10 Rustic Barn Wood Wallpaper Backgrounds that Mimic Real Wood

Covering your walls with real wooden planks isn’t always a cost-effective or practical solution. For a much cheaper alternative, consider rustic barn wood wallpapers. Unlike real wood that accumulates dust and requires long-term maintenance, barn-wood patterned wallpapers are easy to care for and achieve the same authentic look in any room.

Thanks to advancements in technology, modern wallpaper designs now feature realistic barn plank imagery that bring an indoor wall to life.

Do you like the idea of rustic barn wood wallpapers instead of real wooden planks? Then take a look at our selection of the best peel and stick wallpapers from reputable brands:

Our Top Picks of Barn Wood Wallpapers

1. Reclaimed Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper From CiCiWind

Decorate your wall or furniture with this distressed barn wood wallpaper. It is easy to apply and only needs peeling to stick on the surface; no need to use extra adhesive. This retro brown vinyl wallpaper is easily removable without damaging the surface of the wall or furniture.

2. Weathered Wood Self-Adhesive Wallpaper From EeeComing

Here is another rustic wood wallpaper that can cover up to 10 square feet. This durable self-adhesive paper is super easy to install: just peel and stick, and grid the backing to cut the paper straight.
The realistic wood texture creates a vintage look and is perfect as an accent wall design or to protect shelves and furniture.
The wallpaper is made from eco-friendly material (high-quality vinyl) and is easy to clean.

3. Distressed Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper From RoomMates

This peel-and-stick wallpaper will revamp your rooms instantly. It doesn’t require any paste or extra adhesive to be applied on the walls or other surfaces. What we love about this particular wallpaper is that it offers twice as much per roll as most other wallpapers. It is easy to apply, so you won’t need to hire a professional for installation.
Each wallpaper roll comes with an adhesive backing, so you just need to peel and stick. And when you fancy a change, simply remove the paper from the surface and wipe it clean. The adhesive of the wallpaper is strong enough to stick to a clean surface, but it’s still gentle enough to remove without damaging the walls.
What’s more, the paper won’t shred to pieces, unlike many other wallpapers! And if that weren’t enough, this peel and stick wallpaper is made from washable vinyl that’s waterproof and thicker.

4. Gray Wood Waterproof Wallpaper From Livebor

This gray rustic barn wood wallpaper mimics the look of the real wood grain. The paper has been thickened with strong coverage and environmentally friendly material. This faux wood wallpaper is very easy to install as it only requires cutting and pasting.
It won’t leave any sticky residue on the surface thanks to the grid design on the back of the paper. This rustic design wallpaper is intended for use on vinyl, glass, walls, cabinets, and many more surfaces. No matter where you paste it on, it will create an authentic look.

5. Brown Wood Shiplap Wallpaper From Wenmer

This faux wood wallpaper is made from PVC and doesn’t tear easily. It is more durable than traditional wallpaper, with an authentic distressed wood appearance. It is ideal for almost any flat and clean surface. The superior stickiness of this wallpaper makes it easy to apply and just as easy to remove without causing damage to the painted walls.

For anyone who doesn’t want to spend much time and money on wallpapering their walls, this multi-purpose brown rustic barn wood wallpaper is a perfect choice. It covers any size of living room, kitchen, home office, or bedroom.

The rustic wood pattern gives a personalized and decorative look to any space, plus it is easy to install. As the wallpaper is self-adhesive, you just need to peel and stick it by cutting the paper using scissors.

6. Wood Grain Wallpaper From Fiula

For another easy-to-install rustic barn wood wallpaper, consider this realistic-looking wood grain paper that’s as easy as peel and stick. The self-adhesive and removable vinyl film comes with enough glue, so you won’t need to add extra adhesive to it.

The product is made from high-quality PVC, which is non-toxic, durable, thick, and waterproof. The vinyl film can be applied to walls, vinyl, crafts, bookshelves, kitchen counters, furniture, glass, and just about anywhere else in your home.

