paint is heavily pigmented for a depth of color to contrast the light gray cabinets and accent the bathroom with touches of gold and white, for example, gold faucets and white towels, to further add to the luxury style. Maintain clean lines and minimize clutter to create the feel of a fancy hotel bathroom where you want to retreat to.