13 Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Selecting the perfect palette for your bedroom can be a transformative experience as it shapes the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary. The colors you choose for your walls will serve as the canvas for your space and set the stage for the entire room’s aesthetic.

Consider using two-color combinations on your bedroom walls instead of a conventional single shade, as this can significantly enhance the mood and style.

Interesting colors on their own aren’t enough to evoke powerful feelings unless they contrast with the right color combinations. It is, therefore, important to choose your pairs wisely.

Deciding on the best two-color combinations for bedroom walls doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here we’ve compiled some great bedroom color combinations that you’ll surely fall in love with. But before you start getting your paintbrush out, take the time to read through our following pointers:

Tips on Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Play with Contrasts: Bold, contrasting color combos capture attention. Try pairing a neutral with a vivid shade to create a stunning visual effect.

Feature Wall Focus: Paint one wall a neutral color and the other a rich, deep hue to establish a focal point. This technique draws the eye toward the feature wall.

Size Perception: Light colors tend to open up a room, making it appear more spacious. Dark shades conjure a snug, intimate vibe.

Half and Half: Two-color wall combos don’t have to be on two separate walls. You can paint the bottom half of the wall with a neutral color and the top half a darker color. Pairing two colors that consist of bold red, for example, with a softer, more delicate shade of cream, will help you achieve a balanced look.

Dynamic Splits: On the flip side, you don’t necessarily have to split the color of your wall in half. An uneven split can add dimension to a small bedroom so it is worth considering. You can, for example, add a small strip of your chosen color (a neutral tone) to the top half of the wall and create the illusion of height while adding a pop of color to the horizontal section of the wall.

Ceiling Accent: If your bedroom has a high ceiling, you can also paint the ceiling in an accent color so as to lessen the illusion of height and balance the eye level.

Complementary Couples: When deciding on two toned-down colors for the bedroom walls, take the safest option by going with white or cream for one wall and an accent color so as not to create competition between the two colors.

Finish Variety: Combining high gloss with matte finishes adds depth and interest.

Creating Focal PointsSelect an accent wall color that either complements or contrasts sharply with the main room color.

With the above tips in mind, you’re now ready to make your selection based on our best paint color combination examples for your bedroom walls.

13 Color Combos for Bedroom Walls

1. Burnt Orange and White for a Sultry Combination

Burnt Orange and White for a Sultry Combination

How about the sultry combination of an understated shade of orange paired with the neutral color white? White provides a warm undertone with burnt orange and pairs beautifully.

Here, the Scandinavian-style bedroom feels bright and vibrant with these two color combos. The orange wall behind the bed is the main focal point of this bedroom, and this wall is further accentuated by the white wall decor.

2. Soften the Mood with White and Lush Green

Soften the mood with White and Lush Green

Another beautiful color to combine with white is cool green. These two color combos are ideal for anyone who wants earthy tones in their bedrooms. Cool green walls add freshness, while the white tone can keep the balance.

You can also combine muted green with earthly beige to soften the mood in your bedroom. In this stylish bedroom, white and green work in harmony and are best suited for guest bedrooms.

3. Embrace Modernism with Grey and Yellow

Embrace Modernism with Grey and Yellow

Yellows and greys don’t go together, but thanks to the calming attributes of grey combined with bright yellow, you can use them for your bedroom walls. The brilliance of yellow as the backdrop becomes more evident when a neutral color is introduced alongside it.

This bedroom is a fine example of how charming and modern a bedroom with grey and yellow walls can be. The radiating effect of sunny yellow against dark grey walls gives this room a peaceful ambiance. To accentuate the yellow wall further, the chosen bedding is yellow and blue.

4. Capture the Charm with Yellow and White

Capture the Charm with Yellow and White

Yellow is a versatile color with virtually no limit when it comes to using it as the main wall color. One particular shade is burnt yellow, which can be incorporated into the bedding, ceiling, and of course, the walls.

Just like burnt yellow, a more interesting hue is subdued yellow, which brings even more excitement to a modern bedroom, as shown here. The white wall against the subdued yellow shade has created a warm and cozy feel in this contemporary bedroom.

5. Play it Safe with White and Beige

Play it Safe with White and Beige

If you’re not the daring type or aren’t quite ready for the bold colors, you can always start with the neutral paint colors white and beige. These two-color combos will provide your bedroom walls with the cleanest feeling that neither stands out nor clashes.

