Top 9 Draft Excluders For Doors to Keep Your Home Comfortable

Is your air conditioner unable to keep your room warm or cool? The reason for this is most probably the draft that enters your home from underneath the doors.

 To keep your home free from uncomfortable drafts and outside noise, consider a door bottom seal. By draft proofing your entrance doors, you no longer have to worry about the heat escaping your home. Draft excluders for doors are very tight-sealed so they keep the warm and cold air out in order to create a comfortable and snug environment.

There are numerous types of draft blockers available, from adhesive seals to foam-filled options. In the past, most draft stoppers were designed to hide in the background. But nowadays, you can find decorative and practical ones that you’ll want to show off in your home.

When placed by the door’s bottom or front part, a draft stopper will keep the cool or warm air out. If you struggle to keep your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, then you might want to consider investing in the following stylish and budget-friendly draft excluders for doors:

Our Top Picks of Door Draft Excluders

Sound Insulator Door Draft Stopper from DECOREALM

Door Draft Stopper Front Door, Under Door Draft Blocker, Sound Proof Draft Guard for Doors and Windows

This premium quality, uniquely designed draft guard for doors is an efficient wind blocker, which is composed of polyester and woven wool blend. The weighted cylindrical draft excluder has ceramic beads to ensure a super tight seal. The charcoal gray decorative door insulator prevents cold air from entering or escaping the room.

The 36 inch draft guard comes with a double satin handle on each side for easy hanging on a door handle or coat rack when not in use. As a versatile draft excluder, you no longer have to worry about uncomfortable air flooding your room from underneath the door.

Door Bottom Seal and Draft Guard Insulator from Suptikes

Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper, Door Sweep for Exterior & Interior Doors,Door Bottom Seal Dust and Noise Insulation Weather Stripping Draft Guard Insulator

To prevent heat and cold from escaping your room during summer and winter, consider this white weather stripping seal. The door bottom comes with 2 layers of sealer to soundproof your room. It perfectly fits the door bottom gap of up to 1 inch and is also ideal for uneven door gaps.

To install this draft guard insulator on the bottom of your door, simply measure the door’s width and cut the sealer to size. Remove the backing to stick the adhesive to the door. In winter, you may need to preheat the strip using a hairdryer for optimal results. Tip: make sure you color match the draft stopper to your door to help blend in with the background.

Large Door Draft Excluder from MAXTID

MAXTID Large Door Draft Stopper Under Door Noise Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Cold Air Stopper Sweep 36″ Black

Before the next winter approaches, protect your rooms with this large-size door draft excluder. It prevents the AC heat escaping your room, thus serving as an effective solution to managing your cooling and heating costs. This adjustable under door draft stopper also works as an excellent sound insulator.

The large foam-filled draft excluder can effectively guard most entrance door gaps against dust, bugs and draft, no matter how large the gaps are. It is 36 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. To install, simply adjust the length and slide the foam under the door. We love the sleek black design of this noise and breeze blocker as it goes with any door color.

Adhesive Under Door Draft Blocker from Holikme

Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator

This under door draft excluder and door sweep is designed to keep your room comfortable, dust-free and quiet. The adhesive-type sealer prevents cold and heat from escaping your room, thus reducing your energy costs.

The 39 inch in length door bottom sealer is super easy to install within 2 minutes; just cut to size according to the door’s length and make sure the door’s surface is clean before sticking the seal to the door. Tip: to ensure maximum adhesion, refrain from opening and closing the door for 12 hours after installation.

Snake Door Draft Excluder from MAGZO

MAGZO Door Draft Stopper 36 Inch-Gray, Under Door Noise Blocker Door Snake Draft Stopper Weighted

This interesting looking snake-like door draft excluder gets its name from the long, slim shape that resembles a snake. The blocker can be placed on the corner side of the door bottom to prevent the draft from flowing in and out of the room. The practical and innovative loop rings on each side of the excluder makes it easy to hang on a coat rack or in the wardrobe when not in use.

The soft draft guard is filled with polyester and glass bead to make it heavier in weight. This helps make your door totally weather stripped and of course, draft proof!

Cute Dog Draft Stopper from Evelots

Evelots Dog Draft Stopper-Door/Window-36 Inch-Keep Heat in-No Cold Air/Noise

To cut down costs on your cooling and heating bills, consider this cute dog-themed draft excluder. It not only helps you save energy but the doggie draft stopper can also block noise and dust.

The polyester fabric is easily washable by hand and weighted down for optimal insulation. Furthermore, the heavy weight of this adorable doggie draft excluder keeps it snugly in place so you can turn the design into a decorative accessory. The 36 inch long draft stopper comes in light brown color, which goes especially well with wooden doors. It is suitable for both winter and summer months!

Door Seal Draft Excluder from YOUSHARES

YOUSHARES Door Seal Door Draught Excluder, 2″ Width x 39″ Length Door Weather Stripping, Rubber Door Draft

This super flexible rubber draft stopper features a triple layer backing for optimal efficiency. It not only performs well on weatherproofing your home, but also keeps out bugs and dust. The excluder’s flexible rubber material won’t leave a mark on your door or floor and benefits from a strong adhesive.

You can either place it on the interior or exterior of your wood or metal entrance door to seal off the area. The weather stripping draft stopper is long enough to cover most door bottom gaps, but you will need to cut it to size according to your needs.

Weather Stripping Draft Guard from Grotheory

Grotheory 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal, 39″ L Door Sweep for Exterior & Interior Doors, Door Draft

This door draft guard is 39 inches in length and made of silicone for utmost flexibility. You can easily bend it or deform it as necessary. The highly durable door draft blocker ensures a high service life thanks to the super strong glue on the backing.

To use, simply cut it to size and stick the blocker to the floor or door surface. It can be installed within 2 minutes as the draft blocker seals off any area you use it on. There are 4 color options, including black, gray, brown and our favorite; white.

The innovative triple layer design works well to effectively minimize noise as well as keep out dust and insects from entering the room. In winter and summer months, the soundproof draft excluder stops AC heating and cooling leakage so you can comfortably enjoy your home.

Draft Stop Cloth Seal from Thermwell

Thermwell Frost King DS2 Door or Window Draft Stop Cloth Seal, 3-Feet, Beige (3 FEET Pack of 2)

For those who prefer a cloth door draft excluder instead of a silicone one, then our last pick should fulfill their needs. This excellent quality beige cloth seal is suitable for both summer and winter to prevent wind and uncomfortable drafts from entering the room. The 3 foot long door draft excluder fits on most standard doors and it includes a handy woven satin handle for easy storage.

The weighted nylon fiber fabric is filled with stone and cotton bags in order to provide it with a padded, heavy feel. The supple draft stopper is suitable for both windows and doors and will last you for many years thanks to the tightly woven synthetic fleece fabric.

When you place it snugly close to the door bottom, it provides a cushioned protection that not only looks attractive, but it also keeps the drafts and hot air out throughout the seasons.


As you may have found out by now, draft proofing your home has many advantages. The main purpose of using a draft excluder for entrance doors is to keep the indoor temperature up to the desired level by preventing heat loss and the cold air entering inside.

A good quality draft stopper allows you to spend your winter and summer months in the most comfortable manner as well as to help you save on energy bills. Thus it’s no wonder more and more homeowners opt for draft excluders for doors when preparing their homes for winter and summer.

Our selection of draft stoppers for doors not only keep your home snug by preventing heat loss, but they will also keep out dust, noise and bugs from entering your rooms. We hope you’ve found our hand-picked list of draft excluders for doors useful for your needs!