How to Clean Between Sliding Glass Doors

Getting behind one glass door to clean is impossible without taking the outer door off. But don’t worry; this isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Here, we’ll tell you how to remove the doors as well as some other common maintenance steps you can take to keep your sliding glass doors moving smoothly.

Remove the door

To clean between sliding glass doors, you have to remove the door from its track. This is a two-step process:

  • Remove the door from its track by pulling it toward you. The latch should release and allow you to slide it right off of the track. Once this is done, place a towel or blanket beneath it so that no moisture gets on your floors or carpeting while you work on cleaning this upholstery.
  • Wipe down any visible dirt on your glass with a damp cloth, then dry it off with another clean cloth when finished.

Vacuum the track

Vacuum the track

You can vacuum the tracks of your sliding glass door with a vacuum cleaner, but make sure to use a soft brush attachment and not one that has bristles all the way around it, since this will damage your door.

Sweep out dirt from the track. If you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner, you can sweep out dirt from your sliding glass door’s tracks using a broom and dustpan; simply sweep everything into an outside trash bin, then wipe down the doors with a damp cloth or rag afterward.

Remove the rollers

To get the most thorough cleaning, you’ll need to remove the rollers. You may need a screwdriver and pliers to do this. Look closely at how they’re attached and gently pry them out of their tracks.

Once they’re removed, clean any dirt or dust from the sliders and rollers with warm water and soap or another gentle cleaner (avoid harsh chemicals that could damage plastic). If there’s still debris stuck in any of these places, use a soft brush like an old toothbrush to loosen it up before washing away.

If some pieces seem damaged beyond repair, replace them before reinstalling them back onto the door frame using medium-gauge sheetrock screws (about 1 inch long).

Apply lubricant

Before you clean the track, it’s important to lubricate it. This will help keep dirt from building up in your sliding door and causing them to stick. Spray a silicone lubricant (like this one) onto the rollers and track of your sliding door.

In order for this process to be successful, you’ll also want to apply some lubricant directly where each roller passes over the track. This can be done by using a straw or an extension tube that comes with some lubricants or simply with your fingertips. Be careful not to spray yourself while doing so!

How to Maintain Sliding Glass Doors

The first step is to clean the doors as tracks. If your door still does not function properly after you clean it, try the following.

Tighten the screws

Tighten the screws

The first thing you should do is make sure the screws are tight. If they’re loose, it can cause the door to move unevenly, which can lead to sticking and jamming. You can tighten them with a screwdriver, and it’s a very simple task.

Replace door rollers

Replace door rollers

If the door is difficult to open or close, it may be time to replace the rollers. It is important that you use a new style of roller that is compatible with your door. To replace them, first, remove the old ones using either a screwdriver or an Allen wrench. Check for damage and replace any damaged parts before installing new rollers.

When replacing your door rollers, it’s important that they are properly lubricated and free from grit before installation so they will move smoothly when opening or closing your slider.

Replace the track

Replace the track

If you have a sliding door that’s not working as well as it used to, there may be a few things wrong. For example, the track could be worn out or damaged. This can make your door hard to use and even lead to bigger problems like losing your balance when walking by it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Remove the old track and replace it with a new one.
  • Reinstall your door so that it opens and closes correctly again (this should take about 30 minutes).
  • Make sure all of the rollers are installed correctly and are free from any dirt or grime that may cause them not to move properly (this will take 10 minutes).

Install new weatherstripping

Install new weatherstripping

There are two main types of weatherstripping you can choose from. The first is a metal strip that looks like an inverted U and has a rubber or plastic tip on one end. You’ll attach this type of weatherstripping to the bottom track edge of your sliding glass door, and it helps prevent moisture from penetrating into your home through cracks between the glass panels and frame.

The second type is more common than the first, as it’s usually made from foam instead of metal. This variety attaches similarly to its metal counterpart but does not require any cutting—you simply place it between each panel in your sliding glass doors for added insulation against cold air drafts.

While newer models come with factory-installed weatherstripping already attached, older versions may need some maintenance before you get started installing new ones yourself; if so, try checking out our guide on replacing old window seals! Otherwise, read on…

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door that Won’t Stay Closed

If your door isn’t closing properly, it may be out of alignment. If you notice that one side of the door doesn’t quite meet with the other when closed, try adjusting the hinges and latch to bring them back into line.

Another common problem is sagging, which develops over time as a result of normal wear or damage from being hit by something (like a kid’s skateboard). You can adjust the springs on your tracks to fix this issue.

If your sliding glass door is sticking or not moving smoothly along its track at all, then there’s likely something wrong with either its hardware or weatherstripping around its edges. You can try tightening screws on any visible hardware and replacing any missing pieces of weatherstripping with new ones from a hardware store before attempting more complex repairs like realigning tracks or replacing rollers altogether.

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door that Won’t Open

Of course, the first step is to check that the door isn’t locked or that something isn’t wrong with the locking mechanism. If the lock looks okay, and the sliding glass door isn’t opening, check to see if it’s disconnected from its frame. If so, you may be able to reconnect the top of the door and bottom of the door together by fitting them back into their respective frames. To do this:

  • Check that there isn’t any debris stuck in between the two pieces.
  • Check that there isn’t anything preventing one piece from snapping into place (like a bent piece).
  • Try pressing down on all four corners of both panels until they snap firmly into place.