Sakrete Vs. Quikrete – Which is Better?

Sakrete and Quikrete are both brand names of concrete mixes, and both brands are great options if you’re concreting a certain area in your home. However, these two have some differences. In fact, one is better than the other in certain areas. For example, Sakrete concrete mixes are more affordable than Quikrete concrete mixes.

Even so, some still prefer Quikrete products because they are easier to work with. So, which brand is better for your project? To answer this question, you need to know the differences between Sakrete and Quikrete concrete mixes.

What is Sakrete?

Sakrete is one of the leading manufacturers of construction products, and they’ve been around since 1936. However, this company is quite small compared to its counterparts.

As such, they carry a limited catalog. Even so, they still offer a variety of products that can cover most basic constructions associated with concrete work.


As mentioned, Sakrete offers concrete and cement mixes needed for basic construction. To be specific, their products are best suited for flat surfaces. If you can’t differentiate concrete mix and cement, see our guide ‘ Cement Vs. Concrete: Their Pros and Cons, Differences, and a Quick Comparison ‘ 

Aside from that, their concrete mixes can also be used for setting posts, poles, and slabs. Keep in mind that it is highly recommended that you use Sakrete combinations when you’re pouring at least 1.5 to two inches of concrete for best results.

General Specs

Typically, most Sakrete concrete mixes contain coarse aggregate materials, sand, and cementitious materials that can ensure long-lasting results. Aside from that, most of their products will also conclude within the first week with a 4,000 psi, and it will most likely increase for the succeeding weeks until the pour stabilizes completely.

As for the set time, Sakrete products have varying set times. Some quick set mixes will be set within 20 to 40 minutes, while others may take up to eight to ten hours to set. As such, if you’re searching for a concrete mix with a shorter set time, you should opt for quick set mixes.

Distributors and Price

Sakrete offers affordable concrete mixes, and their products are available at Home Depot and other major hardware stores in your neighborhood. However, you have to ensure that you pick the right type of concrete mix for a particular project before purchasing.

What is Quikrete?

Quikrete is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete mixes and other construction products. In fact, many contractors and homeowners associate this company with quality and excellence. 

Because Quikrete is a large company, they carry a wide range of products. Aside from concrete mixes, they also offer brick and wood materials, adhesives, and other predesigned products for remodeling. 


As mentioned, Quikrete offers an extensive product category; thus, you can use its concrete mixes for various projects. Specifically, their concrete mixes can be used for pouring steps, curbs, footings, ramps, and sidewalks. 

Opting for Quikrete concrete mixes has some perks. For instance, they offer a detailed guide that can help homeowners that don’t have a lot of construction knowledge. The guide can help you find the right product for your project.

General Specs 

Most Quikrete concrete mixes contain Portland cement, sand, and gravel. Aside from that, this manufacturer also offers mortar mixtures, which is great if you’re looking for a product that is not too strong yet flexible. 

Like Sakrete, Quikrete concrete mixes have varying set times. Some products have a set time of about 20 to 40 minutes, but there are also some products with a set time of as long as 24 hours. Additionally, the strength of their products is at 4,000 psi for the first week. 

Distributors and Price

Compared to Sakrete, Quikrete products are more expensive, but their prices are backed by the brand’s credibility and outstanding service. Aside from that, their products are also guaranteed to be high-quality. 

The major distributor of Quikrete concrete mixes is Lowe’s, but Quikrete products are also available in medium to large-sized hardware stores in your neighborhood. 

Sakrete Vs. Quickrete

As presented, both Sakrete and Quikrete concrete mixes are excellent products. However, the two brands have some differences, which include the following:

Purpose – When it comes to purpose, Quikrete products have various uses. For instance, you can pour them on slabs, sidewalks, footings, curbs, and steps. On the other hand, Sakrete concrete mixes are designed for posts and poles.

Price – In terms of price, most people will prefer Sakrete products because of their affordable price. Remember, Quikrete products are a bit expensive because they are known for their quality and excellence.

Product Range – In terms of product range, Quikrete offers more products because they are larger than Sakrete. Even so, if you’re looking for basic construction materials, Sakrete can provide them.

Content – For the content, Sakrete concrete mixes have pebbles; thus, you might have to put more cement to cover the rocks. On the other hand, Quikrete is easier to mix.

Setting Time – Sakrete concrete mixes have a set time between 20 to 40 minutes to 12 hours. As for Quikrete products, they typically set within 20 to 40 minutes; however, there are some products that will take up to 24 hours to set.

Strength –  Both Quikrete and Sakrete concrete mixes have the same strength, which is 4,000 psi for the first week. The strength may increases until the concrete stabilizes.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between Sakrete or Quikrete concrete mixes, it is best to base your decision on the type of project you’re working on. Remember, the concrete mixes of these two brands differ in purpose. To be specific, Sakrete is best used for flat surfaces, posts, and poles.

On the other hand, Quikrete concrete mixes can be used for sidewalks, footings, curbs, and stairs. Other factors, like price and content, should also be considered.

Keep in mind that Quikrete mixes are easier to work with because they don’t contain pebbles. However, if you’re on a tight budget, a better option is Sakrete because this brand offers affordable products that can still provide excellent results.