Since white and beige are from the same family, it’s only natural that they complement each other. In this bedroom, the two neutral colors work beautifully together with a natural and earthy vibe, which could be because of the stylish dark beige rattan furniture and accessories.

6. Combine Bohemian Chic Red with Light Yellow

Combine Bohemian Chic Red with Light Yellow

Boho-inspired bedrooms incorporate many different patterns, textures, and paint colors that add a distinct feel to the space.

By combining the subdued red and light yellow, you can bring a bolder approach to your interior rather than use subtle hues that sit quietly in the background. A blend of chic red and yellow will help you relax immediately after a long day, thanks to the perfect pairing of these two colors.

7. Jewel Tones of Red and Royal Blue

Jewel Tones of Red and Royal Blue

Now, if you have the guts to go even bolder than red and yellow, why not consider rich red and royal blue? Using the jewel tone of red with blue will bring brightness to your bedroom while calming your senses after a long day.

This color combination will work great in master bedrooms as well as in children’s rooms. Red and royal blue complement each other without being too loud, even though they are contrasting colors.

Here, you have a perfect example of a nursery with a combination of red and blue to brighten up the space.

8. Cream and Coral for a Royal Touch

Cream and Coral for a Royal Touch

For a royal touch to your bedroom, transform the space into an elegant room by painting your walls cream and pink coral. The smooth appearance of these two color combos will turn your private haven into the most relaxing retreat.

To enhance the peaceful vibe even further, opt for neutral curtains with cream or beige accents. Cream and coral blend very well together, as you can see in this example, but when you introduce other neutral tones to the scene, such as grey or white, you will move the colors even closer together.

9. Lime Green and Yellow to Brighten Up Your Space

Lime Green and Yellow to Brighten Up Your Space

Yellow makes another appearance as our favorite color bedroom wall. This vibrant color will make your bedroom look more spacious and brighter. To pair it with another bright color, consider lime green to bring a piece of spring to your walls.

If your bedroom is small, keep the bedding white so that the yellow and lime green combos can do their thing and make the room feel happier. You should also keep the ceiling white to avoid the boxed-in feeling.

10. Brown and Green as Classic Hues

Brown and Green as Classic Hues

Not all bedroom walls need to be colorful and vibrant. If you want to tone it down a little, go for the classic brown and green. This color combination is more subtle and subdued than yellows and reds.

Furthermore, you will feel calm and composed with brown and green, as proven in this example. The beautiful bedroom here is smartly decorated with these two color combos, with matching brown headboard and green bedding to complement the walls and window frames.

11. Calming Green and Daring Pink

Calming Green and Daring Pink

Another sophisticated – and rather feminine- two-color combination for bedroom walls is dark green and pink. Both of these colors add luster and elegance, especially to large spaces. Pink looks classy, while green boasts a touch of luxury.

In this bedroom, see how the stunning spatter of pink and green pairs exceptionally well together as the perfect color setting. You can use these colors for guest bedroom and master bedroom walls.

12. Indigo and White for a Boost of Color

Indigo and White for a Boost of Color

Bold colors like indigo have always been popular bedroom wall colors. Indigo adds vibrancy to the walls, and when combined with a neutral color like white, the combination will create a relaxing and soothing feeling. Indigo not only brings warmth to your bedroom, but it also looks sophisticated when combined with white.

As you can see in this loft-style bedroom, the wonderful two-color combos of white and indigo stand on their own and don’t need any other hues to bring them out. Since indigo is more prominently found as a bedding color, pairing it with white will help make the bedroom feel clean and classic.

13. Delightful Blue and Harmonious Orange

Delightful Blue and Harmonious Orange

The classic pairing of orange and blue can make your bedroom a delight to relax in, as they never fail to inspire. Blue and orange are the perfect examples of how the opposites of the color palette attract.

The warm tone of orange radiates against the cool tone of rich blue. This is yet another pairing that is comfortable on the eye and is meant to be comforting.

If you like this two-color combination for your walls, make sure you choose lighter-colored furniture, like white with blue bedding, as shown here. These colors will make your room brighter and are especially favored for boys’ bedrooms.


As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to painting your bedroom walls with two-color combinations. All you need is your creativity! You’ll be surprised what you’ll come up with once you’ve learned about the best color pairings. Exploring different bedroom color schemes for walls can be an exciting way to infuse your personality into your private space.

We hope our above examples have helped you find a unique two-color combination to personalize your bedroom in style.

13 Best Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls