What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors (6 Compatible Ideas)

Dark hardwood floors are super sophisticated and stylish in any space. They add a smooth and polished look, especially when paired with an attractive dining table. But if you choose the wrong furniture color, you’ll run the risk of making your dining room too heavy or overwhelming.

If you’re wondering what color dining table goes with dark wood floors, you must know that keeping a tonal balance will prevent your space from appearing too dark. But not every dining table goes with dark wooden floors.

Colors, such as gray, white, browns, and light wood can make your dining table stand out, but the trick is to incorporate these colors into a room with dark hardwood flooring so they complement your space. You’ll be surprised to learn that darker table colors also work with dark wooden floors.

To give you some inspiration, here are our top dining table color choices that look beautiful on dark wooden floors.

Best Dining Room Table for Dark Wood Floor



A white dining table on dark wooden floors produces a modern and clean vibe. The contrast between the dark wood and white furniture creates a fresh feel that brings depth to the room. Since everything goes with white, this is the best color for a dining table to match your dark wood floor. After all, white will complement your wood floor as well as change the vibe in the room.

In addition, it helps make the room visually larger by complementing the other lighter colors. So if you want to add a dramatic contrast to your dark wood floors, consider a white dining table with matching chairs as shown in this example of chic dining room seating on dark brown wood floors.

Light Gray

Light Gray

Gray is a fantastic color for a dining table. This modern color pairs well with dark wood floors, especially if the floor is dark gray. Matching a light gray dining table to dark gray floors can produce a powerful and characteristic ambiance to the dining room or kitchen. To enhance the visual appeal of your room, add a gray couch and rug to blend with the table and flooring.

Gray is a cool shade that can neutralize the dark gray floors and bring balance to the modern space. Moreover, a light gray dining table helps enhance the dark gray floor’s elegance, thus making it an excellent choice for modern spaces.

Just imagine how contemporary your kitchen and dining room will look with dark gray wood flooring, light gray table and chairs and matching cabinets! Note this idea works best in rooms with plenty of natural light.

Light Brown

Light Brown

When it comes to partnering the dark wood flooring with a dining table color, you can pretty much experiment with any brown color. Light wood, for example, brings perfect balance between your floor and table.

Light brown is an attractive color that many homeowners prefer pairing with their dark gray or brown floors. In fact, a light brown table with dark brown chairs can blend well with brown kitchen cabinets and other neutral furnishings. Whether you use light or dark furniture colors to pair with your table and floor, you’re sure to give your dining room a positive vibe.

With a light brown dining table, your room will appear more inviting thanks to the combination of earthy, brown tones. This is proven in the example shown here, with the open-plan kitchen/dining room boasting a beautiful light brown pine table on dark wood floors.

Mid-Tone Brown

Mid-Tone Brown

For a more rustic aesthetic in your dining room, consider pairing a mid-toned brown dining table to match the wood floor. Choosing the same shade of brown will bring a cohesive look to a modern dining room. When you partner your mid-tone brown table and chairs with white walls and brown shelves, there will be enough contrast between the brown and the white.

The medium tone of this brown wooden table matches the hardwood flooring. The white wall is the perfect backdrop to this color combination, so you can blend other lighter colors into this mix. Even a beige wall goes beautifully with a medium brown table, chairs and floors. The end result is an inviting and warm atmosphere as you can see here.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Now how about an even darker shade of brown for the table to match your dark brown wood floors? This is the perfect choice for white kitchen/dining rooms.

By matching your wooden table with the exact color of the hardwood flooring, you’re sure to create a coordinated look. When you add white cabinets to this combination, the dark brown won’t feel too heavy or overwhelming as proven in this example of a contemporary dining room with a white kitchen.



Just because you have dark wood floors in your dining room or kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a black dining table. If you’re worried the two color combo will make your space dark or heavy, you can always add a beige or white rug under the table.

In a room with large windows and white walls, a black dining table with black and white chairs brings a chic and elegant feel to the place. Just like you can see here, the contrast between the black furniture and dark brown flooring works pretty well. The dining room doesn’t feel dark or dingy thanks to the large windows thanks to the white trim, large windows and taupe walls.

Black dining furniture is becoming popular as it adds a sophisticated and modern touch in a dining room. Just be sure to add some white or beige elements around the room in order to lighten up the space.

How Do I Match a Dining Table Color To My Dark Wood Floor?

When you’re deciding on the best matching dining table colors for your dark hardwood flooring, you need to take into account the entire interior decor of your home. The wall colors, curtains, rugs and other accent pieces all play a role in how you coordinate the color of your dining furniture with your dark wood floor.

Light color dining tables, for example, can look lost or out of place in a white background. On the other hand, if your walls are red or yellow, your light brown dining table will look stunning on a dark wood floor.

To highlight the dining table, choose a color that contrasts the wood floor. For instance, a dark brown or black dining table contrasts the light walls or window coverings, but it won’t stand out on a dark wood floor.

Keep in mind the contrast you want to create doesn’t have to be too powerful, so it can be as easy as a light-tone or medium-tone mahogany dining table on a dark wood tone floor. This can be a complete contrast to the dark hardwood flooring.

Texture is another excellent way to make your dining table stand out on the dark wood floor. For example, a rustic, heavy wooden table will add a lot of texture on a smooth and polished hardwood floor. Since contrast adds dimension to a space, you can always match your dark table with the dark wood floor without losing visual interest.

Dark wood floors have an air of sophistication and formal look about them, thus bringing a dramatic touch to the dining room. The key is to offset the dark hardwood floor to the entire dining room furniture so that the room doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Perhaps the best trick is to choose a dining table that’s one or two shades lighter than the dark wood floor. This will help lighten up the dining room. Another idea is to use a two-toned table with lighter color legs and chairs to help create balance on a dark wood floor.

By using a light-colored dining table on a dark wood floor to provide that visual separation will bring a pop of brightness to your room. Add a light color area rug to this combination to further lighten up the space.

In Closing

The dining table color you choose for your dark wood floors will ultimately be the one you like the most. Depending on whether your dining room is decorated in dark or light colors, you want a style of dining table that stands out as the centerpiece of the room.

In light and airy rooms, we recommend a mid-tone or dark table for dark wood floors. On the flip side, if your dining room or kitchen is already decorated in dark colors, go for a white or light wood table and chairs.