Types of Flooring for Stairs
| Updated February 3, 2024 | Published May 23, 2021

The floorings for stairs are not high in the list of priorities for builders and homeowners. People tend to overlook the importance of the stairway because it isn’t exactly the focal point of a home interior.

What Size Rug to Place Under a King Bed?
| Updated March 30, 2023 | Published May 23, 2021

The size of the rug will depend on how much of the rug you want to show under the King bed and what other furniture you have in the room. Here are some of the common rug sizes to be placed under King bed – 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, 10′ x 14′, and 12′ x 15′.

Should Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles Match?
| Updated March 30, 2023 | Published May 23, 2021

Tiles are common materials used for bathroom walls and floors for several reasons. For one, they are easy to install and clean. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can pick a design that will match your preferences. But, should your bathroom floor and wall tiles match?

Carpet Vs. Laminate in the Bedroom
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published May 21, 2021

Choosing a type of flooring for a bedroom can be a tough call, as different flooring styles offer different advantages and disadvantages. If you’re struggling to decide between carpet and laminate in the bedroom, consider the pros and cons of these two popular flooring choices.

Is Carpet Tape Safe for Wood Floors?

Many homeowners opt for wood floors because of their versatility and natural beauty. Aside from that, this type of flooring looks great when a carpet is placed on top of it. However, a lot of people want to know if carpet tape is safe for wood floors?

Types of Walnut Wood
| Updated February 3, 2023 | Published April 18, 2021

Whether you’re buying furniture or choosing a material for your flooring, you may be intrigued by the beauty of walnut wood. Through the years, walnut has captivated many people because of its beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. It is not a surprise that it has become a favorite material for furniture as well as cabinets, flooring, paneling, gun stocks, veneers, and novelties. 

Can You Put a Door at Top of Stairs?
| Updated May 19, 2021 | Published April 10, 2021

Installing a doorway at the top of a flight of stairs in a multistory property might seem like an attractive idea for a number of reasons. So if you are asking that question, the answer is yes you can. But first and foremost, you need to consider safety and building standards before putting a door at the top of a staircase.

Install Carpet without Knee Kicker
| Updated January 12, 2023 | Published March 31, 2021

You’ve bought a nice new carpet which you plan to install by yourself. But as you read instructions in installing a carpet at home, you’ve noticed the word ‘knee kicker.’ And you wonder: ‘what is that? Do I need that in installing the carpet?”

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs Without a Vacuum
| Updated January 15, 2024 | Published March 31, 2021

If you live in a multi-story home and your stairs are carpeted, then you know how difficult it is to keep your carpet runner clean and stain-free. Let’s face it, a staircase is a high-traffic area that will get dirty often. But cleaning it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful.

Carpet Smells Like Stinky Feet – How to Fix Using Natural Methods
| Updated July 30, 2022 | Published March 29, 2021

Have you ever noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your carpets? Does the odor remind you of stinky feet? Even the nicest decorated rooms can be ruined by smelly carpets. The unflattering odor can be due to many reasons, but if you try to clean the carpet using water, this can make the smell even worse. Thankfully, there are a number of ways homeowners can remove stinky feet odors from carpet using natural and cheap solutions. 

What Color Carpet Goes with Beige Walls
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published March 27, 2021

So you have decided to paint your walls beige but are in two minds about the best carpet color that goes with beige walls. Depending on which rooms you want to carpet, this type of floor covering can be a difficult decorating component since there are so many styles and colors available. If you’re not sure where to start when deciding on what color carpet goes with beige walls, then read on for some useful tips and ideas.

Best Time to Buy Carpet
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published March 14, 2021

These days, carpets are becoming a fixture in many households. But it’s not exactly cheap. This can prompt you to look for affordable carpets. You may even ask: “when is the best time to buy carpets?” Continue reading this article to find out.