16 Wallpaper Matching Curtains that Make Great Pairs

Curtains are an important element of any room and are usually the final touch in the remodeling of a home. They not only make the room feel more comfortable, but they also create a homely atmosphere. To complete your interior decor, consider matching your curtains with wallpapers.

Choosing the right color and pattern combos will bring texture to your space and create a warm feeling. However, it is important to know which pairings work best, as your interior design may end up looking dull or bland.

Before we show you the best wallpaper-matching curtains, here are some useful pointers to bear in mind:

The Selection Rule of Matching Wallpaper with Curtains

– The first rule is not to be tempted to buy fabric of a similar shade for your curtains as you don’t want to completely repeat the color of the wallpaper. This will make your interior tasteless. The curtain’s color should differ by one or two shades. For example, if your wallpaper is white, the curtain should be beige or light brown or vice versa.

– You may also choose contrasting combos – just make sure the color of the pairings belongs to the same color group. Warm tones can make the room appear smaller, whereas cold tones will visually expand the space.

– In brighter rooms, it’s best not to go for light-color curtains with patterns as this will look bland. To bring your room to life, pick dark-color curtains with ivory wallpaper.

– For a mix of different shades, consider the style of your interior decor before picking the right curtains and wallpaper. For rustic-style rooms, for example, it is better to buy vintage or rustic wood wallpaper paired with classic curtains.

Floral curtains are extremely popular in both modern and traditional homes. These curtains are best suited with floral or nature-themed wallpaper to create a seamless look.

With these quick pointers in mind, let’s now take a look at our best picks of wallpaper and curtain pairings:

8 Matching Wallpaper and Curtain Combinations

1a. Multicolor Floral Wallpaper by HAOKHOME

HaokHome 93005-2 Floral Wallpaper Peel and Stick Watercolor Cactus

The floral patterns of this wallpaper ooze elegance and style thanks to their vibrant colors. The watercolor design makes a graphic, and cool, statement. This wallpaper is a brilliant way of transforming a room in a matter of hours and bringing the outdoors in.

The soft colors of pink, navy blue, orange, and green instantly catch attention. And on top of all this, you’ll be pleased to know the wallpaper is just peel and stick! In addition, it is moisture and mold-proof, so you can apply it to your kitchen or bathroom walls if you wish.

1b. Light Blue Sheer Curtains by Ruthy’s Textile

Ruthy’s Textile 2 Piece Window Sheer Curtains Grommet Panels

Complete the look of your home with this stunning light blue window treatment. It will match your floral wallpaper perfectly. The curtain provides a simple and functional style thanks to its solid panel blending in with almost any interior decor.

The unique charm of the light blue curtain creates an inviting burst of energy that guarantees to spruce up your space instantly.

2a. Champagne Gold Glitter Wallpaper by DHHOUSE

Ruthy’s Textile 2 Piece Window Sheer Curtains Grommet Panels

For the ultimate luxury, go for this chunky gold wallpaper. The non-woven fabric boasts strong adhesive for quick installation.

The pre-paste wallpaper is peel and stick and will definitely bring out the sophistication in your room. Adding this gold glitter wallpaper with a matching curtain is sure to add tons of flair!

2b. Biscotti Beige Curtains by NICETOWN

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Eyelet Top Room Darkening Panels/Curtains/Drapes

Beige goes well with gold, so how about this microfiber curtain to dress your windows?

The biscotti beige color is the perfect shade that works with gold wallpaper. In fact, this curtain will work with almost every color combo, especially with gold glitter.

3a. Blue Chevron Patterned Wallpaper by RoomMates

RoomMates RMK9002WP Blue and Metallic Gold Chevron Stripe Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Modernize your interior with this blue striped wallpaper. It is peel and stick, offering a fun and exciting way to decorate your walls or create an accent feature.

Printed on high-quality vinyl, the wallpaper is easily repositionable and removable, thus making it a budget-friendly option.

3b. True Red Curtains by Deconovo

Deconovo Red Blackout Curtains for Christmas, Soundproof Curtains, Thermal Window Drapes

Complement the blue wallpaper with this bold red curtain as the perfect backdrop. The fabric is very soft to the touch with a silk-like texture that provides an opulent look.

The combination of blue and red colors will stand out in any room. Certainly, a chic way to decorate your room!

4a. Vintage Floral and Birds Wallpaper by Blooming Wall

Blooming Wall Vintage Fresh Floral Birds Wallpaper Wallpaper Wall Mural for Livingroom Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom

The gorgeous colors of the flowers and birds on this large-size wallpaper are sure to turn heads in any room. Why not give your interiors a complete and delicate makeover with matching curtains featuring similar patterns?

The floral theme is a popular one these days thanks to the advances in oil ink technology. Just keep in mind that the super thick wallpaper is not prepasted so you’ll have to buy some wallpaper glue before pasting it on the walls.

4b. Botanical Curtain by DriftAway

DriftAway Ada Floral Botanical Print Flower Leaf Lined Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Window Curtains

For an eye-catching look to completely overhaul your interior design, pair this botanical-themed curtain with your wallpaper. The room-darkening fabric allows plenty of privacy and light control. It is extremely soft to the touch and provides a classic look to any room.

The delicate floral line pattern of this curtain will instantly add sophistication to a vintage-style room, thus making it an easy way to bring style to your home.

5a. Starry Night Sky Wallpaper by wall26

Starry Night Sky Deep Outer Space – Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper

To capture the starry night sky, there is no need to buy expensive stargazing equipment. For a subtler approach, go for this innovatively designed wallpaper.

If you get a matching curtain with a similar pattern, you will have hit the right spot! It won’t leave any mark when removed unlike other cheap wall murals. For convenience, it is cut into six pieces and is ideal for a kid’s bedroom.

5b. Navy Blue Starry Curtains by NICETOWN

NICETOWN Kids Curtains, Navy Blue Romantic Star Curtains Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes for Kids Teenagers Bedroom Small Window

Get mesmerized by the unique starry pattern of this Navy blue curtain, giving the illusion of falling stars. The 3D hollow star design on the fabric filters the light entering the room through the stars.

When you draw these curtains at night, see how they twinkle under the lights. This is because of the waves in the curtain making the 3D stars lit up. When paired with the starry wallpaper, the curtain will add a dreamy vibe to your kid’s bedroom.

6a. Modern Silver Damask Wallpaper by Homdox

3D Damask Wallpaper, Modern Non-Woven Silver Flower Pattern Wallpaper Home Decor Wallpaper for Home Living Room Bedroom Indoor and TV Background

Another eye-catching design that will definitely become your room’s center of attention is this modern damask wallpaper in shiny silver. The extra thick, non-woven paper will look stunning as an accent wall in a formal living room or dining room.

To apply, you’ll need to buy wallpaper powder and glue separately. It must be applied to clean, smooth walls.

6b. Linen Texture Gray Curtains by jinchan

jinchan Linen Texture Curtains Light Reducing Grommet Top Drapes for Bedroom Living Room

To pair up your silver damask wallpaper with the right curtain, opt for this neutral gray curtain.

The soft gray panels filter 75% of light and provide absolute privacy. Gray and silver work beautifully together, especially in classic and modern interiors.

7a. Bohemian Style Orange and Blue Wallpaper by RoomMates

RoomMates RMK9126WP Orange and Blue Boho Medallion Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Want to enjoy a bohemian feel in your home? Then consider this two-color wallpaper combination to update your interior. The dark orange tone is set against light blue in a truly stylish and creative way. The whimsical boho-style wallpaper is peel-and-stick, so you can easily install it yourself.

Fun and fresh-looking wallpapers are an excellent option to decorate your home and make a unique statement. This boho wall mural is printed on high-quality vinyl that’s repositionable and removable, thus making it a budget-friendly choice.

7b. Ruffle Ivory Curtains by Lush Decor

Lush Decor, Ivory Nova Ruffle Window Curtain Panel Pair

Your boho-inspired wallpaper can be showcased with this elegant frilly curtain with ruffled details covering its entire panel. This interesting-looking curtain is lightweight and textured, but even though it is pure white, it doesn’t mean you won’t have complete control of your privacy.

The curtain is ideal for the living room, bedroom, and any other room that needs lightening up. Aside from working well with bohemian-style wallpapers, it’ll also look great with minimalist, shabby chic, vintage, and farmhouse-style themes in your space.

8a. Black and Green Lily Wallpaper by RoomMates

RoomMates RMK11433WP Black and Green Lily Pad Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Customize your room’s decor with this beautifully designed black and green lily wallpaper. The peel-and-stick wallpaper offers a fresh new alternative to decorating your home without much effort. Just peel off the backing and apply it to the wall.

The green-hued texture brings stillness to your room while adding depth. The color scheme is so versatile you can match it with any curtain color you like!

8b. Green Monstera Leaf Print Curtains by QQHOME

QQHOME Green Monstera Leaf Print Curtains for Home Decoration Polyester Fabric Semi Sheer Curtains Tropical Leaf Sheer Curtains

We did say you could match the black and green wallpaper with any curtain you liked, but why not go for the same color and pattern?

The lily flower design of the wallpaper will look beautiful with this Monstera leaf print. The translucent curtain works well in both casual and formal settings while offering a fresh new look to any room.

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8 Wallpaper Matching Curtains that Make Great Pairs