7. Shiplap Wood Plank Wallpaper From HaokHome

If you’re looking for a rustic barn wood wallpaper that’s mold and moisture-proof, then consider this shiplap design. It can be used for walls, drawers, countertops, cabinets, shelves, windows, and many more areas.

In fact, this peel and stick wallpaper can be applied on any clean, flat and smooth surface. DIY enthusiasts will enjoy installing this authentic-looking wallpaper in their homes. Just make sure you buy enough rolls to cover all the surfaces you wish to decorate.

8. Distressed Wood Wallpaper From MS magic

Our list of rustic barn wood wallpapers just gets better and better! Here is a stunning distressed wood wallpaper that covers almost 15 square feet per roll. It is easy to apply, just like all the other peel and stick products we’ve mentioned.

And even if you don’t get it completely straight the first time, you can easily remove and reposition the paper. It can be applied to any flat and smooth surface.

This budget-friendly wallpaper is made from durable vinyl, which means it won’t tear easily. The rustic wood paper is the perfect way to create a beautiful accent wall. Important: to achieve the best results, always apply the wallpaper at room temperature.

9. Self-Adhesive Rustic Wood Wallpaper From Abyssaly

For a larger size roll, go for this self-adhesive rustic wood wallpaper. It not only looks like real wood grain, but it also has a 3D visual effect in a warm color. The width of the faux wood board is 2.4 inches. Made from durable and thickened PVC material, this beautiful wallpaper provides strong coverage, is super easy to clean, and can be used for a variety of applications.

The peel and stick wallpaper is designed with an adhesive backing layer that can be peeled off and pasted. These papers come in pre-cut sizes for ease of use. To create unique shapes, simply trim the wallpaper using a utility knife. Put the paper on the wall or on the surface you want to cover. Any extras can be used for smaller items as decorative pieces.

10. Blue and Brown Wood Wallpaper From Dimoon

Our last product that stands out with its blue and brown rustic colors is this self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper. It is made from a waterproof material with a special wood grain design pattern.

For those who want to create an authentic nautical theme and feel closer to nature, this fusion of blue and brown wood wallpaper is a perfect choice. It can be applied on walls of the living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms as well as on cabinets, drawers or anywhere else you like!

Not sure how to apply the above peel and stick wallpapers in your rooms? Just follow these quick steps to get started with your DIY project:

Step 1. Clean the surface that you want to cover with wallpaper and make sure there are no dust particles or debris to affect the paste.

Step 2. Measure the size of the wall or the surface and check the measurement against the wallpaper size.

Step 3. Before using the wallpaper, design an attractive plan according to how you want in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

Step 4. Based on the size you measured, cut the wallpaper around 1 inch more than you need.

Step 5. If you’re applying the wallpaper on your own, it is recommended to first tear a section of the wallpaper from the corner before aligning the position to be pasted. The backing of the paper can be torn at the same time.

Step 6. If you can get the help of another person, then you can remove the backing paper while the other person tightens the ends of the wallpaper so it doesn’t wrinkle. You may use a scraper to flatten the wallpaper.

Step 7. If your wallpaper shows bubbles, you can easily remove them by using a sharp object, such as a knife or needle. Poke a small hole in the bubbles and squeeze out the rest. No need to tear the paper off and reattach it.

Step 8. Once you’ve applied the wallpaper to the surface, clean up the dust using a damp cloth. The rustic wood wallpaper will instantly stand out!

Wrapping it Up

Rustic barn wood wallpaper provides a relaxing and warming effect on any surface. Whether you want to create an accent wall or add a decorative touch to your cabinets, consider this inexpensive alternative to real wooden planks.

Unlike traditional wallpapers that are tricky to install, the peel and stick papers only take a few minutes to apply- and they look very authentic.

10 Rustic Barn Wood Wallpaper Backgrounds that Mimic Real Wood