How To Decorate a Foyer For Function and Style

A foyer is also known as an entryway or entrance hall, typically located near the front door or main entrance of a home and serving as a transitional space between the outside and the interior. Foyers are designed to make a welcoming first impression and provide a functional space for greeting guests and removing outerwear. 

A foyer also provides a functional space for getting ready to leave the home, for example, a place to put on footwear and a coat. Here, we look at the key features of a foyer and how you can design your foyer for both style and function.

Key Features of a Foyer

Front Door

The foyer usually features the front door since it typically leads from the front door into the home. The front door may have windows or sidelights to allow natural light into the space, making a compact foyer feel more open and spacious.


Many foyers include a coat closet or coat hooks for guests to hang their coats and store outerwear. They may also include a shoe cupboard or a shoe rack to keep footwear tidy. Good storage in a foyer is essential if you want to keep the room organized. Otherwise, the small space can become overwhelmed with shoes strewn across the floor or coats in piles.


Some foyers may have a bench, chair, or a small seating area where people can sit down to put on or take off shoes. More traditional homes may also have a seating area positioned next to a telephone, as the foyer is historically the area where a homeowner would take calls on a wired phone.

Console Table

A table near the entrance may be used for decorative purposes or as a place to drop keys, mail, or other items when entering or leaving the house. This can help to keep the space neat and tidy and also contribute to the homely feeling of the foyer.


A mirror on the wall is a common feature in foyers, as it can be useful for checking your appearance before leaving the house.


Adequate lighting is important in a foyer, both for safety and aesthetics. This may include a chandelier, pendant lights, wall sconces, or other fixtures.


Foyers often have a durable and visually appealing flooring material, such as tile, hardwood, or stone, to handle foot traffic and make a stylish impression. Carpet is not ideal as a flooring material in a foyer because it can easily get dirty from outdoor shoes. If you want to create a softer feel in your foyer, consider a washable rug.

How to Design a Foyer

When designing the layout of your foyer you’ll want to consider how it is going to function from a practical perspective. If you have a lot of people in your household then you probably also have a lot of shoes and coats, in which case, storage in the foyer is going to be a priority.

If you don’t need much storage space but you have mobility issues then you might prefer to focus on a seating area where you can get ready comfortably.

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage

If you have a small foyer then that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage, it just means you have to be smarter about it. This foyer has cleverly created a seating area for putting on shoes which also encompasses some drawers where footwear can be kept out of the way, yet still easily accessible.

The overhead closet also creates an ideal space for storing additional items such as hats, gloves, and scarves. If you like to be able to see what shoe options you have available to you, an open shelf unit for shoes could also work well, such as the type displayed in this stylish foyer.

Shoe Storage stylish

Coat Storage

Coat Storage

Being able to quickly grab a coat on your way out of the house can make going out much simpler. It’s also nice to have a place for guests to hang up their coats and jackets as they arrive at your home. There are numerous options for coat storage, depending on the size of your foyer and what else you need to fit into it.

Coat hooks on the wall like those pictured here work well, and you can always hang additional items on the hooks such as bags, scarves, or umbrellas. If you have plenty of floor space then you could instead opt for a coat stand like the one shown here.

Coat Storage Stand

This is a good way to add some visual height to your foyer, while also adding functionality to the space. If you find that you have a lot of coats and jackets to hang in the foyer, then a few coat hooks or a coat stand may not suffice.

In this case, a clothing rack used as foyer storage can be a great idea. This clothes rack offers multifunctional storage for shoes, coats, and accessories and allows you to keep your foyer near, tidy, and functional.

Coat Storage Cloth Rack

Accessories Storage

Accessories Storage

The type of storage you’ll need for accessories in your foyer depends a lot on the way you live and the type of accessories you have. For some people, a dish on a console table may be enough storage space for keeping keys and loose change, while other people may need a dedicated accessories storage area in the foyer for children’s school bags, sports kits, hats, gloves, lunch bags, and umbrellas.

Some people may also require storage for frequently used accessories such as a cycling helmet, or roller skates. If you like to keep your accessories hidden from view then a chest of drawers in the foyer is an excellent idea.

A chest of drawers like the one shown here offers plenty of storage, allowing you to keep things exactly where you need them while maintaining a neat and tidy foyer. The baskets on the walls in this foyer are another useful storage solution for accessories, where you can keep keys, coin purses, or gloves.

Mail Organizer

Mail Organizer

Most people receive mail through a letter box in their front door, or via a mailbox at the front of their property. The foyer is typically a place where mail gets set down since it is the first room you come to when you bring mail into the home.

To avoid a messy pile of mail and paperwork on the console table in your foyer, it can be helpful to incorporate a mail organized into your foyer design. The cube storage shown in this foyer is an easy solution, keeping mail organized and hidden from view You could also consider dedicating a drawer in a foyer chest of drawers to mail.

Seating Space

Seating Space

A seating space is a nice touch in a foyer if you have enough space for it. This creates a comfortable area where you or your guests can put on your shoes or take off your shoes.

A seating space can also make a foyer feel more welcoming, and less like a hallway. If you are short on space, opt for a bench that doubles up as foyer storage, such as the bench shown here. If you can’t fit a whole bench in your foyer, you could instead use a dining chair or occasional chair. The chair shown here adds style and functionality to a foyer.

Seating Space Chair



A mirror is always a nice touch in a foyer, because it serves multiple purposes. Typically, foyers and entryways are the smallest spaces in a house. Mirrors are known to reflect light and help to make a room feel more open and spacious, which is particularly beneficial in small foyers.

A mirror is also useful in a foyer because it allows you to check your reflection just before you leave the house. You can opt for an oversized mirror to make a style statement or place a small mirror over a console table in the foyer. The mirror in this foyer fits perfectly in terms of both style and decor.



When designing the layout of your foyer you’ll also want to consider how things look. The foyer serves as the entry point to the home in most cases, and therefore it creates the first impression that guests receive when they come into your house.

It’s a good idea to choose colors and accessories that reflect the overall style of your interiors for a seamless look. Consider whether you will want art or wall accessories hanging in the foyer, and if possible make space for decorative accessories such as plants or candles.