What Color Bedding Goes with Cream Walls: 13 Attractive Options

When your bedroom has cream walls, you can incorporate a number of bedding colors that complement the neutral walls. A bedding set usually comprises pillow shams, sheets and the bedspread, among others. Making your cream walls work with your bedding color will ensure a more comfortable bedroom.

If you’re wondering what color bedding goes with cream walls, here are some suggestions:

  • Subtle or neutral tones
  • Bold or contrasting colors
  • Warm colors

Here we have put together a list of the best bedding color options that work with cream walls, so you can make the right decision when styling your bedroom.

Best Bedding Colors that Go with Cream Walls


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White bedding makes a cream walled bedroom feel lighter and airier. Since cream isn’t the same tone as white, the combination adds dimension to the room.

A bright white bedding used in combination with wooden bed frame and cream walls can spruce up an otherwise bland room. This is by far the most popular bedding color to pair with neutral walls. But in case you find white a little monotonous, there is always the option of off-white bedding.


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Another neutral bedding color that goes very well with cream walls is sand or beige. You can pick the same shade of beige for your pillow shams, bed skirt and the comforter, while going with off-white bed sheet and bedspread colors to match the walls.

You don’t need to repeat the same beige tone throughout your bedding, but this would bring a more cohesive design to the cream walled bedroom.

Beige is a subtle and neutral color that’s softer than brown but less dominating. This muted tone gives depth to the cream walled bedroom without making the room feel overwhelmed.

Chocolate Brown

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To capitalize on your cream wall color, why not add dark chocolate brown bedding to compliment your color scheme. Brown and cream are both from the same color family so it makes sense to pair them in a modern bedroom. A satin brown comforter with a matching bed sheet gives a cream walled bedroom an earthy and luxurious feel.

Chocolate brown is a warm tone that goes well with wooden bed frames and headboard. You can style the bedding by adding light brown throw pillows.

Lemon Yellow

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A bright and cheerful bedding color will transform your cream walled bedroom. Sunny or lemon yellow bedding paired with floral throw pillows add a colorful mix. Consider combining lemon yellow pillow shams and bed sheets with beige and tan pillows to complete this palette.


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Blue is a versatile color that’s most popular in bedrooms. This calming, serene color is an excellent bedding choice in a cream walled bedroom.

From admiral blue and azure to turquoise and navy, there are endless options. You may even blend this color with neutral or bold toned bedding. For example, opt for dark blue sheets, pillow shams and comforter, with off-white or beige throw pillows and blanket.

Gray and Light Neutrals

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As one of the most modern colors for any room, gray is the perfect pairing with your cream colored bedroom. Just as gray complements the walls, the flooring and bed frame can also match the bedding. This makes your bedroom design elegant and stately.

You don’t have to use gray throughout the bedding. Since this is a neutral color, pair it with other neutrals like tan or sandy beige. For example, add a stunning gray comforter and bedspread to the beige or sand ensemble along with white accents and matching pillow shams.

For the bed sheets and throw pillows, you may pick stripes or floral patterns for added texture. After all, who said gray is monotonous or bland? When it is blended with other colors and patterns, it will liven up a cream bedroom.

Gray and Brown

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A bedding set in brown and gray is certainly a compelling combination with cream walls. Whether you go for striped gray and brown or animal prints in this color duo, your bed will get a trendy look.

Opt for chocolate brown and light gray in the form of pillow shams and throw pillows layered with dark gray and light brown comforter and sheets.


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As a close color relative with brown, tan makes another great bedding color option next to cream walls. This nature-inspired color has a slight white or pink undertone just like the sand found in deserts.

When paired with cream walls and a dark brown bed frame, your bedroom will emit a sultry and earthy vibe. You may incorporate tan into your sheets, pillow shams and the comforter.

Pastels and Dark Greens

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A variety of pastel hues including dark green shades for the bedding can work wonders with cream walls. From pastel greens to rich teal, any deep and dominating color will work with neutral walls. You can even choose patterned pastel greens for the sheets with earthy brown stripes.

Dark green is an especially sought color for the bedding so consider olive, artichoke or forest greens as the most popular shades. This color palette is ideal in traditional style bedrooms with cream walls and wooden furniture as green is associated with nature.

Black and White

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With cream walls, a black and white bedding is the perfect addition to a classy bedroom. Add modern brown furniture to create a striking contrast against the cream walls, with black and white striped sheets, bedspread, pillows and shams to complete the look.

You can also add white sheer curtains with black drapes for a contemporary feel in your bedroom.

Bold or Contrasting Colors

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If you’re not into subtle tones, then how about a more exciting bedding color that contrasts cream walls? Purple is one such color that will look amazing next to cream walls. Any shade will work, from lavender and lilac to periwinkle and violet. For example, you can mix lavender satin sheets with lilac pillow shams and a periwinkle comforter for a regal and luxurious look.

A combination of purple bedding with white accents can create depth to the cream walled bedroom. You may also add floral throw pillows in purple shades to pull together the regal design of the bedroom or spice up your bed with an all-purple bedspread.


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A warm red shade can inject some life and character into a cream walled bedroom. Since the walls are bright enough, a rich, deep burgundy or cherry red will bring warmth to the room. You can also combine your red bedding with a white or beige bed frame and accessories. Red comes in many different light and dark tones, so it won’t be tricky to find the most attractive bedding to pair with your cream walls.


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As an alternative to red, orange bedding can also spruce up your cream bedroom. But to avoid this color from overwhelming the room, opt for pumpkin or burnt orange.

Can I Mix Patterned Bedding with Cream Walls?

Yes of course! Patterned bedding looks great with cream walls. Whether you prefer motif, printed fabrics or geometric patterns, they can easily be integrated with neutral walls. This combination will help bring visual interest to your bedroom, especially if you use bright, contrasting bedding colors.

How Do I Liven Up My Cream Walled Bedroom?

You can use the following tricks to spruce up your cream walled bedroom:

  • Use sheer white curtains to allow lots of daylight to enter the room. You can add a secondary drape for privacy when you need it.
  • Instead of using dark fixtures, go for light or neutral colored ones.
  • Pick off-white or crisp white bedroom accessories to reflect more light into your bedroom. In addition to reflecting light, whites make the bedroom appear larger than it is, thus making them a perfect match with cream walls.
  • When you’re decorating your cream walled bedroom, you must make the most of textures by using various fabric shades. By pairing different layers with your cream walls, you can create a more restful haven.

If you wish to keep the focus on your bed rather than the cream walls, pair them with soft, neutral furniture and contemporary lighting. For throw pillows, opt for beige or red and pair them with woven rattan baskets to embrace nature and emit a truly earthy vibe.

Lastly, include some gold accessories to the mix or an ornately designed headboard to complete the look and liven up your cream walled bedroom.

In Closing

If you’re looking for the best bedding color to complement your cream walled bedroom, consider bold or subtle tones, including grays, whites, pastels and warm colors. Of course, each bedding color option depends on the vibe you want to create for your bedroom.

Aside from the bedding color, you can also inject your own personality by using patterned bedding. Hopefully, our article has provided you with some inspiration to brighten up your cream walled bedroom using the most complementing bedding colors.