15 Creative Ideas for Wall Decor Above Couch

So you’ve been staring at your blank wall above the couch for hours and wondering how to decorate it. This blank canvas is just waiting to be spruced up with your creativity! You can make this empty space look as simple or dramatic as you like by choosing the right items to hang from it.

Whatever you do, remember to keep the area cohesive and balanced. After all, you want to draw the eye towards the wall decor so it’s important to choose the decorative items carefully.

To help you decide on the best wall decor above couch, I’ve compiled 15 ideas with pictures to turn those bare walls into elegant centerpieces. Keep reading to find out.

1. Two Framed Prints

Two Framed Prints

Placing two large framed prints above the couch turns the focus from the furniture to the wall above it. But be sure to furnish the rest of the living room with smaller items, as shown here, in order to give the space a cohesive look.

A blend of strong colors in the form of cushions will complement the neutral decor, and the arrangement of the large framed prints on the wall should be more simplified than a gallery wall.

2. A Large Artwork or Painting

A Large Artwork or Painting

Hanging a large piece of artwork or painting will make the wall space feel simpler. Rather than having a few matching pictures, opt for one single piece. No matter what the color of the wall above the couch is, a large-scale painting or artwork will do the trick.

With a beige sofa against a dark accent wall, for example, it is easy to incorporate a large painting to make the small living room pop. In this room, the single piece of artwork on the dark blue wall has given the living room a polished feel. If you like a less cluttered and simpler wall decor above your sofa, then this is the look you should go for; just one piece of art in the middle of an accent wall. That’s it!

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a Gallery Wall

For larger living rooms, one piece of art just isn’t enough. In fact, it can even look lost among other furnishings. But worry not as a gallery wall can save the day. With a gallery wall, you can be as creative or dramatic as you like. Keep in mind that all the items you choose for your gallery must act as one and sync in harmony.

For example, if you love all things botanical, then consider displaying a gallery of framed plants. Your gallery wall must be the dominating feature of the living room so that it’s the first thing that draws the eye.

It’s best to plan how you’re going to display the prints by arranging them on the floor before hanging each one on the wall above the sofa. Here, the framed prints featuring plants and insects on the wall have become the main focal point of this living room.

4. Hang a Handmade Textile

Hang a Handmade Textile

When it comes to a more sophisticated and classic decorating trick for a neutral wall above the sofa, consider hanging a handmade textile, such as an authentic Moroccan rug, an old-fashioned tapestry, an embroidered fabric, or macrame, as shown here.

The unique fabric above the sofa has created a layered look in the neutral living room. And if you want to go one step further and make it look even more bohemian, choose colorful tapestries with floral patterns for an equally captivating decor idea.

5. Have a Display of Plates

Have a Display of Plates

A display of beautiful china plates above the sofa is another elegant wall decor idea. This is one decorating trick that has stood the test of time. Go for one set of dishes with intricate details and stunning colors. When arranging the plates above the sofa, start at eye level and work your way upward.

6. Go Big with Stylish Wallpaper

Go Big with Stylish Wallpaper

A large wall space above the sofa wouldn’t look complete without an elaborate wallpaper to accentuate it.

To make it as bold as possible, match the wallpaper’s pattern and color with the cushions as shown in this picture. See how the blend of black and white works perfectly with the accent wall above the sofa.

7. Floating Shelves for Storage

Floating Shelves for Storage

In smaller living rooms, storage is of utmost importance. Shelving above the sofa is a great way of displaying your trinkets and other accessories.

Floating shelves with attractive brackets can do wonders in a modern living room, especially if they are color-coordinated to match the rest of the room, like in this picture.

8. Hang a Sculpture

Hang a Sculpture

Interesting sculptures make stunning wall decor. With an array of options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a traditional piece of sculptured art on your wall.

Whether you go for wooden or metal sculptures, make sure you choose pieces that have a lot of depth so they bring out the wall space over the sofa.

9. Foliage Prints or Hanging Plants

Foliage Prints or Hanging Plants

Hanging a series of prints on the space above the sofa is an excellent way to create harmony. The color of your sofa should complement the color of the prints as shown here. See how the green wooden sofa blends beautifully with the small framed tropical leaves on the wall.

The use of plants on the wall space has livened up the room and added natural texture to the dark wall. In such expansive spaces, it makes sense to experiment with different color palettes that reflect the same theme, such as greenery.

10. A Wooden Shelving Unit

A Wooden Shelving Unit

Wooden shelving units go a long way in the space above your sofa. These shelves not only provide extra storage space on the wall, but they also do a great job of filling the empty space. By just using two low-standing shelves and placing all your decorative items on them, you can make a big impact.

Choose a mix of bold colors that match the cushions, as shown here. See how the space has brightened up with the help of the shelves without overpowering the sofa.

11. An Assortment of Colorful Books

An Assortment of Colorful Books

If you have lots of colorful books sitting around on your desk or under your bed, why not pull them out and place them on the wall above the sofa?

Displaying your books on shelves behind the sofa will naturally create interest and encourage you or your family to read. Arrange the books however you like and use as many as you wish.

12. A Symmetrical Grid

A Symmetrical Grid

When it comes to giving a sense of order to the wall space, symmetry plays an important part.

For those who love a serene look, creating a symmetrical room will provide a calming effect as it doesn’t distract the eye from what’s going on in the rest of the room. A grid of identical prints above the sofa is a great way to fill the bare space, but it also provides a symmetrical focal point as seen here.

13. Large Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock

If your sofa is positioned in the corner of the living room, the chances are you have limited space.

In a room with plenty of natural light, use the area well by hanging a large clock on the wall immediately above the sofa. This is a timeless style element that works well in both modern and traditional spaces.

14. A Statement Mirror

A Statement Mirror

There is no need to feel intimidated by the empty space above the sofa just because it’s so expansive. Think of it as a good opportunity to hang something dramatic like a statement mirror. This is a glamorous feature that will turn heads, so choose a mirror that will wow you.

In this room, a sun-shaped mirror draws the focus to the wall and brings in additional light. You don’t need to pair the mirror with any other decorative item as long as it matches the rest of your room’s decor. Having said that, you can add more variety to the wall space by hanging a macrame next to the mirror.

15. Map of the World

Map of the World

Show off all the countries you’ve traveled to by dedicating the wall space above the sofa to a map of the world. Maps are an excellent decorative item to add some history to a living room.

Maps come in all sizes and themes; they can be colorful, vintage, nautical, new, black and white…and the list goes on. You can easily find maps of the world in vintage stores, flea markets, or even in old atlases.

15 Creative Ideas for Wall Decor Above Couch