What Color Bedding Goes with Gray Walls (11 Great Choices)

A bedroom is never complete without bedding. After all, a beautiful bedspread and comforter can add much-needed color to a gray walled bedroom. A well-coordinated bedding color scheme that goes with gray walls can definitely refresh the whole room.

If you’re wondering what color bedding goes with gray walls, you’ll be pleased to know that generally, any neutral and bold color will blend in with gray.

Since gray is a versatile hue to play with, you won’t find it challenging to pair it with most other colors.

Here we have listed the most suitable bedding colors that work with gray walls and liven up a neutral bedroom decor.

11 Bedding Colors that Work with Gray Walls

Dark Green

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Green is a color closely associated with nature. It makes a great choice for a gray walled bedroom. Rich, dark shades of green paired with brown furniture will create an elegant and down-to-earth vibe.

Mint green is one such shade that can bring a cozy feel to a gray walled bedroom. You can however, pick any green shade you like for your bedding as it’s sure to stand out against the neutral backdrop.


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As an integral part of any bedroom decor, a rich shade of red with gray walls adds a vibrant vibe to the space. Red is a bright and lively color, so whether you pick your bedspread or sheets in this color, you can blend it with some gray and white shams for a unique edge.

The rest of your bedroom decor can be limited to light gray so that your red bedding remains as the center of attention. There is no denying how attractive a deep shade of red is in a gray-walled bedroom, so if you want to jazz up your bedroom’s interior, choose this color for the bedding set. If you find red so intense for a bedroom, you can balance red with other neutral colors such as using a red black, and white bedding set


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Floral patterns bring freshness to any space. These prints are sure to liven up your gray walled bedroom. You may pick pastel floral prints as they will lend a warm effect to the bedroom’s ambiance.

Floral prints in purple and blue, for example, work wonderfully as bedding in a gray walled bedroom. That said, floral bedding sets are most preferred in teenage or feminine-style bedrooms. For masculine bedrooms, you may opt for animal prints instead.


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Do you prefer a clean and crisp bedding set in your gray walled bedroom? Then how about white bed sheets and shams to bring a calming atmosphere to your bedroom.

White sheets have a calming effect on the mind so if you want to keep things simple, go with this option. White works especially well with dark gray walls, but to spice up your bedroom decor, add some colorful flowers to your side table for a relaxing feel.


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Did you know you can use gray on gray and still make your bedroom bedding stand out? The trick is to choose a different shade of gray for your bedding.

For example, if your gray walls are in a light tone, choose charcoal gray bedding for an exotic vibe. You may use one single shade of gray throughout your bed as this will feel more comforting than multiple shades.

On the flip side, if your walls are painted dark gray, choose silvery gray for the bedding set.

Navy Blue

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Navy is a dark shade of blue that’s always recommended with gray since both are cool colors. Navy bedding looks especially amazing with light gray walls as it’s a darker tone.

You may choose plain navy bedding or patterned ones for a unique vibe. Add light accessories to this color scheme and throw a navy rug to complete the look.

This dark shade of blue is ideal for the comforter and bed sheets, while you may pick a light shade of blue or gray for the shams and bedspread.


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A purple bedding may not be the first idea that pops to mind, but as long as you choose the right intensity of purple, it can be subtle yet sophisticated.

Purple is a bold and powerful color, so it makes sense to accent it with a gray walled bedroom. By opting for purple bedding, your bedroom can get a whole new vibe thanks to this moody and mysterious hue. Both purple and gray are cool hues, which makes them ideal for blending in with jewel-toned accents.

The combination of gold or metal accessories with a purple bedding and gray walls will undoubtedly give your bedroom a mysterious ambiance.


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Now how about we introduce the cool gray bedroom walls with a sunny yellow bedding. This color combo is without doubt a welcoming scheme as yellow is associated with happiness and energy.

This uplifting color can be used for the bedspread and shams, with the addition of a black comforter to complete the look. A pastel yellow hue can also be used as an accent color for the throw pillows as well as the bedside lamp.

This bright and sunny color won’t overwhelm the bedroom, but rather, it will inject some fun and brightness into the neutral space.

If you want to go even bolder than sunny yellow, citrus yellow is a crisp version with a deeper saturation that injects positivity into the gray walled bedroom.

Just imagine this shade for your duvet cover and throw pillows. It is enough to lift up the space when combined with a strong shade of gray. You may even sharpen the room’s ambiance by adding black and white accessories.

Coral Pink

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Coral pink is a little darker than actual pink, with a slight orange undertone. This shade pairs well with a bedroom’s gray walls, together with metallic or gold accessories for a polished look.

This shade of pink is especially ideal for girls’ bedrooms. For a nautical feel, include sky blue accessories as they can completely transform your gray walled bedroom.

Pastel Pinks

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Other shades of pinks bring a more striking and powerful contrast to your gray walled bedroom. Pastel pinks next to dark gray walls promote harmony and peace.

This means you will feel relaxed sleeping on pretty pink sheets and pillows. The bedding can be the centerpiece of your gray walled bedroom as it diverts attention from the neutral walls without appearing overwhelming or dramatic.

As an alternative to pastel pink hues, brighter shades can be especially attention commanding, so feel free to pick fuschia, strawberry or even hot pink for the blankets or pillows. They are sure to draw the eye to the center of the bed rather than the gray walls!


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Brown isn’t a common bedding color that people normally think of when pairing their gray walls with. However, this warm color can be very versatile next to cool shades of grays.

Whether you choose light tan or a darker shade like chocolate brown or coffee, the combination of gray and brown can make a beautiful pairing.

Did you know gray and brown are both considered as neutral colors? Brown bedding with or without patterns or prints can lift the overall mood of a modern or rustic gray walled bedroom, so don’t overlook this color option for your room.

How Do I Brighten Up My Gray Walled Bedroom?

A gray walled bedroom doesn’t have to feel and look gloomy. Depending on the gray’s undertone and how dark it is, there are so many bright color combinations that can liven up your room.

Use bold accent colors for the throw pillows, curtains and floor covering to brighten up your gray walled bedroom. Light, neutral colors, such as white or off-white can also brighten up the gray bedroom.

If your bedroom walls are painted in warm gray tones, pair them with mustard yellow or creamy white accessories. For lighter gray walls, contrast them with bright pinks or purple bedding shades. A combination of bold and soft colors can look stunning next to muted grays.

For mid-toned grays, nature-inspired accent colors can be an excellent combination. Deep greens and blues are subtle yet soothing colors just like pinks and yellows as powerful hues that can energize and stimulate your sleeping space.

If, however, you want to create a clean, classic look in your gray walled bedroom, opt for black and white accessories as well as some indoor plants to brighten up the space and soften the mood.

In Closing

Gray walls in a bedroom emit a modern and trendy vibe. However, when it comes to combining this neutral color with your bedding, the options can be overwhelming.

Some of the most popular bedding color choices for gray walled bedrooms include pinks, blues, browns, whites and yellows. Taking inspiration from our list of suggestions ensures your bedroom’s overall mood is instantly uplifted and your space is given a whole new look.