What Color Bedding Goes With White Furniture (8 Luxurious Options)

When you have a bedroom with white furniture, you can use any bedding color to complement your neutral furniture.

White is a simple, fresh, and harmonious color that makes an excellent option for the bedside tables, dressers, bed frames and headboard among the rest. By using this color, you can ensure a tranquil environment in your bedroom.

But what color bedding goes with white furniture? This depends on your own decor and style taste. White is like a blank canvas that works with both bold and neutral hues, including browns, blues, greens, gold, and black. If you prefer dark bedding colors, make sure they suit the intended theme of your bedroom.

To help you incorporate your white bedroom furniture with the right bedding colors, take a look at our following ideas right here:

Best Bedding Colors to Complement White Furniture


Beige WhiteFurniture

Beige bedding is an ideal accent color for a bedroom with white furniture. As a warm hue, beige is a cross between brown and cream, which instantly draws the eye to the bedding. The soothing undertone of beige brings much warmth to the bedroom with white furniture.

This neutral color is a perfect balance between relaxation and vibrancy while still retaining the consistent crisp look of the white furniture throughout the room.

In classic French-style bedrooms, like the one shown here, the white furniture highlights the beige bedding and lifts the ambiance of the room by making it feel comfier.


Gray White Furniture

Gray is another timeless neutral bedding color that can bring a stylish flair to a bedroom with white furniture. This popular color is a cool-toned pairing next to white, which helps create texture.

For those who are after a layered dimensional look, a combination of gray bedding with white furniture can add a subtle warmth to the space.

Just as you can see here, there is no denying the modern cozy ambiance of neutral-colored furniture with gray bedding. The chosen gray shade in this bedroom has spread a visual statement by coordinating the balance between the two neutral colors.


Torquoise White Furniture

While any shade of blue complements white, in order to create a more sleek color pairing, why not consider turquoise for your bedding as a bright and bold option. This gorgeous shade of blue brings a softer visual appearance that helps it blend with the surrounding elements.

When you want to bring a sense of airiness to your bedroom, a typical color that pops to mind is usually blue. But you don’t have to paint the walls in this color. Simply combine your white furniture with turquoise bed sheets and comforter for an ultimately fresh vibe.

Thanks to the light and bright appeal of turquoise, it can look dream-like next to white, while at the same time spark an enriching look in the overall style of the bedroom.


Green White Furniture

When it comes to adding a vibrant and outdoorsy touch to your bedroom with white furniture, no color does it quite like green. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to bring a nice balance in their bedroom. Green emits calm and as a bedding color, it is hugely popular in both traditional and modern spaces.

But which shade of green should you choose for the bedding? While most shades work well with white bedroom furniture, we think a cool-toned green shade like British Racing or Castelton green can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Just as you can see here, the dark green bedding is the focal point of this neutral bedroom. Notice the plant-themed wall decor and bedside plants as the finishing touch to this green and white bedroom.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown White Furniture

Using earthy colors for a bedroom with white furniture can be an instant way to eliminate the coldness of white. Dark brown is one such color that we suggest for the bedding as its cozy, rich contrast to white is a sure way to add color to your bed.

In this minimalist style bedroom example, the chocolate brown bedding has set the tone by breaking in the bright, vivid white as an energizing color scheme. The powerful visual impact of this bedroom is instantly noticable as the earthy-toned dark brown bedding blends easily with the white elements.


White White Furniture

In bedrooms with white furniture, going for an all-white design may take some courage as it’s not for everyone. But if you’re into a minimalist or Scandinavian style interior, consider an all-white color scheme for an ultra modern look.

Note this option only works for clutter-free spaces, so if you want to achieve a sleek design, minimize the number of furniture you use in your all-white bedroom.

Just as you can see here, the all-white bedroom gives the space total tranquility. The Scandinavian theme suggests this is the place to lay down in the refreshing white bed and just relax in your own oasis.

The white furniture really stands out here, with the large window boosting the airiness of the room. If you want to add some color to this neutral space, go for metallic lamps in black or a gold-framed mirror.


Black White Furniture

As a direct contrast to white, consider the ultimate in dark bedding colors: black! This classic color is a bold and versatile option for a bedroom with white furniture. When used as the bedding, black brings a beautiful contrast with the white furniture so it’s fair to say you can create a monochromatic look in this case.

Black bedding gives any style bedroom a sophisticated feel. And as a plus point, black won’t show those unsightly yellow stains like white sheets!


As a luxurious and glam color, a lavish gold bedding can easily combine with white bedroom furniture for an extravagant vibe. Although this warm, metallic color isn’t typically considered for bedding, it can still bring a rich contrast to your white bedroom furniture.

Whether your gold bedding has light golden or dark brown undertones, you can be sure of successfully coordinating this color with your white bedroom furniture. Include some accent pieces or decorative details in gold for a cohesive design.

Why Choose White Furniture for the Bedroom?

There is something luxurious about white that emits a sense of calmness. This sophisticated color has the power to transform a bedroom into a stylish sleeping haven. As a safe and clean color, white is often the preferred choice for furniture. But if you’re still pondering about why you should choose this color for your bedroom furniture, here are some reasons to convince you:

  • White has a fresh, clean feel which makes it perfect to use all year round. As a furniture color, white is so versatile that you can enjoy its cool tone in both summer and winter.
  • As a backdrop to your bed, white furniture frames the bedroom beautifully so you can showcase any artwork in the room as the centerpiece.
  • White furniture lasts just as long as any other plus dirt or dust doesn’t show on the surface as easily as darker colors.

You may already have seen the classic French bedroom furniture, which is typically in white. The crisp, luxurious flair of white bedroom furniture makes it ideal for modern or contemporary bedrooms. It is simple yet functional and oozes elegance like no other color.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of adding white furniture to your bedroom is the versatility of this color. It allows you to incorporate your own taste and style into your bedroom. So whether you adore a modern, mid-century or French classic design, white bedroom furniture is always a great choice.

Is White Bedroom Furniture Easy to Maintain?

White bedroom furniture not only brings a fresh and peaceful vibe to your bedroom, but it’s also not as hard to maintain as some people think. Taking some precautions before cleaning your furniture will ensure it can be preserved in its original hue.

Since white furniture surfaces don’t absorb light, they don’t attract dust as much as darker colors. Therefore, with routine cleaning, you can ensure the original hue of your white furniture remains intact.

For whitewashed bedside tables or dressers, use a soft, moist cloth to wipe off the dust stains. In comparison with matte paint, glossy white furniture is the easiest to clean using a gentle detergent and soft sponge. And as for little touch-ups, if your white furniture is made of natural wood, it will be super easy to apply glossy paint finish to preserve its original hue.