Dishwasher Dimensions
| Updated July 28, 2022 | Published April 10, 2021

The dishwasher is an essential home appliance for many households in the United States. After all, following a hearty and filling meal is the inglorious task of cleaning the dishes. Good thing there’s a dishwasher to save everyone from having to go through this task.

Standard Stove Sizes
| Updated July 28, 2022 | Published February 3, 2021

What size stove do you need for your home? What size space do you need to create? Find out the standard stove sizes here.

Types of Televisions
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published December 16, 2020

According to the latest figures released by research from Nielsen Co, the average American household watches just under four hours of television each day, equating to almost two solid months out of every year being spent in front of our TV screens. It’s no surprise then, which people are happy to spend substantial amounts of money on new televisions, and want to ensure they are getting the best possible TV in their budget.

Types of Coffee Makers
| Updated November 29, 2020 | Published November 9, 2020

Finding a cup of coffee to rival your favorite coffee shop brew is the ultimate mission for many coffee aficionados. When it comes to making coffee at home, there is an enormous amount of choice, varying from cost-effective manual options to budget-blowing electric versions.

Air Conditioners
| Updated October 26, 2020 | Published July 28, 2020

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a blast of cool air during hot summer months. If you’re considering installing air conditioning for your home, then you’ll definitely want to get your money’s worth. Choosing the right AC units is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is why I’ve created a list of 8 types of air conditioners with their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. 

Affordable Washer Pedestal Alternatives to Raise the Height of Your Appliances
| Updated December 17, 2023 | Published May 9, 2020

Front-loading washing machines and tumble dryers have always been popular laundry appliances on the market together with pedestals as a whole new type of furniture accessory. While you don’t actually need to put your laundry appliances onto anything to raise their height, most Americans do prefer to use pedestals.

12 Simple Clothes Wringer Alternatives
| Updated December 15, 2023 | Published April 12, 2020

If you have been using a clothes wringer for some time but wish to look for a simpler alternative, here are great suggestions that you might want to try.